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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Are you looking for honda atv parts? My brother does, althoug his was for his big honda motorbike! He was such a motorbike enthusiast and finds joy when he gets to customize his big bike. I used to get a little annoyed before, I can't understand why he takes care of his bike like a girlfriend, lol! But good thing he kinda mellowed down. Anyway for you out there who's into vehicles and driving, well you might want to keep the handy link provided above.

Craving for seafood? You can have it as fast as you can imagine. Cook single portion to satisfied your craving. Check out Publix seafood section and you can see all kinds of delicious stuff in there such as crabs, clams, fishes, shellfish and more. I thought seafood like craw fish and mahi fish is a good combination to cook so no second thought i bought just half a pound of them just for me because my housemates doesn't eat seafood. Then i cook it in a coconut cream style concoction with a lil bit of spice of a Cayenne pepper. For a side dish is a fried mahi-mahi along with steam rice of course. Sureness your seafood craving solved. Wink.

Before i go ahead and check out what exactly is pioneer dj from guitar center looks like, i would have to clean up the clutter in my home office, my computer files and not to mention my endless emails. i just realized i've been so busy offline lately and a lot of my online related job are so cluttered and piling up big time! I'd buy out some time today and sort everything before I end up being lazy again. Anyway this is a good start for a happy and relaxing weekend. Speaking of, can't wait for weekend, needless to say, it's my favorite part of the week!

Outback steakhouse is by far one of the best American restaurant here in our local or across the country! The steak is so delicious and perfect that's the reason why the husband loves this restaurant, he got his steak cooked to perfection, lol.

I loved their bread on the house too! Well, who doesn't? It is so soft on the inside yet crunchy on the crust along with the house butter, yum! 

That day i was craving my all time favorite appetizer the SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP with crispy chips! So i must have them. i can eat them all if i have too.

Husband's NY steak is served!

Yours plate truly, I wanted to have some of their famous blooming onion yet i want something like a 6 onze of melts in your mouth steak so i just go ahead ordered them both together.

Was stuffed and very fulfilling we had that weekend. Now i am craving to dine at Outback Steakhouse again! lol

I'm still in the searching and thinking process of what to give my kiddos as their past time while I'm at work. And yes, I'm still considering of music and musical instruments. My children were born in Tennessee, the home of country music, in my mind I do see my son playing a guitar on stage. And I'll be one proud a stage-mom if ever! So to make this vision a step closer to reality, it came to me to search for the best guitars. One of the options online is jose ramirez guitars from musicians friend. Accordingly, José Ramírez guitars are constructed from aged wood of the finest quality. Great care has been taken to use no wood before its time. Sounds good for a guitar company. I think I have to dig on to this!

I was definitely in heaven when my husband took us to Joe's Crab Shack in Orlando Florida during our 8th year wedding anniversary date! First of all, back in Tennessee I've been wanting to go to this restaurant- one of the famous here in the country. Seafood who doesn't love them? except people who are allergy to them right! Anyway, i am dreaming to eat at here and have this humongous bib, lol. Excited much, i ordered the popular steam pot of shrimps, crabs and lobster! Got an appetizers as well the fried pickled and calamari. I really don't care to spent once in a lifetime expensive dinner we had so far! haha.

The food are so delicious and awesome. Worth the money and i enjoy the lady who did the service for us. I bet she's happy because i gave her more than of 20% tip you know. I just wish Joe's is closer so i can visit him when i am craving for his seafood specials! That's why if you happened to come to Orlando or places in Florida, search the restaurant and i guarantee you will enjoy your moment and let's get cracking!

I'm fond of cameras but I must admit this is the first time I've heard of Wildlife Camera. The name itself is intriguing and so is the looks. This type of camera is designed for the outdoors, for those who loves to take on Safari adventure maybe or explore the jungle and capture the most breath-taking sights of nature. The camera can be strap on branches of trees, it's like a camouflage that looks super cool! The nice part is that such cams aren't that expensive which I really thought because it's designed for special purposes.

Time to relax! I'm not typically a drinker of beverages or anything with alcohol it in because i have a very low tolerance of alcohol. So just a sip of wine is awesome for me, lol. However though, this Peach Bellini malt beverage is just to good to pass. I love the flavor it's like a beer-beverage with a tangy peach flavor. It has 6% alcohol so after i had a bottle of it i was literally tipsy turvy, lol. Glad i had it at dinner time at home so nothing to worry about went straight ahead to the bed. So anyway, if you haven't try it yet? better have one and for sure you will love it. Got them a pack of six at ABC wine and liquor store.