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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

This was a hit to my friends and family during the celebration of my niece high school graduation party this year! I was so excited to make this cake, my sister in-law help in the prepping of the best chocolate cake we ever had. It's a homemade recipe that we have kept for special occasion only, lol. The delicious oreo icing is very the highlight of the cake everybody loves it! Celebrant loved the black and white so i incorporate it with what the oreo cookie looks like. From cake to the icing you can really taste the main heavenly goodness! Well who doesn't love oreo alright! It was my pleasure to bake this cake! Wink.

I stumbled upon a pretty cool website called bunny dj in charleston sc wherein it's possible to hire professional DJs for your social and special events. I'm never really a fan but I must say it requires true talent to be a disk jockey. My school in college before was near a radio station and would often pass by there along with my classmates who were super fans. So anyway, if there something like this service locally, I think it would be fun to actually have them around, playing cool and hip music that makes anyone feel young at heart.

How many times did rock artists amaze us with their performances? Countless. I am not a big fan of rock music but they do impressed me. I'm talking about slow rock though and not the heavy metal, there's something in their music that chills the mood, like Dougtry, I adore him lol! Anyway, just saw something while browsing, it's best for rock players out there, click the links and check it out!

Been busy with my offline job recently. However, i make some point not to miss my baking hobby. I did several cakes lately from anniversary to graduation and some local orders too. This time my niece graduated this year and we did threw her a party for a small celebration just strictly family and the surprised cake i made. Well, she definitely love horses and collect them. So I thought making her a graduation horse cake theme would be lovely. Made this all day and i was enjoying it decorating with all the details and stuff. Family loved it and most specially the celebrant! 

April was my PIL's 45th wedding anniversary. We throw them a surprised party with all the families and friends invited. So these was the cake i made for them. The theme was royal blue and did the three tier different flavor cakes. The first layer was a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, second was yellow cake with my homemade peanut butter cream filling and lastly is a chocolate layered Oreo cake which is my signature cake of course. Love chocolate cake! Everyone enjoyed it and love my beautiful and simple cakes ideas. For the decoration, i used the Kitkat Chocolates with some edible beads to finished of on top! Wink!

If you go to a Thai restaurant this is the best noodle soup you could get! My favorite indeed. It's simple made of delicious beef broth soup with authentic Thai rice noodles, beef meats and sides of fresh vegetables such as bean sprout, cilantro, basil and slice of lime. I love mine just the cilantro and beansprout alone and couple of fresh squeeze lime juice! The don't forget to drop some hoisin sauce! It is really amazing and very satisfying only at Thai restaurant guys! Wink.

Are you looking for honda atv parts? My brother does, althoug his was for his big honda motorbike! He was such a motorbike enthusiast and finds joy when he gets to customize his big bike. I used to get a little annoyed before, I can't understand why he takes care of his bike like a girlfriend, lol! But good thing he kinda mellowed down. Anyway for you out there who's into vehicles and driving, well you might want to keep the handy link provided above.

Craving for seafood? You can have it as fast as you can imagine. Cook single portion to satisfied your craving. Check out Publix seafood section and you can see all kinds of delicious stuff in there such as crabs, clams, fishes, shellfish and more. I thought seafood like craw fish and mahi fish is a good combination to cook so no second thought i bought just half a pound of them just for me because my housemates doesn't eat seafood. Then i cook it in a coconut cream style concoction with a lil bit of spice of a Cayenne pepper. For a side dish is a fried mahi-mahi along with steam rice of course. Sureness your seafood craving solved. Wink.