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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

I have no idea what to fix this lunch! while doing my rounds here been thinking what exactly to fix but my mind don't work. I hope someone will suggest like i used to be with my family in pinas. Well, it's almost 12noon now and need to do something, luckily i found a box of uncooked spaghetti and the rest of the ingredients so i guess we will gonna have pasta for lunch. Just glad that hubby really loves my spaghetti and me too i don't know why i can make delicious spag' since when i was in the Philippines i don't cook this stuff. But now, hubby said i am one of the best spaghetti he ever tasted.. he said he can eat my spaghetti everyday(hmmm blushing)lol! Anyway i got to cook this before he come home and bebes are getting hungry!

It's only 3:30 pm here but seems like 6o'clock already! so dark and gloomy outside and pouring out hard rain. I hate to hear the big drops, make me nervous!MyEm0.Com husband is still at work and just me and my son. I check the radar we have huge rain approaching really soon. Oh my goodness! i wish it will stop sooner because i can't stand the noise it drives me crazy!!! sigh. Please rain rain go away!!

Does it look gorgeous? The first time i saw this cutie sandals, i fall in love right then! The style, the color and everything is exactly i am looking for a shoe. Simple yet classy. Oh man! i want it so badly i know it's kind of over my budget for a pair of shoe but i am willing to spend bucks for it! I am trying not to go online shopping anymore other than when i need to but, just by accident i came across to this site and found my match! I'll let husband buy this for me i hope he will if not I'll force to... you know! haha

I'm being tagged by jerla with this "I am grateful because" tag. Thank you so much for sharing this to me. I am grateful to have you as my friend and of course a cousin.

1. Jah God gave me the wonderful and supportive family and in-laws in the universe.
2. My life is never been happier as ever, I have my loving husband and adorable kid (s).
3. Jah blessed me and hubby with a wonderful gift of life for the second time around.
4. I have a healthy toddler boy.
5. Jah is always there for us (my family)no matter what the circumstances, trials and tribulation, he gives us strenght to endure everything and continue facing life!

1. Re-post the picture on your blog and pls. acknowledge where it came from. Kindly leave a comment on this post so I would know you've posted it.
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3. You may copy this or write your own quote regarding gratitude:

I am tagging my fellow bloggers...


What's one thing I wish for yesterday, today and tomorrow? Any wild guess? Okay fine let me tell you. I wish to have a flat belly! LOL! When I was still single, I wasn't that concerned about my weight and my figure, I eat as much as I like. But it's totally different since I gave birth, I gain pounds so easily, it's so weird, lol! One of my goals right now is to achieve that flat belly. With the right attitude and will power, I know I'll achieve it in just a couple of months. But I must admit, I'm not really into exercise so what should I do? The answer, Flat Belly Diet!

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I'm so looking forward to this already, I can't wait to have that flat belly!


IN TODAY’S society, many experience loneliness. It affects people of all ages and of all races, social strata, and creeds. Have you ever been lonely? Are you lonely now? Actually, all of us at one time or another have felt the need for companionship—for someone to lend us an ear, to offer us reassurance or possibly to echo our deep feelings or inner thoughts, and to understand us as a person. We have a need for someone who is sensitive to our emotions.

Being alone, though, does not necessarily mean that we are lonely. A person can be alone for a long period of time, enjoying the things he or she does, without feeling at all lonely. In contrast, there are those who cannot stand to be alone. The American Heritage Dictionary states: “Alone emphasizes being apart from others but does not necessarily imply unhappiness. . . . Lonely often connotes painful awareness of being alone . . . Lonesome emphasizes a plaintive desire for companionship,” that is, a condition of grief, woe, or melancholy. The person’s heart needs to be comforted with sincere and loving fellowship for it to be cheerful once again. Finally, solitary is defined as a condition that “often shares the connotations of lonely and lonesome . . . Frequently, however, it stresses physical isolation that is self-imposed.”

Loneliness is a powerful feeling, and it can be very painful. It is a feeling of emptiness. There is a sensation of isolation, a feeling of being cut off from other humans. We can become vulnerable and frightened. Have you ever felt this way? What causes loneliness?

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Marriage does not always ensure freedom from loneliness. Mutual misunderstanding or lack of compatibility may cause stress that can produce uncertainty and may even result in isolation for spouses and children. But apart from loneliness caused by the death of a loved one, divorce, or physical or emotional isolation, there is another kind of loneliness that can affect us very deeply. This occurs when our relationship with God suffers and we feel separated from him.

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The PhotoHunt theme this week is Together!

This was taken during my (fiance) now husband's 2nd visit to the Philippines. He went in pinas to take me with him and be together forever!! Ohhh, I never forget those moments when we we're just engaged. Right now we are together and our love is always in the air! We have a boy and soon to be a new parents again! haha.


Growing up in the Philippines, my grandmother used to make dresses for us. I mean, to each and everyone in the family. My two grandmothers are both dressmakers, so we constantly have new skirts and blouses every now and then. I miss it a lot! It's just so different here in the US. I miss the measuring and styling and everything.

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Now I'm so excited to this one already, I'm so excited for father and son suit. How about you? Visit the links now and try it for yourself!


It's been awhile i haven't updating this blog for so many reason, i am been so very busy in this couple of weeks. Doing some paper works and stuff like, then we went to a business trip at the same time vacation as well. So never had time to really focus to do blogging. Right now i am still car lag because we drove 1700 miles back and fort imagined that far huh! been patching up my chores that i left before we went out of state. Good thing my in laws are very helpful they took my son today so that i could do my chores and do laundries! I hope things slow down for me and can do some blogging and hopping again some time soon.

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Don't have enough sleep last night i was monitoring and keeping eye of my baby, he is running a fever because of his molar cutting in right now which is normal for a toddler. but this was my first time encounter him like this with high fever and very fuzzy we don't know anymore what makes him calm good thing he is so good boy just hugging him and telling him mommy is here he just went to sleep! however me no matter how tired i am naturally can't sleep even my eyes are close but my mind we're wide awake. We almost went to the hospital glad the fever subside after i did a sponge bath him with warm water and vinegar ( i remember my mom used to do that for us when we we're a kids) so it was very useful. As of now feeling so tired of lacking of sleep!! (sigh) i just make sure i eat enough so have energy to keep day going...

Your Eyes Should Be Green

Your eyes reflect: Striking attractiveness and danger

People find you to be: Passionate, intense, and unpredictable

Your best trait: You can read people easily and understand their true motivations

What's hidden behind your eyes: A vivid inner world

Nice to know that i should be green eyes because i loved either green or blue eyes! and gladly even i am not my husband has blue eyed and my son has green/hazel eyed. (batting eyelashes) hehe!

This is my first time to join photohunt, it will published every Saturday only and the theme for today is LAZY... but i don't have any pix that close to the theme 'lazy', hmmm i will try to hunt right now hope i can find one...

Well, this is what i got! this photo represents the evidence of me being lazy butt sometimes! haha. I actually wash dishes once a day, not the typical 3times a day way back in the Philippines. Everything just throw it in the dish washer and let the washer do the works for me. hayahay! grateful to have a handy!

Even though i wasn't there when my parents celebrating their 30th year anniversary last weekend yet i am happy to share a little something with them. Of course CAKE is the common in every celebration so i got them a cake...wink! Every year we celebrated we never miss a cake on a table either it's a fancy one like this or just cake ni Claire! haha we usually buy regular cakes from her all the time. I let my sissy take charge of getting it but father was the one choose it! They said it is really good and mouth watering! of course its from Red Ribbon kaya!! Well, i am so glad they like my little something! Well, till the next ANNIV guyz!! miss ya'll....

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Thank you sweetdonut for awarding me this!! appreciated much! but i apologized just now i able to grabbed hehe busibusihan si mommy...

"I love the blogs of these people and I'm glad to pass this award onto them! All they need to do is to leave the following message on their post when they pass the award on to their chosen eight bloggers.

They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let's try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text."

i am passing this award to...

There's no place like home
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Wife of a warrior
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Nothing much happen in this blog lately, having multiple blogs to tell you honestly is hard to manage sometimes. You need to think of certain things to fit in your topics otherwise you are no where to go haha, and that's me right now it is very challenging to put up some fillers here and there and my brain won't function as much as i wanted so just trying my best to do some updates here. Since this blog is the one been kicked out from my major source of earning so medyo rest muna siya haha! but not really take a break only! OK see you around...

I've always and will always be a fan of Disney movies. I guess it's true, no one is old enough not to be fascinated with fairy tales,castles and princesses. My favorite characters are "Beauty and the Beast." But of course, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and all of Disney's princesses are always on my list. Plus the songs are so beautiful and magical! I bet you also have your favorite fairy tales, don't you?

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I really want to watch this movie desperadas of ruffa gutierez, ruffa mae quinto, iza calzado and marian rivera it look like the movie is so funny because i saw the full trailer i was having fun watching it! but sad to say i did a search where i could watch free, and till now couldn't find anywhere! even in pinoychannel or in youtube! I think i will just purchase a DVD i found one at target and it is in good deal.

Oh me oh my I'm so sleepy and tired! but its not time for me to rest yet though, need to finish my tasks first for today. Infairness i got 6 right now and just 2 more I'm done. Glad I'm productive today and not upset of being bokya again! guess its just my day hehe. thank thank to all adssss...! Soon I am beauty resting with a smile...wink!

She is our real life superhero. Now that I'm a mother already, words are not enough to express how I value everything my mother did for us. Putting our interest ahead of her own. Doing everything and anything for us. From the moment she wakes up she prepares our meal, she makes sure that everything we need is ready and helps us make it through the fun or tough day. She is a true superwoman, definitely a soccer mom! She lives a very busy life, handles the toughest problems and yet being the happiest person in the world because of the love she has for her family. That's what moms are for! And now I feel so happy and bless to be a mother finally.

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I don't have much opps lately because my RR went up so high!! don't want to elaborate how much just giving a hint that its beyond average gushhh! shame on me! I admit i need to work this on otherwise i will declare bankruptcy already haha. The higher real rank you are the lesser opps you will have. And as i refresh the page i don't even see any grey anymore. OK enough complaining! that's all.

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MyEm0.comI'm talking about my new haircut, finally done it last Saturday with the hair style i wanted. It turn it nice as i expected and i really feel i loss some weight huh! hehe. My hair was thick and longer than i usually have, i don't know why it grows so fast actually since i got pregnant i noticed that my hair grows like a weed i even trimmed it every once a month if i get a chance but lately my hectic schedules forbidden me to do so that's the reason i decided to cut it short. Loved it and feel like a new woman most of all husband likes it too! yan naman ang mahalaga right?? lol...

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MyEm0.ComI am so thankful that the problem here with my template was solved right away, i was scared that it will be the same in my other blog that is under intensive care unit right now with 50/50 condition huhuhuhu! every time i attempt to fix the template still said error! error! error! geeezzzzzz what will i do?? i need 911 right now! At least this blog still alive and kicking! although i really loved my old template of simplyfilipina (the red background) but i have no choice right! got to do something before i will regret.

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Later this afternoon I'm going to the salon to get my hair cut done because i am so tired of my long hair already. It's hard to manage and waste of time to fix it, plus gives me headache... so i decided to cut it short just like this one in the photo i think this looks better on me. Although i love shorter than this like ala Victoria Beckham cut but the husband don't approve so this is the shortest i could get! lol. I missed my shorter hair before when i was single. I can wait to have a new hairstyle it's been awhile now haven't change my haircut so now is the time!!!

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I don't know why i crave so much lately! hmmm... maybe I'm pregnant?? yikes!! what if??? lol. Right now i am craving for Italian food with cheese of course. Well, until this moment i didn't eat my lunch yet, waiting for the husband gets home. They went to grab something for lunch with kurdapyo.

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My Maya is in the hospital right now since last Tuesday night here she is complaining about her "kabuhi" visayan term, don't know whats that in English. Anyway she can't take it anymore the kabuhi is aggravating her so bad she can't eat and sleep due to it! so she really asked just bring er in the hospital, i hope she will feel better soon and I'm thinking of her despite our distance. Get well soon maya! hug & kisses........

It' is true especially during summer time, the weather is always hot and humid outside. I can't stand to stay long inside the car without air condition. I remember our blue car back in the Philippines, it always need some fixing to do every now and then,lol! It's an old model already, not that great anymore. But still it's alive and kicking! My brother complains mostly about the compressor, especially the air conditioning of our car and the such. Sometimes, it's hard for us to find the right AC compressor for our car. It's difficult to find the right one that fits the model of the car and also the price is scary.

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Good morning ya'll! hows every body's morning?. Well, mine was a typical morning, I'm still sleepy and tired though because my son is not feeling good from his shots yesterday. He got a fever and kinda grumpy once in awhile. I woke up in the mid night to check him and gave a Tylenol for fever. Anyway, this is normal for baby after they got their shots, so soon he'll be fine.

As far I remember my most humorous vacation ever, was during our honeymoon at Atlanta Georgia. It was timely middle of winter season i got married and that's definitely the coldest time of the year yet we planned to headed our honeymoon. Since It was my very first winter experience here in America i don't know what to expect, like for example the way people dress up. While in the honeymoon i brought most of get up clothes that are light, some are like I'm going to tropical place haha really funny of me because i can't help to complain to my better half that I'm "soooo freaking cocoold"LOL. He always teased me, that he will just warm me up! LOL. Good though i brought my jeans and tennis shoes, and the husband got me a thick sweater!
Despite my humorous
atlanta tour experienced we had, we had a lot of fun roamed around downtown and dined here and there with of course taking pictures of the beautiful spots over there.

Right now we are really planning to go for a vacation with our son at Orlando Florida and take a long tour to several nice places there including
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I was tagged by Jerla, thanks for this gurl!

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Memes are a great way to link everyone together. In Cyberspace, many people use English as the Universal Language and say Hi, Hello and more. Have you tried learning other languages of the same meaning?
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1. All About Kawaii says Konichiwa
2. MommyAllehs Up-Close And Personal says Mabuhay! Hello! Hi!
3. Insights from the Grocery Cart says Mabuhay! Haler! Kamusta?
4. Eds Mommy Life says Mabuhay! Kumusta! Hi! Hellow po! Haler!
5. Jhona My Wonderful life says Hi! Hello! Kumusta?
6. Jerla "Once we were 2..." says quetal ya man kita ali?
7. Simply Filipina says howdy?? kontodos amigos...

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Passing this to all!! feel free to grab!

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I do loved to watch Olympic games ever since i was growing up but i really don't have any particular athletes that i really know about exccept the Philipppines and American team. Other forget about it all i recognized them is by face and some are really guapos! but i will try to remember my favorite of all time... lol!

1. Michael Jordan
2. Mikey Cuangco Jaworski
3. Nadia Comaneci
4. Kobe Bryant
5. The girl in volleyball team??? I don't know her name!! shocks
6. The tall Chinese basketball player
7. The American swimmer guy
8. Alvin Patrimonio
9. Shaquille Oneal
10. I can't remember anymore!!

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I kinda stop watching this fantaserye show from GMA dysebel because the story goes along not very interesting for me. Always pasikut sukit and the starring is always api by the bad guy, and i hate that hehe it carried me away to the point i make mura!! But anyway its been two weeks in a row i constantly watching it! and i kinda like it already the flow of the story!! I'm getting kilig to both marian and dingdong...wink!

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I think i will go in the kitchen open the fridge and get a bowl of ice cream so my head will be cool a little. Because we just arrived from suruy suruy then because of the warm temperature then suddenly comes the rain, i got a slight headache or a migraine as well my son is kinda moody now, he need his nap but it's almost dinner time. So the best solution is cool down our self and have a refreshment. I miss good stuff anyway!! so as him! hehe.

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Why divers always shower? I came across this subject at yahoo about Olympic thing! Well' I'm a goers of an Olympic games ever since. One of the sport i am fond of watching is the diving contest.
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At last we will going to watch Indiana Jones not in the theatre though because we haven't got a time anymore to go to cinema. Been so busy and just forgot about it! Luckily hubby uploaded it last night so we are about to watch tonight. I'm anxious already because i really looked forward to this you know. tantantanananan...

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I'm proud to my self today because at least I'm not zero of opps, got 3 and that's enough for me rather than bokya for several days :-((. Just happy and thankful that i patiently keep refreshing my mouse and hoping for the miracle and blessed somebody still gave me 3, thanks for the responsibility! Right now I am ready to park my keyboard and be contented.

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Got a headache again!! i noticed lately that if i stay too long in the computer screen i got migraine or headache which is not good because i just bear it until i can't take anymore and i don't feel good at all! earlier i made a deal that i will do some hopping here and there make up sometimes to gain my real rank again. After those hopping adventures... ohh well my head start to palpitate hard. Well that's all my kadramahan!!

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After I went to the dentist i didn't do much things around the house. Anyway though i make sure that my house is cleaned before going to pull my teeth otherwise it will be very messy until I feel lot better. So yesterday I thought i was already good to do chores again without worrying of my surgery haha! I got enough rest already so mommy need to kick again. While waiting for miracle here, why not took advantage to clean... put clothes away, did laundry, fold clothes, map floors, washed dishes, hayyy! tiring!! but I'm not done yet in the kitchen, so right now chores awaits me, sure it was messy and i saw ants and I hate them to the highest level! During summer season we always get black ants outside and if they smell something inside then you know whats next! So i need to make sure everything is clean but sad to say last night i wasn't able to fix my kitchen before bedtime haha just being lazy me! Got to go.........

Mommy jerla tagged me this cute and funny yet somewhat true tag for mothers! this is what Spa's all about for us mommies! lol

If going to the spa is beyond your budget, try at-home
treatments…These are more than spa.
::: Aromatherapy :::::: Eyebrow Threading ::

::: Microdermabrasion :::
::: Body Wrap :::
::: Blowout :::

I'm Tagging all mommies in the house please just grab it if you feels like!!