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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

The Pink Beach

One of Zamboanga City is known about are nicest beaches in town! we have sra.cruz island, bolong as you can see in the pic, i haven't been there yet though because its kinda far far away in the city proper but every one says it's pretty out there! Anyway, another also is la vista delmar, and golf/resort which we always go for picnic gathering with family and friends its our way of socialization. We are updated of doing this activity all year round, it is really enjoying and of course lafang time lol! but anyway this is how we show our close family orientation. When we have relatives from out of town or a balikbayan surely we take them out to the beach. I missed those days, go swimming even though doesn't know how to swim, feeling the sand... i can't wait to do this activity again since here in my states... we are not close in the beach, aside we have lakes here hehe but very huge different! We plan to go for couple of days to Florida so may be this is my chance to explore the beach and sand... i won't miss anything when time comes!

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I am a big fun of world Disney ever since... what ever shows and movies they released i won't miss a thing one way or another. This is one of the latest i have watched so far, and i tell you it was really good movie to see! kids and adult of all ages you will definitely get entertain because from the start until to the end you will really enjoy... my baby had fun he laughed and get excited with all the animated animals and the chipmunk that talks haha! I like the story full of action, musical and especially it ended up happily ever after :-) both sides or i mean every character and its not the typical fairy tale that a man rescues his woman kinda thing there is a twist on this one! it is worth the pennies. So friends, i really recommend basta i assure you!you gotta watch enchanted so can have a break naman with all the stressed we have! enjoy ya'll

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Filipino Food

Who can not resist these good stuff in the table?? lol while I'm posting right now I'm drooling as well! my goodness look all the stuff... it looks all good and yummy even just in the picture what more in the reality! I really really deeply missed Filipino food! this is torture when you are far away in your country, you hardly have the authentic pinoy delicacies. The letchon, all the seafood, crabs, shrimp, oh man! my weaknesses LOL! I have missed the handaan (family gathering) and have always the goody things in the table and just enjoy have fun and laugh. You know this is one of many things that us Filipino can proud of.. do you agree, right??? (okies walang kokontra).

Once in a while i found some food from Philippines but not that original though... that's the reason I'm lazy to make my own version because i only get frustrated when i don't meet the taste i wanted. I can't wait to go back in my hometown and take advantage all these yummy pinoy food again!

Thank you Geng for this tag! i apologized of doing just right now... ihindi ko nakita nuun hehe!

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Aside Chinese food ... Mexican is also my favorite food ever! when i was in pinas i have no idea what are Mexican food taste like. Not until my husband introduce me to it. He loves Mexican dish from chip and salsa all the way to fajitas you know very tasty with full of spices and stuff. Well who doesn't like the famous chimichangga, (not sure of spelling) funny at first I used to call this dish chimiganggang lol! and of course the taco salad and not to mentioned the burritos these are just the best Mexican food among the bunch. I always ask for cheese dip with chip/ salsa because it will more complement the taste.

At first i don't appreciate the flavor but I am a food lover kinda girl and i admit that i eat everything i guess a human vacuum cleaner... lol! it's true I'm not picky and i love to discover new taste of food as long my palate will accept it!

It is advantage when you know everything from building to any kind of handy works! Just like my husband he knows all things to fix! from electrical, plumbing, mechanics and most especially technical stuff he can build computers, he got the it training from his father who's a professionals trained technician before then. So I don't need to worry if my or his computers is mess up or something because i have my own handy man kidding aside! So, you guys out there if you have an interest of this kind of field you better pursue it, find tech schools or best technical school online near you!

I admit that i can cook and loved to experiment new recipes and try new taste of food. It runs in our family members from generation to generation, shall we say chefs by nature kidding aside, but it is true i have a grandmother who could cook as in really really good and she made sidelines for her skills of cooking since then up to now.
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Very obvious you know this! Since I am here in America, for the first time I found this kind of saging! haha. When i was in pinas... they called me monkey because i loved bananas and everything with saging i will totally take no for an answer. Name it... banana-Que, saging prito, toron, maruya, candy saging, and so on.. so fort. It is a big deal for me here that i am cutting back my favorite food and being neglected of not having this yummy pinoy delicacies! I swear, I'd recall before i ate until to the point i get sick to my stomach. silly i know but i can't resist in this fruit.
So, I was lucky the other day we went to murfressboro for getting some stuff and i told hubby to stop by at the Chinese store because i wanted to get some dried pancit and bihon because i missed all that kinda stuff! I still have a taste of a Filipino after all this years! even though I am already used to American food yet there is always in me craves all that pinoy food! proud to be a pinoy!! hehe
Anyway resume... while roaming around the store I saw some bananas and jack fruits also... as if i was a child begging for a candy , that's my reaction hubby was just laughing! lol. It is really cool to think that for couple of years I've been here everyday i discover lots things, places that reminds me and makes me feel at home in my hometown.

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whenever we go out eat in a restaurant.. we occasionally get for an appetisers the stuff ed mushrooms.. my father in-law really loved it so do I! After tax time we yearly celebrate the end of it and go to red lobster the entire staff. However my husband can not eat their stuffed mushrooms with crabs because his alergic yet he loved mushroom so we just buy some ingredients and make some at home. I love it more than the restaurant... I just make my own breading and stuffed it with mozzarella cheese and fry to perfection! lol. Then preheat oven 350F I spreads the remaining cheese over the top! serve it while its HOT... hmmm good and yummy!

Yes! I got this site through my close aunt. She told me about this amazing opportunity, and that is why I checked it out and do some research on this PPP,where in you will get paid by doing blogging thing. I loved it because I do blogging. And I got interested on this because ever since I've been looking for a real, work at home which means not frauds or scams online opportunities on how to earn something just in the comfort of your home and with your own spare of time, since I am a stay home wife and a full-time mommy.
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Thank you PPP! so friends out there what are you waiting for! better check it out also this is may be the one you're looking for. Open your door because... "opportunity only knock once", grab it!

Amor tagged me this tagie tag of being quirky at times! thank you girl!

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six unimportant things/habits/quirks about your self.Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog.Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about my self:

1. Before going to sleep and get up to bed... it's my mannerism thing to smell my hubby's armpit hehe don't know why I just do.
2. I can't sleep without my blanket over me even it's so warm.
3. I don't eat whole white meat I rather prefer bony one and pick the meat
4. sometimes when I look some magazine or read a book, I start opening the back page instead the front page.. and I read the comclusion so I know what's the END of it!
5. I eat so fast as if a twister pass by, while hubby just have couple of bites or didn't even started yet because i don't get full if eating slow.. (that's happen at our house only though not in the restaurant or family gathering im trying to be calm haha!)
6. My meal isn't complete if I don't get some from hubb'ys plate!

that's all for here! i have this at my other blog also!
These are just my many quirky things I do, it might sound funny but I can't help that's why my husband tease all the time that his wife is weird! which is I admit though hehe.

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Let it snow...let it snow... let it snow! sounds like in the song huh? once more hope will get snow here in Tennessee again... just like what happened the other week if I'm not mistaken we had a little bit of snowy day. Since its hard to have one here because we are one of the several states that experiencing drought and severe dryness, our lakes as we going road travel oh my goodness close where we at... lakes are soooo low to the lowest level! haha. Actually we are scared that we will get limited water supply because of this insane droughts going on lately. Good though, from time to time we got rains because we need rain yet not severe that lead to thunderstorms and even worst scenario!

Anyway, tomorrow chances we getting snow here due to the very cold night tonight I guess it will goes down to 20's degree... so one more time, I hope! before winter is over. I got these sneak shots early morning last week here and there! that is my ala Cinderella feet haha kidding aside, I just had fun that morning and don't care even it was cold.

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Yesterday was the trip of my aunt a.k.a. cousin in the philippines with her hubby mike and son ethan. I know they are so so excited to see our huge clan in Zamboanga city, because it's been quite awhile now we haven't seen them and that's a big deal for us! I am happy that they planned this trip for so long and finally yesterday they flew to pinas. But I missed to say vonvoyage to them, I wanted to called for the last minute yet to bad timing her number is in the house... we just called each other on my home phone so never get a chance to save it in my cellphone man! Timely we went to murfressboro hospital for hubby is not feeling good and we manage to let him check whats going on to him, it's an arm related pain that hubby can't handle anymore, so far his fine according to the doctor.
Anyways, resume... I hope they have a safe trip and of course no doubt they will enjoy their trip!
tomorrow they will arrived in zambo airport and our families will fetch them and so on and so fort.. I am so jealous right now hahah (in a good way) not fair I'm here lol. Jerlalou I know you will read this ok... when you get here don't forget to bring for me the danggit fried fish and spanish dipolog style sardines and bagun gata ni maya ok??? LOL!! ( if busy mo wa time luto gata ok na ang alavar) haha demanding kunu!
Well, take the very outmost time with our families out there, just give them a very hard hug and kisses for me promise??? you know how much we missed them... ok stop i don't want to emote!!! Hope you feel good and ethan soon! ayaw pag haggard haggard manai ha! stay pretty all the time! as in. Just take fern-c right away! Ok... fine what ever basta im still jealous! hmmmm (not talking) lol!

Who among you doesn't loved dessert? I'm sure no one! speaking of these temptational desserts... we all wanted to loose weight as we could ever possible but when desserts come along... there's nothing to loose. Me, these sweetly melty food is really my weakness. To name some few like donuts, ice creams, cakes, cheesecakes, and as long chocolate is present ohhh I can't resist!
I used to teased my hubby, the second time he visited to Philippines to see me... I told him don't forget the chocolate because if you forgotten... otherwise hmmmmm NO KISS from me! LOL. So, he really do brought me chocolate so he got a long kiss then! yet it was a joke though I still kiss him anyway. Meanwhile, I was to busy to him... so just my sister ate all the chocolates. Right now I am so spoiled of this thing and since desserts here in US is just a hand away... I know if you want it, you can have it! just watch out of our figure you know.
Perhaps you wanna loose extra lbs... hence you can't resist craving! I learned there are 10 diet-proff desserts anyway, so lovers like me nothing to worry about we can have desserts that is friendly figure. what are they?

1. chocolate chip cookies
2. fudge brownies
3. pear and ginger cheesecake
4. chocolate and nut butter bites
5. lemon-verbena cheesecake
6. buttermilk cake and strawberries
7. swirled chocolate brownies
8. key lime meringue cake
9. cookie cup with lemon thyme-scented compote
10. red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

So next time if you are craving of something sweet, you know what to get and make for your tummy... a sweet yet friendly dessert won't gonna harm us!