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The atmosphere reflects the sun's rays in such a way that it gives the sky a pleasing blue appearance. as the sun drops toward the horizon, its rays have to pass through much more atmosphere. This produces a variety of vivid colors that city dwellers may never see.

Sunsets over industrial cities are usually dull and lack colors other than shades of red. If the region is heavily polluted, that what the new scientist journal observes..the sun appears as a dull red disc that may fade away even before it reaches the horizon.

In an exceptional clear, unpolluted atmosphere, the same journal explains, that the colours of sunset are especially vivid. The Sun is bright yellow and the adjacent sky is shades of orange and yellow. as the Sun disappears below the horizon, the colours change gradually from orange to blue. Low-lying clouds continue to reflect the light of the Sun, even after it has vanished.

This photo was taken outside our house by hubby 2years ago, and you can tell which is one i was mentioning above this belong.

Just imagine the variety of beautiful sunsets that will enjoyed in a pollution- free world!

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Good morning ya'll hope you have a nice day ahead! My day started so early and I already did almost of my chores for today! well, i! Its been 3 consecutive days he is waking up soo early and i don't know why he's changing his routine . We're still asleep and snoring then suddenly you heard noise i guess he's letting us know that "hello I'm awake" even though my mind and body has no urge to get up, yet i need too! hayyy buhay mommy nga naman sweet and sour.

chocolate rice

Fortunately, last weekend we went to Philippine store just same place where we went to attend our convention so i took the advantage to grabbed some of pinoy stuff there. One is the champorado mix, it is my favorite ever since and its hardly at all you can find close by here I'm thankful for the pinoy store. Anyway continue.. I cooked some this morning in order for me to function well hehe. There is no question we know champorado right? but some who doesn't know what it is...
Champorado- is a chocolate rice, a sweet rice or (malagkit) mix with cocoa powder or those who really make from scratch they use cocoa bar or (tablea)we cooked it like that in pinas. It is delish really boiled to cooked and flavored it with sugar along with a glazed of milk, perfect in the morning or snacks! I remember in pinas we usually eat champo especially rainy day to warm up the cold temperature hehe.

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Isn't it pretty?? the first i saw this dogwood tree i was attracted to it so i took shots every angle lol. My sister in law has this in their yard and it is a pretty good size tree with bunch of flowers as you can see, we got this at our back yard also yet isn't big enough just as tall as me for now.
I learned that dogwood has variety of colors aside purple and dark purple just like we have... it has white to pink! I even climbed on this tree yesterday when bebe and I spent the day with my nieces and sis. I got a quick post of me climbing with posing jud haha kidding aside! It was funny, because where ever i go taking some good shots my 2 nieces keep on following me I guess they just wanted to protect their ashte, and they wanted to pose with it also and i don't wanna say no because they're really sweet and beside I enjoy them being like that in anyway!
It's an advantage when you have a wide yard to plant anything you'd like. Spring time is here so hubby and I is kinda busy of beautifying our yard hehe... we have several plants including the roses, we got also several Iris's, Gladiolas, some i can't remember the name... I can't wait to bloom all the flowers we have planted and post it here.
Another thing i am excited about, is our vegetables garden, every year we decided to plants some veges what is the use of big vacant lot we have ad the back if we don't do something for it hehe at least during this season spring and summer we can save some pennies for fresh VEGES! how good is that? lol. we have corn, peppers(red,green,yellow and purple), tomatoes, trying for okra this year and eggplant and zucchini.

ice cream

I'm sure you know what is this? hmmmm if no, ok never mind! No doubt we all love ice cream it is irresistible what ever flavor yet and if you can't have it, half of your life is missing my friendship! wink. There are different kinds of flavor that ice cream has to offer out there and all of them are so yummy! my favorite one used to be plain chocolate and UBE, but right now I'm loyal and crazy about butter finger and strawberry cheesecake ice cream ohhh it so good try it to see for your self if you haven't yet hehe. Anyway do you want to know the history of ice cream?? ok i will share to you my discovery... lol!

Once upon a time... in a land far far away... ok serious na me! Ice cream has come a long way since its early days. It was the ancient Romans who invented first the sorbet. This semi frozen dessert, made from snow, fruit and honey, this just plain fruit flavor. The word "sorbet" and "sherbet" are probably Arabic in origin because during the middle ages the Arab chef was in production of sorbet. It said the classic sorbet was made mainly of water, which the predecessor of modern day ice cream. A turning point of was reached with use of milk, eggs, and flavoring that produce a creamy, tasty mixture. At the year of 1600's they even have an ice cream debut by the french king for high society.

An early age they don't have any machines like refrigerator yet, though they managed the making of yummy ice cream pretty well. At first, they've used two containers made of wood or pewter, one inside the other and the mixture was prepared in the smaller one, and the space between the two was filled with ice and salt because as we all know that salt is good for preservation or preservatives. Then after the ingredients were combined, the mixture was left in the container and the ice cream was ready. You know where the ICE come from? centuries ago people discovered that ice could be made and stored by gathering snow in the winter and packing it into pits that were covered with straw and with oak branches. Then in the 19th century, ice-making machines were invented and so on so fort, ice cream became a mass production until then. So no matter what ice cream was a famous thing to eat by all means what ever taste it is. Thanks for the people who invented first! Enjoy your favorite one ya'll!

the chronicles of narnia 2

I can't wait to watch this movie I'm sure it is as good as the first one i've watched and particularly with all the new added casts like prince Caspian he is a cutie don't you think so? lol. I think there is a love story going on in here with the prince and the older sister of lucy hmmm....interesting! Anyway, action&adventure movies with mix of fantasy is one of my favorite aside romantic comedy. One thing i like it because of the especial effects and graphics! Basta, I will rent or watch in cinema either way! with hubby of course!

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This is my finished product... I baked a double layered chocolate cake with creme inside! I made it bebe's grandparents anniversary. I promised to make them since the first cake i did for my hubby they really like it so might as well give a second try again. Doesn't look a professional hand made cake but i made them smile and happy.. ok kapasar na! agree ya lng! lol. I love doing stuff such like this to let my love ones know that they we're always remembered. I used to surprised my parents in pinas when their anniversary comes with my siblings of course. One time, I made mud pie from scratch whatever ingredients in our pantry that time, and it turn good we all happy sharing the pies i made, I missed that occasion so much! So if ever you like to order a cake just dial 1-800-SHELA lol just kidding!

I wasn't really in my computer last Saturday and Sunday because i've promised to my 1year old son to be with him seems he is complaining why mommy always in the computer and he is not the priority anymore i really noticed coz whenever i am doing my updates here and there... by that time he is making noise and he gets my keyboard and throw the mouse away from me then he just sit in front of me all the time with silly grind on his face! poor baby i felt guilty honestly so during weekend we played, just took my attention fully with him! That's why just now i was able to updates my blogs again, guys who visited me here thank you so much and appreciate it... I'm doing my rounds here so i can visit you back!!

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I am just curious about where did originate and who invented the ever famous necktie! men and women now a days both wearing it. Around the world some 700 or so million men wear them regularly, an average man owns about 20 ties. Most man while putting on has wondered with some irritation. And some, for women they make this necktie's as a fashionable accessories to be unique. Anyway, speaking about who invented this.... I have found that somewhere in the town of Belgium, called Steenkerke, claims the honor of having "invented" the necktie. In ancient 1692,when English forces made a surprise attack to french troops, according to German newspaper the french officers had no time to dress correctly. So without ado, they just tied their uniform scarves around the neck with loose knot & pushed the ends through the buttonholes of their jacket. This was the birth of the necktie in its original forms. How creative is that huh!
Resume... and so on so fort experts point out centuries earlier , Chinese warriors wore a scarf like cloth folded around the neck, indicating their rank. From then on, there was no stopping necktie fashion, during the french revolution, a man would indicate his political inclination by the color of the "croat" or scarf, around his neck. Then in the 19th century, the elegant European society was the one who discovered this form of of attire, and entered the wardrobe of the male population at large. As i was saying awhile ago, today the famous necktie is more than accepted in many societies worldwide and in certain settings, it is even mandatory to wear it! Well, well there is always in the past that amazed us, don't it?

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No doubt you are familiar with this exquisite and graceful creature, I am talking about the BUTTERFLY. Artist paints them, poets write about them right? They have been described as one of the most beautiful of all living insects in the globe! butterflies are numerous in varieties lives in tropical rain forest, many lives in woodlands, in fields and on prairies. Some weather the colds of mountaintops, others the heat of the desserts. This fragile beauty even though just weighing only one fortieth of an ounce and with a wingspan of tree to four inches, yet is capable of making long, arduous journey from one place to another.

I do really admire this delicate creation, if the painters paint them and poets write about them... me instead i do taking pictures of them lol! i have several photos of butterflies that comes to my garden and hubby really planted a butterfly bush for me how sweet is that! hehe.

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Rafflesia Arnoldi


I was reading some articles awhile ago and i am bumped into interesting topic about the largest flower in the world. I did a search what this look like so i could see in my own eye... OH man! it is indeed big and a strange creation. This huge flower called RAFFLESIA it grows in the forest of Malaysia, it is approximately the size of a bus tire and takes as long to bloom as a human takes to grow from conception to birth. very intriguing huh!

And the size is not the only reason this flower make poor choice for bouquet. It stinks! to attract the flies it needs to pollinate it, accordingly. Because it says rafflesia smells like rotting flesh! who in the world attracts on that kinda thing? it is very disgusting to imagine how big it is I'm sure people don't wanna be close from it! stay discreet as possible otherwise you will be!

I learned, that in the past the Malaysian villagers who lives in the rain forest where flowers situated have dubbed it the devil's bowl and have chopped it up on sight. According to china newspaper, the Malaysian states park of kinabalu has moved to protect the rare flower so that scientists may study it further. However the local villagers earn extra money by guiding tourist into the forest to photograph this huge rare flower though in a discreet distance. And at present this flower was display in the public museum in Malaysia.

leche flan

The color alone makes you drool... leche flan is my all time favorite dessert o panghimagas in Filipino language. This custard cake as what they called here is always present in every occasion in the Philippines, fiestas, wedding, birthdays or what ever may be. I still recall, me and my best friend always been going to sunflower food chain for having snacks or meal time and i usually got a leche flan i don't know what makes it yummy to my palate i admit I'm so addicted to eat that's the reason why even though I'm here in US can't help to crave just glad one of Chinese food here happened to be the chef is a Filipino so it's been in his menu! but honestly it's not that good the one that my relatives does like so melty in the mouth and so creamy! I did it here just twice and I'm planning to do one this week since i saw this one. exciting!


Ohh... it's time to say goodbye and have our beauty rest for tonight! Another day to face tomorrow and another exciting and fun day we will have! OK, friends wishing you a very goodnight ahead and see you again tomorrow! By the way i want to take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting my blogs from here and there! I hope you guys won't get tired of doing so! keep smiling and be happy ya'll! chao!!

Thank you jerl for the taggy tag! ohhh I loved key chains!! hehe yea friends forever and ever... even though we are far apart but your always in my heart! good thing computers are present we are still connected by technology and continue the tsismisan!!lol

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