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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

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My friend emailed me this cute stuff about friendship! that friends comes in all size....They will support you.... And respect your creativity For thinking outside the box.... They're there when you need a shoulder to lean on.. Or a great big hug.... A true friend takes interest in Understanding what you're all about.... They see beyond the black and white To discover your true colors.... And accept you just the way you are.. Even when you just wake up in the morning... So make your own kind of music.... Follow your heart wherever it takes you....And when someone reaches out to you,Don't be afraid to love them back....They may just be a friend for life....Practice patience and tolerance.....Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave....And impossible to forget !

So I'm sharing this to all my unforgettable friends today... be happy Everybody!

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My husband is planning to get an acupuncture therapy very soon, we are looking right now for best certified acupuncturist her in our place. We heard that this kind of procedure has been found very useful if you are hurting like migraine, chronic headaches, it's good for pain reliever without taking a medication. Husband been complaining about his muscle spasm and constant muscle aches lately so we think this is the best way for him an alternative medicine. Acupuncture reportedly leads to persisting, clinically relevant benefits for patients with with this chronic pains and soreness. So we will seeing soon.


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My sissy gave me this tag! thanks mocho

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It's true I have never seen youand we have never met,Never shaken Hands oreven truly hugged and yet!I know for sure you care forme by the kindness that you give.And our keyboards keep ustogether doesn't matter where we live.So I give you this gift toput a smile on your faceand to let you know in myheart you have a special place.
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Passing this flowers to all my visitors please feel free to grab if you feel like it!

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Movie Reviews

I'm curios who's I'm gonna be like that's why i took the quiz and the result was this! well, i liked Nicole Kidman fair enough! Just wanna thank for the source for grabbing this! thanks michelle...


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I liked this teleserye of Dennis Trillo and Katrina Halili, the story is speedy and not corny unlike the other teleserye i'm watching right now too much waiting and everything. That's why so far only magdusa ka is what I'm really hooked to. I liked Kristina Halili as well who turn her role in a good one(api-apihan), though ever since she was the kontrabida ( bisag suko nku kaayo sa iya) already liked her. She's a good actress can portray either both good or bad, she's the best.

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You begin to notice the opposite sex-perhaps even one person in particular. What will you do to catch his/her attention? When you are around your crush, there's this tingling weird feeling that makes you blush. Before true romance begins, comes this process of getting to know each other. To get to know the person you like in particular, you should make some moves to catch his/her eyes. A good looking boy meets pretty sweet girl next door. The boy ask her to go out for coffee. The next day, they plan to go and see a movie. As time goes by, they develop a relationship called friendship. They came to know each other and feel attracted to each other more and more. Then they both realized they are falling in love. Magic is in the air all the time they are together! All those feelings and emotions surge through like crazy! This totally strangers before are now so intimately attached to each other that they want to spend their lifetime together. With love,dedication and respect they both joined together their hearts and life, and the happiest day of their life happened when both of them say "I do." Waking up the next morning in each other's arms with both their Victory Hair, looking through each other's eyes knowing that they will live happily ever after.

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I've learned that a studies conducted on pigeons in Jaipur city show that these birds can be used to measure city pollution, how nice is that because pollution are everywhere. That's say by the researchers at the University of Rajasthan, northern India. Heavy metals present in the environment of the habitat enter the feathers and remain even after (the feathers) are shed. explains by new Delhi's Gobar Times, a supplement to Down to Earth magazine. Since pigeons normally live in a fixed area, the levels of cadmium, chromium, copper and lead detected in their feathers may be an accurate indicator of local pollution. So whenever you see pigeons you know whats their deal to our environment.

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These is my father that I really missing so much, It wasn't in the previous pictures i just posted because i wanted it to be posted separately for a reason! he's with my sissy anniniput, don't we look similar?? both sexy and beautiful!! lol naks! Our friends usually says that our looks is we got it more from our Papang instead to our ever pretty mom. And I agree I got my strict features from my Dad, when something is wrong or things like that he has this looks of furious with his tiger look eyes and thick eyebrows connecting each other hehe... and even he is just in his normal mood sometimes people get intimidated with him. Well, I don't know why but that's also their impressions to both of us sisters, with our highest level broad eyebrows! Well guys i missing you so much more than words can say! hugs and kisses!

She can kill with her smile, she can wound with her eyes...and so the song goes. I truly agree! With just a smile, you can make somebody's heart melt. And with those stares, you can make them shiver! I often give that look to hubby,LOL! Exchange of admiring glances and killer smiles makes both of us feel good and special. This is what happens when we want to make someone feel that we like them. Flirting can be fun, and it should be because it involves feelings, it should be done with the right styles.

There are tips for different styles of flirting. Verbal and non-verbal ones. Body-language, tone of voice, flipping hair, etc. are forms of non-verbal flirting. Hubby loves it every time I flip my long, sweet-smelling hair. It make him prrrrrr like a cat! And he drives me crazy when he gives me those cuddles and hugs!makes me meowwww!!haha. Married couples are truly bless to have this intimate, lasting, and wonderful kind of relationship. It should last for a lifetime!

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I miss my Family back home so much!!! huhuuhuhuhu, I admit I really want to spend times with them! missing those laughter's, giggling, squealing, and fighting at times. Missin' mama, papa, sissy, bro, lola pip, maya, pateng, vindot, shorty and you guys! NO words in English right i could describe how much I miss you all! Hope I could see you one day again! OK that's it i don't wanna get too emotional!! :-(

~ Just a quarter of my HUGE clan~

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I'm a big fan of this reality show of food network channel where in a competition for the search of new host for the channel. Bobby Flay is the host which is one of chef i like. So from start to almost finale i am constantly watching it. And next week will be the finale of the remaining contestant, should be 2 remains actually but they made a decision just to keep the 3 good chef still! because they have different personality and charisma to the judge and of course they are all good in their own ways. I have already a bet who i wanted to win though hehe! So if you are watching too guys, now I'm asking... who's your bet? can't wait to watch next week and knows who got the right to be called food network star!

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This is the latest movie I've watched right now. I asked husband to upload it for me because as i first time saw the trailer looks really funny. It was played by Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes one of my liking actress in Hollywood. A comedy story about ordinary women who form an unlikely friendship and decide to do something extra ordinary thing, well just to rob only one of the famous and secure banks in the world, the federal reserve bank. Diane is so witty, she portrayed as a rich, English degree and corporate wife but unexpectedly shocked one morning that their middle class lifestyle will changed into downsized with her husband losing his job, trying to sell the house and no money. So, she is force to look for a unfamiliar labor without job knowledge or skills and ended up as a janitor at the bank, and so on so fort that's the story starts to revolve. Then Queen Latifas is a dedicated single mother of two boys who only wants is the best for her kids and no love life, while Katie Holmes is a easy go lucky nuts weird! Watch it guys was really funny and quirky!

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I'm so sleepy right now but i can't sleep, i don't know what is wrong with me. That's why while waiting of something miracle i am surfing all the online stores i usually shop haha. Just doing some screen shopping not really planning to get stuff , though trying my best not to purchase even though its so tempting... controlling!!! lol. I'm satisfied so far just to look on the stuff here and there. I promised to minimized my wants right now! Trying to save money for more important things you know!

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Really?? hmmmm.... shy me!! lol...

I was watching one television show not so long ago and its all about sports and challenges. One game they've been playing is the paintball games, it was so cool for me seeing them shooting paintballs to their opponent. Looks like they having so much fun! if given me a chance i would definitely practice and enjoy it afterwards.

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Now every Tuesday i have cool topic to share and thanks for my source... 'link' her to join.

Today its all about vacation's memorable moments. I will start from the latest to way back i was kinda younger.

1. Last month we had a trip with hubby and son going to Alabama for our convention and spent 3days there.

2. Road trip going to Chattanooga AQUARIUM.

3. Husband and I gone to Memphis last year, roamed around downtown Memphis.

4. We went to RUBY FALLS ( falls inside the cave and walk for 2hours), ROCK CITY lookout mountain, can sees the 7 nearest states and an inclined rail train to the top of mountain. Tired but we had so much fun.

5. Honeymoon in Chattanooga Tennessee.

6. A vacation trip to my Uncle's house in Dipolog with sissy Anniniput then drove straight to CAGAYAN DE ORO for shopping hehe! our uncle payed the shoppin'. ( was 22).

7. A field trip with my best friend in CEBU city, Philippines, educational tour together with classmates and teacher. Road trip to her province passing to the longest central highway of Cebu, and went to fabulous Tao's temple. (I was 21 years old).

8. Another field trip with my best friend in DAVAO together with our senior schoolmates and teacher. Road trip to finest tourist spots of Davao. (was 20).

9. An all expense-paid-trip luxury vacation to Shangri La Mactan Island Resort in Cebu. With papang, mamang and sissy. That was the best time of my life and very wonderful experienced. ( sweet 18 then) haha!

10. My entire family with lolas, aunts, uncles ad cousins went to my grandparents province. Experienced the life of a farmer... had horse back riding, carabao's riding and so called ARARUNG bukid. (was 12 year young)

So tired from ZOO today, I was hoping it won't get rain which it happened but... it was also very hot as in humid to the point i was exhausted from being so warm. The weather feels like you are in the Philippines i swear or even warmer than that. I love summer but not too hot because if its too hot I look haggard with all the big sweat coming out from our body... haha! Bet you experience that! my son and husband are warm in nature so i can tell them that they don't like the walking around the ZOO earlier, good thing we went first to the places that has bunch of shady trees and sheds. We had fun though but i just asked husband to just go somewhere which is not outside like zoo and has aircondition otherwise we all get drain by the heat of the sun. So, we talked about going again if it's spring time which is a little bit cooler than now.

See how hot and sunny it is in the picture!! my forehead and forenose are all oily and!!! and bebe is bathing out of sweats!

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Have you ever watch this new concept reality show? which is all about competition of Modeling, but... there is a twist though they are looking for a gorgeous women age 35 and over who got the look and fabulous. There is a saying that 'life begins at 40', well i guess true for this ladies even though they are married with kids yet their dream career just started! So I love this show, always watching it every Wednesday from start to end that was last night. Tanya, 45, was been crowned the winner of first ever season of she's got the look. She deserve to win because she really transformed into a sophisticated and fabulous supermodel, its a life changing experience to all hot mamas who joined the competition. If you didn't seen this show yet... oh boy you will be empress to the contestant because they really look amazing you can't tell even at their 4o's and 50's, a lady name Celeste she's 51 years old but she looks lots younger, sexy and athletic not to mention hot still! hehe..

The first time i sighted this shoes at one of my secure online shops i feel attracted to this right away! isn't it adorable?? so cute... perfect for my sissy since she loves no heels shoe and it wasn't forgotten that a couple months ago she asking me a pair of shoe but always missed to check in the store with her liking of style hehe. So, last week i received an email from Overstock about they giving away a 1 day free shipping, so i grabbed the opportunity and does some shopping hehe (blouse ug kini ra gud uy!). Just got it today and it was really pretty the shoes which is exactly true by the reviews I've read. I got the black one here, soon i will send it to my sistah!

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Good Night

Good night everyone... I am so ready to go to sleep and have my beauty rest tonight! I am so satisfied with my blogging today got several opps here and there, not just 2,3,4... but 10 yeperoni!! i think this maybe my productive time so far for a quite awhile now I'm kinda lugi sa negosyo hahaha. I'm so happy thank you advertisers keep me posting!! Goodnight guys and see you all again tomorrow!!

I love this dish so much! so if whenever we wanted to get something healthy and delicious i'd always asked this Grecian chicken with rice pilafs and a side of green leafy salad with house dressing which i am crazy about also with bread sticks dip on marinara sauce... gushhh so long to described this dish hehe! An Italian restaurant here is the only one catering this ( suki na kami for them). For me it is so yummy and flavoury so no wonder my plate is spotless always won't waste a thing...Lol! I was thinking too it is really a healthy food to eat.

Ms. Jm tagged me neat meme thank you girl hope to see you again!

The rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Studying, having fun with friends and family and still no BF haha

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?
1. watching my son
2. food shopping
3. attend meetings
4. sleep
5. chores,chores,chores

3. Snacks I enjoy : chips&salsa, blizards, cakes, crackers and etc!!

4. Places I’ve lived : Philippines and United States

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire : Spend my money to everything!! lol

6. People I want to know more about : Y_O_U

now im tagging : francine, beth, laradee, outbackpinay, saves and joyball

Today we all know is a holiday celebrating the 4rth of July thing, so husband and I decided just to stay home, relax and take our time... even though i really wanna go for a ride. I'd even texted husband yesterday if he likes to watch movie today, that's the planned though if not just be at home.
Yet unexpected thing happened this morning, my in-laws called him about going to see books for their computers stuff and asked me if i wanted to go with them... so i really said YES to husband haha. I don't blame my self ever since then i am an outgoing person loves outdoors and trips.
It's our in laws with grandma's trip yet I thank Mom & Dad for treating us for lunch at red lobster one of my fave restaurant here! after lunch we headed to Books A Million store, while boys at the book store we girls along with Bebe went to i didn't get lots of things just stuff for Bebe, some crayons, a 1000 pcs. puzzles game for sissy which she asked me for quite awhile now and a 75% off Jello shoes for me hehehe. We just got home since this morning and I'm sleepy and tired but sure i had fun! now I'm ok... hehe

10,000 B.C.

This is the last movie I've watched so far, Have you seen this one already? if not you better too, because it is really good and full of thrills from the start to finish. The story is about an old age thing with huge Mammoths are present and a brave young man who only fight his love to a beautiful girl in their tribe. Happen to be the young lady was abducted by the evil group of tribes also then he follows their path from sea desert to jungle forest. Until him and his befriended other tribes found the base where the many slaves was abducted also and so on so fort then he saves them all and became happilly ever after with his beloved, uy... KILIG!!! All the animals are giants and everything are ugly looking creatures as well some faces are ugly too haha. They look great together! very bagay!