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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

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Nothing much happen in this blog lately, having multiple blogs to tell you honestly is hard to manage sometimes. You need to think of certain things to fit in your topics otherwise you are no where to go haha, and that's me right now it is very challenging to put up some fillers here and there and my brain won't function as much as i wanted so just trying my best to do some updates here. Since this blog is the one been kicked out from my major source of earning so medyo rest muna siya haha! but not really take a break only! OK see you around...

I've always and will always be a fan of Disney movies. I guess it's true, no one is old enough not to be fascinated with fairy tales,castles and princesses. My favorite characters are "Beauty and the Beast." But of course, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and all of Disney's princesses are always on my list. Plus the songs are so beautiful and magical! I bet you also have your favorite fairy tales, don't you?

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I really want to watch this movie desperadas of ruffa gutierez, ruffa mae quinto, iza calzado and marian rivera it look like the movie is so funny because i saw the full trailer i was having fun watching it! but sad to say i did a search where i could watch free, and till now couldn't find anywhere! even in pinoychannel or in youtube! I think i will just purchase a DVD i found one at target and it is in good deal.

Oh me oh my I'm so sleepy and tired! but its not time for me to rest yet though, need to finish my tasks first for today. Infairness i got 6 right now and just 2 more I'm done. Glad I'm productive today and not upset of being bokya again! guess its just my day hehe. thank thank to all adssss...! Soon I am beauty resting with a smile...wink!

She is our real life superhero. Now that I'm a mother already, words are not enough to express how I value everything my mother did for us. Putting our interest ahead of her own. Doing everything and anything for us. From the moment she wakes up she prepares our meal, she makes sure that everything we need is ready and helps us make it through the fun or tough day. She is a true superwoman, definitely a soccer mom! She lives a very busy life, handles the toughest problems and yet being the happiest person in the world because of the love she has for her family. That's what moms are for! And now I feel so happy and bless to be a mother finally.

Now, I'd like you to watch this funny and cute video about the Soccer Mom of The Sproutwells. The Sproutwells are just our typical fruit and veggie family living among us humans. They want to belong and fit in to our world. Watch them sprout up and be amaze! You can learn a lot from them, like living a healthy lifestyle and becoming the best mom you can be. Hey, and they are avid users of Like in eBay, here you can bid on cool prizes and stuff at the same time be healthy.

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I don't have much opps lately because my RR went up so high!! don't want to elaborate how much just giving a hint that its beyond average gushhh! shame on me! I admit i need to work this on otherwise i will declare bankruptcy already haha. The higher real rank you are the lesser opps you will have. And as i refresh the page i don't even see any grey anymore. OK enough complaining! that's all.

There are times in our life when we have to move to another place, perhaps because a new job requires it or maybe because of unforeseen circumstances we cannot control. To be far away from home is hard, we may become anxious on where we might settle next. I can't imagine what it was like for those severely hit by hurricanes, their homes were damage and gone. What will they do now?

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MyEm0.comI'm talking about my new haircut, finally done it last Saturday with the hair style i wanted. It turn it nice as i expected and i really feel i loss some weight huh! hehe. My hair was thick and longer than i usually have, i don't know why it grows so fast actually since i got pregnant i noticed that my hair grows like a weed i even trimmed it every once a month if i get a chance but lately my hectic schedules forbidden me to do so that's the reason i decided to cut it short. Loved it and feel like a new woman most of all husband likes it too! yan naman ang mahalaga right?? lol...

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MyEm0.ComI am so thankful that the problem here with my template was solved right away, i was scared that it will be the same in my other blog that is under intensive care unit right now with 50/50 condition huhuhuhu! every time i attempt to fix the template still said error! error! error! geeezzzzzz what will i do?? i need 911 right now! At least this blog still alive and kicking! although i really loved my old template of simplyfilipina (the red background) but i have no choice right! got to do something before i will regret.

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Later this afternoon I'm going to the salon to get my hair cut done because i am so tired of my long hair already. It's hard to manage and waste of time to fix it, plus gives me headache... so i decided to cut it short just like this one in the photo i think this looks better on me. Although i love shorter than this like ala Victoria Beckham cut but the husband don't approve so this is the shortest i could get! lol. I missed my shorter hair before when i was single. I can wait to have a new hairstyle it's been awhile now haven't change my haircut so now is the time!!!