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I have no idea what to fix this lunch! while doing my rounds here been thinking what exactly to fix but my mind don't work. I hope someone will suggest like i used to be with my family in pinas. Well, it's almost 12noon now and need to do something, luckily i found a box of uncooked spaghetti and the rest of the ingredients so i guess we will gonna have pasta for lunch. Just glad that hubby really loves my spaghetti and me too i don't know why i can make delicious spag' since when i was in the Philippines i don't cook this stuff. But now, hubby said i am one of the best spaghetti he ever tasted.. he said he can eat my spaghetti everyday(hmmm blushing)lol! Anyway i got to cook this before he come home and bebes are getting hungry!

It's only 3:30 pm here but seems like 6o'clock already! so dark and gloomy outside and pouring out hard rain. I hate to hear the big drops, make me nervous!MyEm0.Com husband is still at work and just me and my son. I check the radar we have huge rain approaching really soon. Oh my goodness! i wish it will stop sooner because i can't stand the noise it drives me crazy!!! sigh. Please rain rain go away!!

Does it look gorgeous? The first time i saw this cutie sandals, i fall in love right then! The style, the color and everything is exactly i am looking for a shoe. Simple yet classy. Oh man! i want it so badly i know it's kind of over my budget for a pair of shoe but i am willing to spend bucks for it! I am trying not to go online shopping anymore other than when i need to but, just by accident i came across to this site and found my match! I'll let husband buy this for me i hope he will if not I'll force to... you know! haha

I'm being tagged by jerla with this "I am grateful because" tag. Thank you so much for sharing this to me. I am grateful to have you as my friend and of course a cousin.

1. Jah God gave me the wonderful and supportive family and in-laws in the universe.
2. My life is never been happier as ever, I have my loving husband and adorable kid (s).
3. Jah blessed me and hubby with a wonderful gift of life for the second time around.
4. I have a healthy toddler boy.
5. Jah is always there for us (my family)no matter what the circumstances, trials and tribulation, he gives us strenght to endure everything and continue facing life!

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