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While I was doing some rounds from my co bloggers I was intrigue with her post.. this is what I am talking about I found it interested also to know who's celebs I am look alike hahaha curious ang lola mo! So I gave it a try and these are the results! What do you think? just click if you like too!

I heard a bad news about our dog morgan that he passed away :-( I feel sad, the more my family in pinas. I know it is only a dog and you can have new dog when ever you want... but morgan is not that ordinary dog to us. He's been very special, we treated him like our sibling, he is a spoiled brat dog yet very loyal. Ohh boy! neighbors are so scared to him because he won't have any second thought to attack you. Confidently a good guard to our house we could just leave and with out worrying that might somebody break our house, sure the boogy man will be eaten into pieces.
He just recognized us 5 I, mom, dad, bro and sis even our relatives are freaking scared on this doggy! but he's a sweet though in nature, dog is truly a man's best friend, morgan is our best friend. I'm sure my sistah will gonna missed him so bad, she is the one who is very closed and she take care of his bathe and hingutu getting garapata stuff like that! poor morgan, they said he is active and still hyper but his ear infection is the only thing cause him to suffer.
I thought I can still see him when I get visit there but theres no way possible now huhuhuhu! wawa talaga!

This is my grandma pip, with my hubby the first time he visited me and meet my entire huge family in my hometown... was skinny then! I am proud to be called a lola's girl. My grandma and I are like partners in everything, we have a very closed bonding and chemistry. I still recall every moments and our fun time together me us a kid until I grew up she' always there for me where ever, and when ever. I am a spoiled brat I must admit that! when mama get mad at me of doing wrong or things like that lola pip is to the rescue. That's why we always stuck each other's company. I even want to stay with her and be with her sight 24/7. There was one time we went for an ultimate vacation to Dumaguete with relatives and my parents with bro and sis decided to proceed to Cebu and visit papa's relatives for a week, as well aunt maya will goes to Bohol for uncle pateng's relatives too. I didn't go and prefered being left with lola in dumaguete with all the carabao's and horses :-D.

I remember also when I was in elementary, my only aunt just got married and mama decided to took my great grandma to lived with us then aunt maya will be taking my lola pip with them. I choose to be with my pip's for a couple of years instead until I graduated in my elementary. Then up to my high school I stayed here and there... I was NPA(no permanent address). She's a big time spoiler to me, we slept together, she took me a bathe, cleaned up my mess and anything you can think of a grandmother will do to her grandchild. Lola used to be a full-time sewer, every dresses we have is courtesy from her... thank you la! anyway resume... every time she get paid from her costumer I always get a abit of it hehehe! that's our secret before mama and papa doesn't know about it, because if they we're uh uh they won't give me baon (allowance) anymore! but... eventually they found out though we are too obvious haha! Ohh... I had so many memorable experiences with my grandma from childhood to adulthood. I missed those moments! so when I go visit them I will make up to her the time we been missing each other hehe ...promise grandma pip!

Anniv... was over and another years to count on again with my love of my life! the past 2years have been the best and happiest of our lives. Although we have ups and downs that came along with us yet we keep doing our best to put it right after all that's what married life isn't it? Our love is always the first and foremost above all. We always telling each other that no matter what no one can stand on our way! hehehe sweet ano! It's so nice feeling that the man of my dreams and I we're in this together. Honestly, I used not so expressive of my feelings but when I fell in love with this guy of mine... I becoming more and more open, I guess love really moved in mysterious way ika nga sa lyrics! anyways enough of emote!

We really had a nice celebration though it's not that bonggacious hehe, just simple and memorable one.. we had a dinner date dada took me at Red Lobster and then after our nice and fully tummy especially me I had fun digging the kuracha and kuray usually when we go eat I always have a to go box for my food but that date no way! seafood are my favourite. Then we go straight to the mall just roaming around murag mag-uyab! but I planned to look something for hubby... my gift are not expensive unlike the one he got me a JVC Hdvideo cam plus a dozen of roses! ohh thank you baby for everything and for being so sweet! Then me, I got him a nice long sleeve with a tie because that's all I can afford right now haha. But... one thing money can't buy, is your sincerity's!

To be exactly complete, I baked him a whipped cream filling chocolate cake and i am so delighted, so happy that he loved what I did and the cake ohhh he keeps telling me its really good babe... makauntul ug kasingkasing! then afterward we took some slices, I shared some to my parents in-laws, I heard again another complement from them ang sarap ng feeling!I am very lucky to have a husband who loves me unconditionally! I love you so much and may we have many many more years to come and share life together!

I am chatting with my family back home every trice a week. Lately, I heard that they are helping a couple to look for a surrogate mother for their baby. Especially my mom and dad they really wanted to help to this couple since this is the son or daughter of my dad's attorney. Well anyway, I learned that the baby was a premature less than days to be 7months old, very crucial for a little one to be born on that age.

Unfortunately, the mama can not breastfeed her baby because isn't time yet for her lactation, and the only thing the doctor advice is breast milk for the baby to survive! When hearing that, I felt so sad can imagined the feeling of them, I am a mother now so I know that was hard to take it seeing your baby in the incubator with all the tube and gadgets sticking on and everything then you can not give the only thing that your baby need... ohhh that's awful! Good thing my parents are there to help them in anyway they could for the family.

My mom and dad are the one looking for surrogate mothers who could give breast milk and everyday or most of the time they bring it in the hospital at least a bottle, each time the baby should take 5cc for every 2-3 hours! my dad said... he felt bad too especially he is a grand father already so they are trying their best to help.

I was thinking that if ever I am there in pinas I will be glad to give some of mine since still having some, bebe still in feeding. Fortunately, my mom has quite bit of friends and her friend's friends. I hope everything turn good and wishing the best of the parents and of course to the little one.

I always got a tag from jerlalou... and I enjoy grabbing it! thank you very many for this cool cat award... meowwww hehe! now im tagging to all ladies in the house who will visit my site here! pls grab it gurls!

I am hook in online shopping right now since I don't have much time to roam around the store or mall with my husband because I am so lazy to go somewhere because of so freaking cold, and tired of wearing layers clothing. Winter really makes me lazy I don't know, I just prefer to stay at home and do chores, visit my blogs and playing with my bebe and just be lazy! haha. But at times I want to buy or get something so I just go online to look for nice women stuff most of the time. My husband is the one taught me to go online actually he's fond of looking his electronics stuff in the net so I joined with him I shop mine too hehe and I found it cool to go shop online!When I was in pinas, shopping is my relieved medicine when ever I feel sad, bored or upset of something, all I got to do is buy something for my self even just small things.. well mostly I bought blouses just things like that and sometimes treat my self to go eat hehe!

In order for me to get a driver licensed here in Tennessee I need to get familiarize everything about driving test thing. Says that it requires the following test I will be taking like vision, knowledge which is writing test that's why I feel seems like going to school again for quite a long time now, needs to know every rules and regulation! Although I'm not complaining but the study guide that hubby hand me to review are quite thick hehe! not just one but two separate sheets! pressure but I guess worth while because I really wanna know how to drive you know here in United States driving is really important. So far I'm kinda getting started to read all this so in no time I'm ready to take the written test and afterwards the last procedure is the hands on test, and this is what hubby patiently teaching me haha! I'm crossing my finger that I can get what I need to learn I'm kinda nervous actually when it comes me handling the car can't help to get panic in certain situation gusshhh! Well this is my big project right now... know how to drive and make hubby proud of me and for myself! lol

Our anniversary is really fast approaching! I am thinking ever since of what to gift to give hubby, hmmm last year I bought him a Casio watch in-fairness he like it haha he doesn't have a choice! and we ate dinner with bebe in the belly! It was a moment to remember , I even kept our receipt for a memorabilia haha! weird me huh! I guess that's the way I am, keep everything that has something to do with hubby and I. Including the first movie ticket we went together, our tickets in our honeymoon haha things like that!Anyway, right now I am thinking of a nice get together with his family in our house you know pinoy style anniversary where in you invite families and friends eating and have fun. Yet, hubby said it's different here... we supposed to be pampered by them. So right now I don't know what exactly. But either way I am excited and looking forward to our day! I still have couple of days to decide what nice gift for him not that expensive though... just the thought that counts!

Have any one heard kimchi or even try it already? My mom says that kimchi is realy good, just like the taste of baguung or ginamus in visayan ( anchovies) in english. My mother's friend was the one introduced it to her. I heard that once in awhile here but I haven't try it yet and not even interested about it, until my mom mentioned it to me. since then I am curious what the taste of kimchi.
If not all know what is Kimchi... it is zesty Korean staple because korean love zesty delicacies, and kimchi is perhaps thier favorite. And like what my mom said, a meal of her friend is incomplete without kimchi. But what really is kimchi? well, this is part of the internatinal family of picled vegetables. It is similar to sauerkraut of germany, ohh I love it with hotdogs, in other words kimchi is like atchara and pickled mostly we recognized.
I have to try this! I need to go to a asian market to get one. But it's kinda distance to us here so it needs to have an appointment to go there hehe!
I wanted to make my own since I found a recipe from an old magazined it's not that hard to gather but I think its' complicated to make.

Here are the basic Ingredient
1 pound chinese cobbage
2 tbsp salt
4cups of cold H2o
2cups very hot H2o

1tbsp finely chopped garlic
1tbsp finely chopped fresh ginger
1tbsp finely chopped scallions
2tsp finely chopped dried red pepper
2tsp sugar
1tbsp salt

Preparation: Separate the cabbage leaves, and sprinkle them with salt. Pour in cold water, and allow the mixture to stand in a cool place for 8hours or overnight. Rince cobbage well and squeeze the excess liquid. Pour very hot water over the seasonings mix well. Combine with cobbage leaves. Put the combination into large glass bowl. optional cutting the leaves to make them fit. Cover with plastic wrap, and leave in a cool place for about 2days. Drain the leaves, and cut them into bite size pieces. And the rest just pack into jar for ready to serve.

Sounds really yummy! I love this kinda food.

Jerlalou tagged me this name chain game.. tenks au!!!

Dear Friends and co-bloggers lets play-game-tag to tag-
"pass it to the front"

Here are the Rules:

* First copy and paste it.
* Do not remove any content.
* Just add One word related to your blogs.
* If you don't like the concept Pls! say no?
* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.
* The more people join the "pass it to the front" the more links we generate.
* Lastly write only one word "short" for your blogs...
*Keep it simple and short,i know some of you have more than one blogs.
* the color is only black,gray, or white plssss avoid using any color okies.

Let me show you:

1.-Filipina,2.-Stories,3.-Abroad,4.-Halfway,5.-life 6.- culture 7.-interracial 8.-Foreign 9.Filipino, 10.happymomiam,11.misssassymind,12.kuyaroger,13.pinaymama,14.janese,15.exiffer,16.Hawaii/17. opionion 18.Married 19. poray 20. jerla 21. shela 21. your link here

Im sharing this to resebel and anniniput..

I got a tag from janet a long long time family friend... Thanks for this meme!

1. Are you in a complicated love situation? * N0, I am happily MARRIED!
2 . Do you hate more than 3 people? * hmmmm... no I learned not to hate people
3 . The last thing you drank? * pepsi
4 . Favorite chocolate bar? * kisses, toblerone, hershey's and all the chocolates in the world!
5. Have you ever tripped someone? * NO really
6. How many pairs of shoes do you own? * wait a sec have to count... hehe atleast 40 pairs
7. Have you ever thrown up in public? * Big NO NO
8 . Favorite genre of music? * classical, R&B, country and jazz
9. Do you like beer? * A little bit depends on the taste
10. What are your favorite colour(s)? * dark blue, bloody red, teal and light pink also
11. Is anyone in love with you? * My hubby bebe
12.Pepsi or Sprite? * BOTH
13. How many video games do you own? * ONE
14. Does look matters? * NO, what matters most is how you carry your self, that's what makes you beautiful
15. Are you too forgiving? * Oh yes
16. Do you own something from Hottopic? * NO
17. Do you own a gun? * Yep, A bibi gun for stray cats hehe
18. What did you do last night? * spent time with hubby and bebe
19. Nicknames? * shela and she
20. If you had a super power, what would it be? * Superwoman
21 . Are you thinking about somebody right now? * YES
22 . Ever called somebody Boo? * I used to call my cat like that
23. Are you happy with your life right now? * happy and satisfied
24. Do you like your hair? * 50/50.. I like my hair today and the next day I don't just like that
25 . Does anyone like you? * I hope YES
26 . Last thing you read? * a letter from a friend
27 . Are you afraid of the dark? * NO, I like it dark
28 . Have you ever stripped? NO
29. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? * I hope no one
30. Can you cook? * YES YES and YES
31. Things that annoy you? * deep silence
32 . Money or Love? * definitely LOVE!!!
33 . What do you want more than anything right now? * I want to visit my family in the Philippines
34. Do you enjoy scary movies? * NOt much
35. Marriage Or Live In? * MARRIAGE!!!
36. When was the last time you said "i love you" ? lunch time.. with hubby in the cellphone

Now im sharing this tag to my other blogs, resebel, poray and who feel like it pls don't be hesitate to grab!

I created a fake magazine cover for my sweet pea! I think this is really cute and neat, got this from my friendster. I really love this photo of bebe, he was 8month old when that was taken.

In my life I never think about seeing a real jet! I thought I could only seen it on television or movies. But see what is my background a really huge jet super duper huge. This was reall ya moment to remember. I live now in Tennessee, and we are close to the base where the rockets and jets are made so if we are going towards south of tennessee we passing by these huge thing behind me. One time we took a trip to chatanooga, I ask hubby to get a snap shot of me with this! hehe a memorabilia you know. We always going out roaming around somewhere places and I can't wait to go again to the south of tennessee this coming spring.

Getting up so early is not my life hehe ever since I was in the philippines. However here I learned to getting up so early 6:30am with hubby especially this season until first month of spring due to his job in tax office. So I need to fix him some lunch, ready his clothes to wear. But... sometimes it's really hard to get your eyes open when you feel sleepy still!... ohhh I'm not a morning person! so as bebe he' is not too, he is the last one to wake up in the morning, well that's lately though I think he's still changing his sleeping routine.

I'm really trying to be an early bird so Icould catch the worm hehe that's the famous sayings! so I could finish my chores in the day and the things needs to be done! can't wait the time will change again so I have extra hour. Well, I will start my errands now! Chao

Why my spell check is not working no more? everytime I do my entry I make sure to check that all the spelling are correct! just making sure I won't sound funny or what ever, but lately i guess been 4 days ago I not access the check spelling right hmmmm I don't know anymore if I published my post in correct or not! I hope readers and viewers understand if I have something misspelled okies!

Thank you lotie for this tag you shared to me!! appreciated it so much..

FriendsAnger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once, it is his fault; If he betrays you twice, it is your fault. Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. He, who loses money, loses much; He, who loses a friend, loses much more; He, who loses faith, loses all. Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, But beautiful old people are works of art. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. Friends, you and me...You brought another friend...And then there were 3...We started our group...Our circle of friends...And like that circle...There is no beginning or end...Yesterday is history.Tomorrow is mystery.Today is a gift.So now, let's see how many circle's of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!

1-Catsy Carpe Diem, 2- Catsy Downloads, 3-Out of the Blue, 4- A Day to Savor and Relish 5- A Piece of Idea 6- Write Shy 7- Stupid Wise 8- 9 - 10- Pinay Mommy Online 11-Momhood Moments 12- Life Journey 13. There's no place like home 14.Simplyfilipina

NOw im tagging this circle of friends meme to my other blog... and to my cyber friends resebel, mitchelle.

Making my new blog here.... I'm trying to create my 4rth blog and I hope this will be as nice as the other I have... Before I really don't have any interest to you know do blogging, until I first started and I felt interested I think blogging is cool thing to do, where in you can express your thoughts, your feelings and anything you wanted to say you can put into writings. Well, I'm not really good in writing compared to my sister she is the one that is good in making journal and stuff like that easy and quickly just like my mom.

But I believed now if you just have the guts and willing to try things for your self you can do it and enhance, sharpen your thinking ability! I am not that good unlike the other blogger in the house they use thier expertise and creativeness but anyhow I am not that bad either I guess hehe! I may say... I'm just right no more no less.

So, I hope this 4rth blog I just have will be as informative as the others! I will try to put something here.. especially all about motherhood, family and things like that.