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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

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I don't know why i crave so much lately! hmmm... maybe I'm pregnant?? yikes!! what if??? lol. Right now i am craving for Italian food with cheese of course. Well, until this moment i didn't eat my lunch yet, waiting for the husband gets home. They went to grab something for lunch with kurdapyo.

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My Maya is in the hospital right now since last Tuesday night here she is complaining about her "kabuhi" visayan term, don't know whats that in English. Anyway she can't take it anymore the kabuhi is aggravating her so bad she can't eat and sleep due to it! so she really asked just bring er in the hospital, i hope she will feel better soon and I'm thinking of her despite our distance. Get well soon maya! hug & kisses........

It' is true especially during summer time, the weather is always hot and humid outside. I can't stand to stay long inside the car without air condition. I remember our blue car back in the Philippines, it always need some fixing to do every now and then,lol! It's an old model already, not that great anymore. But still it's alive and kicking! My brother complains mostly about the compressor, especially the air conditioning of our car and the such. Sometimes, it's hard for us to find the right AC compressor for our car. It's difficult to find the right one that fits the model of the car and also the price is scary.

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Good morning ya'll! hows every body's morning?. Well, mine was a typical morning, I'm still sleepy and tired though because my son is not feeling good from his shots yesterday. He got a fever and kinda grumpy once in awhile. I woke up in the mid night to check him and gave a Tylenol for fever. Anyway, this is normal for baby after they got their shots, so soon he'll be fine.

As far I remember my most humorous vacation ever, was during our honeymoon at Atlanta Georgia. It was timely middle of winter season i got married and that's definitely the coldest time of the year yet we planned to headed our honeymoon. Since It was my very first winter experience here in America i don't know what to expect, like for example the way people dress up. While in the honeymoon i brought most of get up clothes that are light, some are like I'm going to tropical place haha really funny of me because i can't help to complain to my better half that I'm "soooo freaking cocoold"LOL. He always teased me, that he will just warm me up! LOL. Good though i brought my jeans and tennis shoes, and the husband got me a thick sweater!
Despite my humorous
atlanta tour experienced we had, we had a lot of fun roamed around downtown and dined here and there with of course taking pictures of the beautiful spots over there.

Right now we are really planning to go for a vacation with our son at Orlando Florida and take a long tour to several nice places there including
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Memes are a great way to link everyone together. In Cyberspace, many people use English as the Universal Language and say Hi, Hello and more. Have you tried learning other languages of the same meaning?
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1. All About Kawaii says Konichiwa
2. MommyAllehs Up-Close And Personal says Mabuhay! Hello! Hi!
3. Insights from the Grocery Cart says Mabuhay! Haler! Kamusta?
4. Eds Mommy Life says Mabuhay! Kumusta! Hi! Hellow po! Haler!
5. Jhona My Wonderful life says Hi! Hello! Kumusta?
6. Jerla "Once we were 2..." says quetal ya man kita ali?
7. Simply Filipina says howdy?? kontodos amigos...

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I do loved to watch Olympic games ever since i was growing up but i really don't have any particular athletes that i really know about exccept the Philipppines and American team. Other forget about it all i recognized them is by face and some are really guapos! but i will try to remember my favorite of all time... lol!

1. Michael Jordan
2. Mikey Cuangco Jaworski
3. Nadia Comaneci
4. Kobe Bryant
5. The girl in volleyball team??? I don't know her name!! shocks
6. The tall Chinese basketball player
7. The American swimmer guy
8. Alvin Patrimonio
9. Shaquille Oneal
10. I can't remember anymore!!

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I kinda stop watching this fantaserye show from GMA dysebel because the story goes along not very interesting for me. Always pasikut sukit and the starring is always api by the bad guy, and i hate that hehe it carried me away to the point i make mura!! But anyway its been two weeks in a row i constantly watching it! and i kinda like it already the flow of the story!! I'm getting kilig to both marian and dingdong...wink!

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I think i will go in the kitchen open the fridge and get a bowl of ice cream so my head will be cool a little. Because we just arrived from suruy suruy then because of the warm temperature then suddenly comes the rain, i got a slight headache or a migraine as well my son is kinda moody now, he need his nap but it's almost dinner time. So the best solution is cool down our self and have a refreshment. I miss good stuff anyway!! so as him! hehe.

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Why divers always shower? I came across this subject at yahoo about Olympic thing! Well' I'm a goers of an Olympic games ever since. One of the sport i am fond of watching is the diving contest.
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At last we will going to watch Indiana Jones not in the theatre though because we haven't got a time anymore to go to cinema. Been so busy and just forgot about it! Luckily hubby uploaded it last night so we are about to watch tonight. I'm anxious already because i really looked forward to this you know. tantantanananan...

Health is wealth isn't it? that's the famous saying. We all wanted to be healthy as much as possible, but how can we get the healthy body? first, having a regular exercise can prevent age related decreases, in other words it decrease the risk to become older than your real age. Another fact is that, this can help prevent individuals to get certain kind of diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart disease and the common is the obesity which this accompanied by poor eating habit or not in the right path of dieting. Now a days, if you want to lose weight, taking some diet pills are just one of several solution to get rid of the excess weight we have. Overall though regular exercise and proper diet procedure can help control weight gain along with a right diet pills or supplement.

I'm proud to my self today because at least I'm not zero of opps, got 3 and that's enough for me rather than bokya for several days :-((. Just happy and thankful that i patiently keep refreshing my mouse and hoping for the miracle and blessed somebody still gave me 3, thanks for the responsibility! Right now I am ready to park my keyboard and be contented.

Ladies like us loves to shop! That's our nature anyway! I personally loved to shop! Or even window shopping either for clothes, purses and especially shoes. Oh boy, shoes are my weakness, I just can't resist those very lovely shoes! I love to mix and match. The colors, textures and of course the accessories. But I know someone with a very spectacular fashion statement, my aunt back in Philippines. Her closet says it all. Whenever she goes for an occasion, she always have those matching outfit from head to toe,LOL!

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Got a headache again!! i noticed lately that if i stay too long in the computer screen i got migraine or headache which is not good because i just bear it until i can't take anymore and i don't feel good at all! earlier i made a deal that i will do some hopping here and there make up sometimes to gain my real rank again. After those hopping adventures... ohh well my head start to palpitate hard. Well that's all my kadramahan!!

The decisions and the choices we make today determines what our life would be like tomorrow. When we make decisions, we only hope for a positive outcome on how things would be. But not every time we can make wise decisions. We might find ourselves regretting something we have done and wish that if only we can turn back the hands of time. This happens to most of us. Health wise for example. When a loved one gets sick, suffering from a serious illness like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, stroke or heart problems, we might question ourselves why??? why him or me??

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After I went to the dentist i didn't do much things around the house. Anyway though i make sure that my house is cleaned before going to pull my teeth otherwise it will be very messy until I feel lot better. So yesterday I thought i was already good to do chores again without worrying of my surgery haha! I got enough rest already so mommy need to kick again. While waiting for miracle here, why not took advantage to clean... put clothes away, did laundry, fold clothes, map floors, washed dishes, hayyy! tiring!! but I'm not done yet in the kitchen, so right now chores awaits me, sure it was messy and i saw ants and I hate them to the highest level! During summer season we always get black ants outside and if they smell something inside then you know whats next! So i need to make sure everything is clean but sad to say last night i wasn't able to fix my kitchen before bedtime haha just being lazy me! Got to go.........

Mommy jerla tagged me this cute and funny yet somewhat true tag for mothers! this is what Spa's all about for us mommies! lol

If going to the spa is beyond your budget, try at-home
treatments…These are more than spa.
::: Aromatherapy :::::: Eyebrow Threading ::

::: Microdermabrasion :::
::: Body Wrap :::
::: Blowout :::

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Do you know someone with carpal tunnel syndrome? To overview about this condition... I learned that this is at the wrist a medical condition in which our median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to pain, muscle weaknesses in the forearm and hand. The common factor which cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is increased hand use or activity, means that while repetitive doing some activities such like a prolong typing. The symptoms of this typically at first you may feel a numbness and a burning and tingling sensation in the fingers, especially the thumb, index, and middle fingers. These appear while you are sleeping at night because many people sleep with bent wrists which further compresses the carpal tunnel. So looking for full time carpal tunnel relief?? for your friends and your love ones, you can get the relief with IMAK SMARTGLOVES, this gloves is proven by consumers because according from the testimonial it helps prevent and relieve wrist pain, it will support the proper hand and wrist position to avoid increasing CTS.
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Yesterday I was so nervous because it was my dentist appointment, It was mix emotion, I'm anxious to get my teeth pull and as well nervous if how much it will cost! I know it is expensive because i have several bad teeth ( not in good shape huh)on the bottom. Supposedly i get these done when i was in the Philippines still so that i don't worry when coming here... but! unfortunately teeth doesn't wanted to cooperate, my dentist in pinas can't even pull them, she complaint about how strong my teeth are and stuff like that! So my dentist adviced me to just get it done here someday or whenever we go back for a vacation in pinas you know, hmmm I was thinking that my teeth doesn't want to leave behind with me they want to be Americanized first haha! Then that time husband is coming to get me so I have no chance, then i got pregnant so on and so fort!

So finally yesterday was the day of my new life without those bad teeth of mine! I'm so glad it was done, but I still have another appointment to come for my other side. I tell you, my dentist was so gentle and kind i didn't even feel the pulling and the pain not at all just right now because the anesthesia worn off already! well, its OK he gave me antibiotics though that would help! because he did pulled three(3) of my teeth on left side all at once this was the one I've been complaining about! I been through surgery procedure... yikes another one aside my CSectiobn hehe...