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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!


This was taken last October going on Washington Dc it was sunny day and thinking of taking pictures the beautiful views of Virginia state as well the awesome scenic mountains. For me Virginia is a beautiful place to visit lots of things to offer just the beauty of nature alone hands down me! Anyway, thanks for Crazy Working Mom for this daily meme, am first time to join! winks!

I was watching the news the other day and saw a woman diagnosed with a rare disease called Gigantomastia, an extreme growth of the breast. She used to lived a normal life, being a mom and a wife. And then, in a snap everything went wrong, she acquired a disease that turned her world upside down. But the good thing is, her condition was curable. And even if they are poor, a lot of generous heart came to her aid.

Well the truth is many people suffer from diseases. Nobody among us is immune to it and most of the time it happens when we least expect it. Adding to the pain is the cost of medications and treatments, I mean, what will happen if one doesn't have a medical insurance to turn to? The hospitalization, the bills, are just among the things to face. So it's practical and wise for one to apply for health insurance, there are inexpensive ones you just need to find them. Having an insurance policy is one of the investments to be considered isn't it? Cause it does pay to be prepared.

I said that because we promised to take our kids out today and we did it! My husband is really busy right now and so sometimes we just decided to stay at home spend the time with the kids indoors. After the Christian meeting, we ate out in the restaurant then headed to the mall we went to the kids ride where in my boy had so much fun i guess we spent quite a few of quarters, lol, good thing we make sure to come it in handy you know. Oh next week if weather is cooperating will take our son where the rackets and jets we're i bet he'll enjoy it! Cant wait!

Giving gifts, is it only applicable during special occasions? I don't think so. We can make our family and friends happy every single day, and gift-giving is just among the many gestures we can show them our appreciation. I was thinking maybe someone out there wants to give their loved ones something special. I'm quite sure there is so I hope you'll find this website am about to share helpful.

It's about Diamondshark, an online store that offers the best deals on quality diamonds, platinum, gold, silver jewelry, and other precious stones. You may think they're probably just another jewelry shop but wait till you see what they have to offer! Their products are so cheap, all in retail price. Yet you can be sure that it's genuine, stylish, and fab! And here's the fun part, every day at midnight, one featured item will be sold at a super low price. Yes, they truly are the jewelry deal a day site. I checked on them today and they have this very cool genuine tungsten carbide flat link mens bracelet for only $39! Wow! I wonder what's the deal tomorrow? Anyway, feel free to visit them soon and Sharkstores too, for more sharkin' great deals alright?

I just love this maxi dress that I bought for myself recently! very comfy, trendy and true to size, lol! Actually purchased this online and i was happy because it is more nicer in person than in the picture you see online. I love Maxi's dresses right now! Winks...

These are just some of my cookin' in mah kitchen! I love to cook and i can't help but to make delicious food for my family and one thing i love to be in my kitchen.


Do you have your own business where you are the boss? It's really hard taking care of everything and to keep it running but there's also one aspect that is even harder I think. That's finding the right accommodation or venue for our business. Back home in the
Philippines, my father used to run a marketing office which required a big office space, a warehouse for the stocks and a place for the manpower purposes. It was hard for us to find a suitable venue, our only option then was to rent and get settled.

But today, there's a better solution for such problems and I found it through the help of my fingers. The search showed about portable offices and portable cabins. It's very practical because you can set it up easily plus the features are also efficient. Multi-cabin units for instance can be use for warehouses, cafes, welfare units, canteens, offices of course and even more! Sounds good isn't it? Well you can find all of those portable accommodations at TF Jackson Accomodation. All of their works are done in high standards, which includes heating, lighting, and electric functions giving you the best possible venue for your business. You can check out their site to know more!


Ok this week's ten on tuesday meme is all about the bad habits that you can't break!
Here's mine...

1. Going to sleep late ( can't sleep early than 11pm)
2. Waiting till the last minute to pay bills
3. Not carrying around cash
4. I Leave dirty dishes in the sink but am trying my best to do it right lately
5. Haha same here, not carrying around my cell phone with me/or answering it when it rings
6. Craving sweets
7. Speedy eating
8. Barfing hundred times a day, lol!
9. Online shopping way too much!
10. Dirt freak!

Seven more days to go and my childhood friend will finally tie the knot with the man of her dreams. In my past entries, I mentioned how we chat about how they're preparing for the big day. No it isn't a fancy wedding though, but I'm sure it'll be the happiest day of their lives. Since I live thousands of miles away from them, guess I will just settle for their wedding pictures instead lol!

Now I remember when I was the bride myself. I truly felt like a queen wearing my ball gown white satin dress. Anyway, speaking of wedding dresses, did you know that you can now shop for gorgeous wedding gowns on line? You may think it's expensive but wait till you hop by at LightInTheBox. The world's leader in selling consumer goods all at wholesale prices. I tell you, they have thousands of products from clothing and apparels, electronics, health and beauty, jewelry, and so much more! And as for their wedding gowns, they have the most lovely ones! All bride-to-be should consider their website when looking for their dress, and their entourage as well. Oh I'm enjoying myself here, their products are fantastic!

To my friend, I wish you all the best! Girl, please share all the pictures as soon as you can. Winks!

My mom requested me something for herself she said whenever i send a balikbayan box i better not forget to get her a purse and pair of nice shoes, haha! Since then i keep window shopping over online because am too lazy to go shopping at the store! Well, i found this tote purse in one of my favorite online stores and instantly like at first sight with this thing so i purchased it along with the matching wallet for my mommy! Hope she'll like it!

Am a day late for this "10 on tuesday" YANO, but i think i'm gonna do it anyway... Wink!

1. Baby's cooing and squealing
2. My son's laugh
3. The first cry of a new born baby
4. Fart, lol!
5. Barf, I barf gazillion times a day so i kinda love the sound haha
6. Baby goat calling their mama, it so cute
7. pop corn's popping
8. Cracking knuckles and knees, lol!
9. Birds
10. Rain drops

You heard it right guys, the designer clothing Armani Exchange has a new line of products called the "New Premium Denim" that cost only $98! This is actually a great deal because we all know designer clothing do cost even much higher. Am so happy with this new promotion, been a while I've planning to buy new jeans. When I was still single, getting new jeans every month was no big deal. But things changed, priorities changed, and yes even my figure changed Lol! So I wanna replace my old and torn out denims and am pretty sure Armani is what I want. My top 3 pics would have to be the sexy, tight-fitting A/X pocket boot cut. It'll make me look skinny and my legs longer. The potassium straight leg, it looks so chic and classy, perfect for any kind of day. And the harem jean, it's so cool and funky, yet still so pretty. Gosh! I can't wait to wear this jeans!

By the way, there's another treat Armani offers to you and me. Let's all join the text AX contest, SMS campaign for a chance to win a pair of denim everyday for the month of July by texting the word DENIM2 to Armani. Not just that, customers who purchase their products in store or on line will also received a gift card of $20 off which you can use for your next purchase. What-ta great deal indeed we all shouldn't miss! Feel free to visit their AX Blog and on line now for more info. You can follow the on twitter as well!


Just wanted to share this to all got this in my inbox and said please pass it to people i know so they are aware! So please read it guys...

I dialed '0', to check this out, asked the operator, who confirmed that this was correct < /font>so please pass it on . . . (l also checked out This is true, and also applies to cell phones!) PASS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T Service Technician (could also be Telus) who was conducting a test on the telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine(9), zero(0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused. Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number. I was further informed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE. The GTE Security Department requested that I share this information with EVERYONE I KNOW. After checking with Verizon they also said it was true, so do not dial 90# for anyone !!!!!

Do you want to play the piano? As for me, well to be honest am really not that musical type of a person. I love singing though but I guess music doesn't love me back, lol! Anyway back to playing the piano, even if I didn't have the willingness to learn it when I was younger, that doesn't mean I don't like it completely. I have a toddler now and I really want to enroll him in a music class. Josh loves singing, and dancing, we often see him wiggle everytime he hears music. I want him to learn the piano and accordingly children learns much faster than adult does so I think it's better if he starts early.

By the way, if you want to learn the piano or some other musical instruments, you can now do so online. Just visit and they will take your piano playing to the next level. First you need to enter your name and email adress, and in no more than 60 seconds, you're so good to go! You can now claim your online piano lessons, piano playing video, and piano chords. Not just that, they will also teach you amazing tricks and tips to help you play like a pro. So what are you waiting for? Get your piano chords and lesson now! Oh well, if time comes for my son to play the piano, I'd be the proudest mama of all!

Yes, our house addition is on going now it started last week Friday and this was taken last monday for our garage and back addition so far all flooring are done and they're just started to build the wall and am so excited when things done because i can't wait to decorate my addition. Keep u posted here! wink

Calling all students and teachers as well people who needs prescription eyeglasses, Zeni optical is here again to remind us about their back to school savings as low as $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. As we all know that Zenni Optical on TV!!! for quite sometimes now for their cheapest and largest selection of frames and glasses. Lets give high five to Zenni Optical because of them people can have the prescription eyeglasses they love without breaking their budget!

I love to cook anything and everything under the sun but lately i am really into it i always find my self looking for new recipes and experiment stuff to cook and surprise my husband and of course me i always longed for Filipino delicacies but it is hard to find here in the States like this one... the KUTSINTA (brown rice pudding) it is one of Filipino's famous dessert and it is my favorite i swear haha! Way back in Philippines I used to watch the manong tendero every morning to pass by our house and buy. Since there's no way i can taste here the kutsinta... because i don't know where the heck to get it. So i google and found the recipe oh my gush it was so easy to make you know am happy because whenever i crave for this i will just cook!

Here's the recipe to those Filipinas who loves KUTSINTA!

1 cup rice flour
2 cups brown sugar
3 cups water
1 teaspoon lye water (you can find it at Asian store)

~ Just combined all ingredients in a bowl and steam for 30minutes or insert a toothpick in the middle u know when its done.

My bro and his girl, don't they look perfect together? ehem wala ako masay... just happy that my big brother find such delight to this young pretty lady he always said how happy he is right now being with her. I agree i guess because i never heard him talking like that to a girl. Hmmm... maybe he finally found the one huh? Well, i just wish them both i hope their relationship bloom like flowers in the fields and river that flows forever! naks! May you have many years to share the love of life! (oi nus-a si kurdapyo ma ring bearer huh???LOL, joke!) Take your time and matured your relationship yet! winks........

Recently i haven't been to stores or shopping malls because of being so busy I'm busy as bee i have two kids a toddler boy and a 6weeks old baby girl now can you imagine how my motherhood life is? big time B-U-S-Y! haha it is hard sometimes but enjoying it most of the time so going out for malling or shopping for my self is the last thing i will do. Good thing though I'm fond of window shopping online i just buy stuff over the computer actually am so used already some are skeptical to shop especially clothes online but for me not really as long you know what you want and careful to pick the right one that suit you it's easy as 123. Just read the reviews first and what people bought that stuff says you are in good hands. So far so good happy with my purchased that's why am not bother not to go somewhere to buy my stuff am still IN in style even just the lady in the house is as busy as bee at home. lol!

These are my last purchased online well technically husband bought it for me at my favorite online stores. I really like the top you know it's the trends today particularly in young ones so i wanna be one of them haha. Been looking for a vest that caught my eyes and this is perfect sexy in the back and a red skirt i feel like matching it now am hunting for a perfect gladiator shoes to match the entire outfit!

1. I have 2 kids now and my son just turning 2 years old and he is growing fast!
2. I am so forgetful
3. I can't do a lot of things compare when i was single still like, going for a long walk and never get tired
4. Have many sakit sa kasu-kasuan.. lol!
5. I am more money wise right now compare before easy go lucky
6. I know how to handle a difficult situation
7. Being practical is my motto
8. Knowing i will be __ next year that makes me feel im getting old!
9. Wrinkles?
10. Hot flashes... lol!

Charter, one of the largest publicly traded cable operator in the U.S is making it big this time again! As we all know, Charter gave away fabulous rewards to their beloved customers like Hybrid cars, Xbox 360's, and laptops last year. This time around, they want to treat their clients with more exciting and big time prizes for their newly launch contest. It's called "Charter HDTV-a-day," where customers who order services at their website will have a chance to win a 22" flat screen HDTV everyday all through out the month of April! The best part is the grand prize winner where a customer will have the opportunity to win an amazing 52" flat screen HDTV, a complete home theater system, plus a free one-year digital cable service with of course HD programming. Everyone one is entitled to join, new and upgrading members will just have to order cable, high-speed telephone, or Internet online and they'd be automatically included in the contest. See, it's just so easy! Just visit Charter's website and feel free to browse and search for the deal you like best.

I must say am buying for the grand prize winner lol! We use Charter and we love its service. Their cable programs are very updated with shows all over the world, and the Internet service is amazing! I'm looking forward to a new flat screen TV soon, LOL!



A very nice blogger named Meryl gave this friendship tag award. Thank you and appreciate it so much!! I chose to post here because need to update this blog badly and glad you came along in time.

The rules are so easy:

1. Place the logo / banner on your blog.
2. Add a link to the blog who gave the award.
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Ok time for me to pass this award to: Jerla, Anniniput, Julie, Saves, Alf, Analiza and to my hubby baby!

This week theme of photohunt is about "HANDS". This is what I've got my husband and I the day when we said our I DO's to each other! The best time of my life...

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Soon my parent in-law will celebrating their 4oth wedding anniversary and we gonna throw them a surprise party at their mansion haha! At first we planned to have it at a restaurant actually at ruby Tuesday but sissy opted her plans instead celebrate it at my parent in-law's house with some invited friends. Since that time i probably just having our baby so i can't join with them if in the restaurant you know with a days old infant. So to make the long story short am busy looking online what kind of gifts i should give them i wanted to be unique but not too expensive because my in-law are pretty much can afford anything anyway, what matters most is the thought that counts. I am also looking for my sissy in-law because their 17th wedding anniversary is just a day before them. Hmmm.... i wonder what gifts husband and I will give to them?

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source: awake

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Oh my gush! you can't even notice the time passes by so fast! I can't imagine tomorrow will be Friday again seems like Sunday yesterday or Monday. I have no plans this weekend though but i hope we can go out and just have some drive close by because my son and i are getting so bored inside the house 24/6. Sunday is the only time we can go somewhere because of my husband still working during Saturday. Oh i really looking forward the tax season will be end soon so that we have more time to spend together as a family. Despite of being busy though he can still manage to bring or drive us somewhere but a day is not enough for us. I am so glad it's almost weekend again!! MyEm0.Com

It happened to be i just browsing about eyeglasses online and i came across about Zenni optical! Mostly aware already about this store selling cheap prescription eyeglasses for only $8 the lowest price. And don't you know that Zenni Optical in the New York Times? Yes! that's true the new york times published how much Zenni optical can give millions of American spending in a practical way to get a prescription eyeglasses and seeing straight without breaking bank especially the economy is falling down. Not to mention they have the stylish and trendy prescription eyeglasses and knowing it's very cheap. So check it out now!

I am craving bulad or dried fish since last night! But didn't cook because the husband can not stand the aroma of it haha! I got the bulad from Julie a pinay friend just came from her vacation in the Philippines last December. When she and Saves with her adorable boy visited me last Wednesday (by the way i had fun with you guys!), she brought few of bulads. Of course was good and so tasty! If someone here doesn't know what i am talking about... bulad is one of Filipinos fine delicacies and we make it by scratch. With fresh fish, salt and sun. Dried the fish with salt under the heat of the sun for days or even weeks! That's why the aroma is sooo smelly good, LOL!

Anyway, since the husband is not here till evening this is my perfect timing to cook and let the bulad expose! For the record, i only cook this after i warn my husband not to come home yet because i will spray a deodorizer our entire house first before he gets home. He can't really stand the fishy smell :-(. I understand him though i know it's kind of challenging for him. That's just my husband. I know some pinay doesn't have any issues with it come to this with there significant others.

I need some batteries for my camera but unfortunately always forgotten whenever we go out to grocery shopping. Been in awhile I miss taking pictures with my son, he is my model, haha! So many silly acts i witnessed with him that i haven't take shots for evidence to his Dada and family and i don't like it! I wanted to have memorabilia you know. The husband really got me a rechargeable batteries and kit but the li'l boy was to curios to misplaced everything! I always write in my lists of groceries the battery pack but... (I still forgot! duh). I guess later we'll get food, I need to write it in CAPITAL letters so no more forgetting! hayyyy...

The husband felt so bad about what he did to his computer. He messed up the hard drive, all his downloads and everything was totally deleted. His computer was acting bad last night and he tried to fix the problem. He made some updates and downloading new program and stuff like that! Anyway, he didn't realize that the old hard drive was still on. So all got lost, like i said... our old pictures from way before, videos of our son, recent photos, lots of download movies, and the important stuff! He was so mad to himself being a computer tech he did a terrible thing (according to him though) but i just told him it's alright, he can rebuild the lost and everything (comfort jud nku si bana). Fortunately i have the duplicate of all the pictures and videos in my desktop!

We just came from the office to visit husband and my son's grandparents. Actually they called me and let me know that they want us (bebe and I) to eat lunch with them. Mom fixes some GUMBO and they know it's one of my favorite dish. So after i got a call from the office, i hurriedly dress up and so my son then we headed to the office shortly. Thankful that i don't need to prepare lunch at home because kind of lazy today, LOL! Mom saves my day! I really satisfied my self. She had the best gumbo ever, infact i requested her about fixing this dish after my labor and delivery so i will gain my energy back. Because my family in pinas... It's a tradition after you gone into labor; family is fixing you good food like soup and other energy food. So that's the only thing i will ask my mom here to take care of my needs. Anyway thanks for the meal! Mom.

Can't help to be excite later on after husband take off from work because we will go out for shopping! Supposedly yesterday i asked him to bring me to the mall to get something but circumstances occurred and he wasn't able to. I was kind of upset honestly but i let it passed away. Anyway, i have no idea when i talked to him in the phone my parents in law was listening they're still at their office then. In my surprised, after 30minute somebody knocking on my door last night while husband still working. It was mom and dad (in laws) just wanted to say HI to us, then they mentioned me that today... they will take me to the mall and go shopping! hehe. What a relieved knowing they care. I haven't ask them but they really do care about me. So after a half day of work, we will go straight to the mall. Can't wait! LOL.