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This was taken last October going on Washington Dc it was sunny day and thinking of taking pictures the beautiful views of Virginia state as well the awesome scenic mountains. For me Virginia is a beautiful place to visit lots of things to offer just the beauty of nature alone hands down me! Anyway, thanks for Crazy Working Mom for this daily meme, am first time to join! winks!

I was watching the news the other day and saw a woman diagnosed with a rare disease called Gigantomastia, an extreme growth of the breast. She used to lived a normal life, being a mom and a wife. And then, in a snap everything went wrong, she acquired a disease that turned her world upside down. But the good thing is, her condition was curable. And even if they are poor, a lot of generous heart came to her aid.

Well the truth is many people suffer from diseases. Nobody among us is immune to it and most of the time it happens when we least expect it. Adding to the pain is the cost of medications and treatments, I mean, what will happen if one doesn't have a medical insurance to turn to? The hospitalization, the bills, are just among the things to face. So it's practical and wise for one to apply for health insurance, there are inexpensive ones you just need to find them. Having an insurance policy is one of the investments to be considered isn't it? Cause it does pay to be prepared.

I said that because we promised to take our kids out today and we did it! My husband is really busy right now and so sometimes we just decided to stay at home spend the time with the kids indoors. After the Christian meeting, we ate out in the restaurant then headed to the mall we went to the kids ride where in my boy had so much fun i guess we spent quite a few of quarters, lol, good thing we make sure to come it in handy you know. Oh next week if weather is cooperating will take our son where the rackets and jets we're i bet he'll enjoy it! Cant wait!