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I am craving bulad or dried fish since last night! But didn't cook because the husband can not stand the aroma of it haha! I got the bulad from Julie a pinay friend just came from her vacation in the Philippines last December. When she and Saves with her adorable boy visited me last Wednesday (by the way i had fun with you guys!), she brought few of bulads. Of course was good and so tasty! If someone here doesn't know what i am talking about... bulad is one of Filipinos fine delicacies and we make it by scratch. With fresh fish, salt and sun. Dried the fish with salt under the heat of the sun for days or even weeks! That's why the aroma is sooo smelly good, LOL!

Anyway, since the husband is not here till evening this is my perfect timing to cook and let the bulad expose! For the record, i only cook this after i warn my husband not to come home yet because i will spray a deodorizer our entire house first before he gets home. He can't really stand the fishy smell :-(. I understand him though i know it's kind of challenging for him. That's just my husband. I know some pinay doesn't have any issues with it come to this with there significant others.

I need some batteries for my camera but unfortunately always forgotten whenever we go out to grocery shopping. Been in awhile I miss taking pictures with my son, he is my model, haha! So many silly acts i witnessed with him that i haven't take shots for evidence to his Dada and family and i don't like it! I wanted to have memorabilia you know. The husband really got me a rechargeable batteries and kit but the li'l boy was to curios to misplaced everything! I always write in my lists of groceries the battery pack but... (I still forgot! duh). I guess later we'll get food, I need to write it in CAPITAL letters so no more forgetting! hayyyy...

The husband felt so bad about what he did to his computer. He messed up the hard drive, all his downloads and everything was totally deleted. His computer was acting bad last night and he tried to fix the problem. He made some updates and downloading new program and stuff like that! Anyway, he didn't realize that the old hard drive was still on. So all got lost, like i said... our old pictures from way before, videos of our son, recent photos, lots of download movies, and the important stuff! He was so mad to himself being a computer tech he did a terrible thing (according to him though) but i just told him it's alright, he can rebuild the lost and everything (comfort jud nku si bana). Fortunately i have the duplicate of all the pictures and videos in my desktop!

We just came from the office to visit husband and my son's grandparents. Actually they called me and let me know that they want us (bebe and I) to eat lunch with them. Mom fixes some GUMBO and they know it's one of my favorite dish. So after i got a call from the office, i hurriedly dress up and so my son then we headed to the office shortly. Thankful that i don't need to prepare lunch at home because kind of lazy today, LOL! Mom saves my day! I really satisfied my self. She had the best gumbo ever, infact i requested her about fixing this dish after my labor and delivery so i will gain my energy back. Because my family in pinas... It's a tradition after you gone into labor; family is fixing you good food like soup and other energy food. So that's the only thing i will ask my mom here to take care of my needs. Anyway thanks for the meal! Mom.

Can't help to be excite later on after husband take off from work because we will go out for shopping! Supposedly yesterday i asked him to bring me to the mall to get something but circumstances occurred and he wasn't able to. I was kind of upset honestly but i let it passed away. Anyway, i have no idea when i talked to him in the phone my parents in law was listening they're still at their office then. In my surprised, after 30minute somebody knocking on my door last night while husband still working. It was mom and dad (in laws) just wanted to say HI to us, then they mentioned me that today... they will take me to the mall and go shopping! hehe. What a relieved knowing they care. I haven't ask them but they really do care about me. So after a half day of work, we will go straight to the mall. Can't wait! LOL.