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I love to cook anything and everything under the sun but lately i am really into it i always find my self looking for new recipes and experiment stuff to cook and surprise my husband and of course me i always longed for Filipino delicacies but it is hard to find here in the States like this one... the KUTSINTA (brown rice pudding) it is one of Filipino's famous dessert and it is my favorite i swear haha! Way back in Philippines I used to watch the manong tendero every morning to pass by our house and buy. Since there's no way i can taste here the kutsinta... because i don't know where the heck to get it. So i google and found the recipe oh my gush it was so easy to make you know am happy because whenever i crave for this i will just cook!

Here's the recipe to those Filipinas who loves KUTSINTA!

1 cup rice flour
2 cups brown sugar
3 cups water
1 teaspoon lye water (you can find it at Asian store)

~ Just combined all ingredients in a bowl and steam for 30minutes or insert a toothpick in the middle u know when its done.

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