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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

I hope you had a wonderful one. As for me well, nothing quite extraordinary. Oh except that I received a good news from the Philippines. It really made my day, can't help but smile. Anyway because am in a good mood, I plan of cleaning the carpets tomorrow, lol! A tough task actually but yea, I wanna do a little makeover in the house. Just move things here and there, change some fixtures and change the carpets. I really want to hire someone who will do the job for me. If only there's something like the Steam Team in Texas here in our place. I heard they're pretty good in this business. The number one helper in cleaning and maintenance, and other services too. Many have tried carpet cleaner rental austin, restorations, floor tile cleaning austin, repair damages services, dehumidification austin, and a lot more.

Companies who provides services like these are indeed big help for mommies like me. You know sometimes the house becomes like a mess and all you need is for someone who'll help you fix everything, lol! Am i right mommies?

Have a great day ahead, ya'all!

One day had our joy ride went to the mountains and just took pictures to the fullest! I love driving around when the weather is great!

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

Last weekend, I was finally able to go out and play with the new tennis racket I got for my birthday. It was a really nice day outside, and I had cleared some important task off of my to-do list, and so I decided to head to a park nearby and get some practice in.

I packed up my equipment, including my brand new racket, and set my home security alarm I found at It was a short drive to the courts, and when I arrived, I was happy to see that the backboard I usually practice on was free. I claimed the court, did some pre-exercise stretches, and then began to practice.

The new racket worked wonderfully! Though it certainly required a bit of breaking in, it had a really great bounce to it, and made the perfect sound every time the ball hit the racket's sweet spot. I was careful not to scratch it, because I didn't want to ruin any of the beautiful finish on it. After about an hour of playing against the backboard, a friend of mine came up to the backboard next to me, so we decided to play a match together after she had warmed up briefly.

We tied in the first two sets, and then I finally won the match. I'd say it was definitely thanks to my new racket!

The other night after we had dinner i was kinda craving for some desserts but am bored of ice creams or cakes. So when i saw the bunch of apples in the fruit basket, hmmmm.... i was thinking of slicing them to wedges and cook with butter, brown sugar and dash of cinnamon it was a quick and easy thing do to i just made it in less than 10minutes! I caramelized the apples into perfection then just topped it with whipped cream and drizzled of butterscotch... Yuuummmyyy! It's healthy and hearty dessert!

Guest post written by Kurt Waters

Last year we ended up getting my son's Halloween costume at the last minute and the only thing that was left in his size at teh store was a ninja costume and he ended up hating it. He barely even trick or treated and I could tell he was so unhappy when we were making him pose for pictures. So this year I asked him a really long time ago what he wanted to be and he told me Superman. So hopefully we can avoid a disaster like last year.

I told my wife I'd handle ordering him a costume because she does everything else aroudn the house. So I looked online for one and then when I was doing that I saw and decdided that we shoudl switch over our internet service to that.

But I finally found him a Superman costume that I think he likes. I thought it was pretty funny because it's a buff looking one so it has a bunch of padding in the chest. It looks so hilarious and fake when he tries it on.

These 7 pair of shoes are all for sale am giving it for $14.99 each only and $5 s/h fees so cheap isn't it? So if you are interested just pm me the style you like. They are assorted sizes from 5-9. So if you are up to it and you think it will fit on you this is a good buy already.

brown-flat-shoe: 9
black-flat-shoe: 5
gold-flat-sandal: 6
yellow-flat-sandal: 6.5
silver-flat-sandal: 6.5
black-flat-sandal: 7
black-wedge-sandal: 7.5

So there you go guys just let me know if you find the one you like and I'll send it to you! Happy shopping everyone!

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Am so totally 100% craving with this yummy crabs in coconut milk that my family cooked for me when i was in my homeland not long ago. And so i asked the husband to drive me an hour away from home to get me some live crabs this weekend Saturday and i will cook exactly like that! And planning to give some to my father in-law since that is his favorite as well so it's gonna be an exciting and yummy weekend awaits me! Just the thought of those it makes my mouth drools.... lol! I can not wait to catch crabs in the world market!

Contributed by Milford Woods

Well this cable tv specials show for fall is not new but it is my favorite. It is a talk show called Dr. Phil. I just love Dr. Phil McGraw. He has a beautiful wife named Robin and two grown boys. He recently had his first grandbaby it was a girl and he is going to have the baby appear on his show this fall. The new season starts this Monday and I could not be more excited.

The old Dr. Phil Family is coming back on the show this year again and they will be appearing on Monday's show. I don't know if I will be able to make it through the weekend just knowing he is starting his new season this Monday. I love this show because it is real. It shows real people with real problems.

There is nothing fake about Dr. Phil. I used to love him when he was on the Oprah Show a few years back, but now that he has his own show its just so much better. People tend to listen to what he says and he has helped out hundreds of people in so many different ways. Dr. Phil is one person I truly admire.

I have an emergency doctor's appointment tomorrow for myself. I decided to just go and have a check up have UTI infection for few days already and it is bothering me and my everyday thing. And not to mention my left side of the hip is now hurting am worried that this is my kidney. So i called earlier and made me an appointment asap! Glad the nurse called me back and they can have me by tomorrow even their schedule is booked! I can not hang on to this in another day or two need to take some antibiotic already! Sigh... what the heck!

Posted by Von Battle

One of the funniest shows on TV for me would have to be Everybody Loves Raymond. Very few comedy shows have been able to pull together such an all star cast to make each actor/actress shine. It is a rare appearance on TV for a show to pull together so well, I do believe it was one of the funniest shows on satellite tv.

The characters in the show are Ray Barone as played by Ray Romano, who plays the husband while Patricia Heaton plays his wife Debra Barone. The actors really make this show shine as they portray a bickering couple, who will do anything to keep Ray's parents out of the house, when they live right next door. Peter Boyle as Frank Barone, and Doris Roberts as Marie Barone play the parents. Brad Garret as Robert Barone, plays Raymond's weird brother who lives with their parents.

Throughout the series Raymond's mother and father, argue with each other until they drive everyone crazy, and Raymond contends to put up with his brother who is jealous of him because of the way their mother favors him, and his family.

The cast really does bring this comedy home, a lot of the time you will not be able to tell who is star of the show, as all of the actors shine in this one.

Scenic Sunday

Dakak Beach Resort, PH - The sunset in the beach.

The Author of this post is Rory Reilly

I can honestly say that I have only watched the SYFY channel about three times in my entire life, but somehow I got hooked on one of their mini series last year. I had read so many great reviews and caught a few previews on the internet for the mini series, Alice, so I decided to check out what it was all about. I was surprised to find myself totally taken with the series. Between the amazing story line, great cast of actors and the futuristic set, I tuned in for every part of the series and even bought the dvd.

The basic plot of the series focuses on Wonderland and what happened 150 years after Alice's visit. Kathy Bates, who plays the Queen of Hearts, rules the city of Wonderland in the series and the character of the white rabbit works for her. It was an interesting spin on the Alice in Wonderland tale that I remembered. In this series, Alice gets trapped in Wonderland while she is looking for her father and a truly futuristic and interesting story line unfolds. The series was a great break from the typical comedies and dramas that I watch on my satellite tv from and I really enjoyed the story and production of Alice.

I just wanna share my homamade burger and fries it is 100% fresh and zero preservatives compare to the fast foods you can get! My husband and I and my kids really loved the burgers along with its side dish you know the ever famous fries but i know you can never get enough good stuff in fast food chain expect that they are plenty of added lab ingredients. Anyway, i tell you guys you got to try to make this is more yummylicious than any other burger you've tried!

Ingredients are:
1 lbs hamburger
caramilized onion
cooking oil

Enjoy cooking!

Craving for this in awhile so i cooked it on the weekend turned out good really taste of home. It is really easy to make though. This is our families specialty and generation to generation knows how to cook this Filipino cuisine. This is famous in every occasions.

appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

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Shopping for a car online with hughes satellite in Wyoming is an experience that I have enjoyed. Not only is it very easy to shop for a car online but it can be very comfortable experience even for those who are not very internet savvy.

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A creamy delicious dessert courtesy from my virtual friend @ fb, i couldn't resist but to ask her how it's made. Because the pictures really speak for it self and it is true indeed the dessert is totally wicked! My kiddos and husband liked it a lot even though it was the first time we had ate this kind of yummy goodness. Thanks to my friend now i can make this whenever we have gatherings going on this goody won't let you down! Wink!

How's everyone there? Hope things are doing just fine. As you know, I've been so busy lately and it's getting crazier as our trip to the Philippines is fast approaching. My time online now is limited, especially my time to blog. It's not making me happy knowing I owe you guys lots of visits. I will soon, please just hang in there. Anyway, was here because I need to check on some of ball game tickets. A friend wants to watch a baseball game live, kinda helping her with the links and all.

These are what I found, a long list of America's baseball stadiums. To name a few, hmmm.. we got Kauffman Stadium, Staples Center, Yankee Stadium, Arco Arena, and the very famous Madison Square Garden. There are lots of options and great offers, all these are available at If she really is serious in watching a ball game live, then all she gotta do is click here and there, and all is set. Well you might wanna watch too, grabbing a ticket isn't that hard to do. How I wish I could watch a sport event, something big soon. But with my schedule, oh well... who knows? LOL!

Have a happy weekend guys!

Authored by Greg Fletcher

When I asked my boyfriend to marry me I was not sure what he would say. He said yes and I was so overwhelmed with joy. I immediately began planning my dream wedding. I knew that I wanted to have the wedding in a beautiful church and the reception in a hall that was big enough to accommodate our families. I turned on our hughesnet packages to use hugh net internet and search for halls in the area. I found a few and called the numbers that were listed on their website. I went and looked at the halls and only one of them was big enough for our needs. It was at a decent price so we decided to go ahead and book it. The night before our wedding we went and decorated the hall. We were so amazed at how beautiful it looked when we were done. We were so happy with the way our special day went. We have beautiful pictures that we posted using our hughes net internet and got to enjoy the best day of our lives with the people that we love most in the world.

For awhile now so the other night we decided to just order some Pizza for dinner i wasn't feel like cooking that time my lazy time strikes me again good thing hubby understand me all the time, lol! Anyway it was so good since we haven't had Pizza for weeks and weeks now. And of course we got the partner of crime the hot wings i can't believed i almost ate a box of Pizza though it was just the thin crust anyway. haha!

While I was FB-ing the other week, I got a buzz from a friend informing about a particular email she sent. So I opened it right away, and was saddened by what the email was all about. I still thanked my friend for forwarding me that mail because it pays to be aware of the potential dangers in the Internet and even at home. The email was about a woman who didn't took care of her privacy in her social networking sites and accepted lots of strangers as her friends. To make the long story short, a bad guy went to her house and you probably know what happens next. Such a sad story happening around, if only she was careful.

Things like this makes me think of the advantage of having a home security installed. Homesecurityteam for example. When you have it, you'll have the sense of protection when you're alone at your home, at night, and when nobody's home. Most alarms gives signals which allows immediate alerts and action. By the way, make sure to check out Fort Worth, PD and other police security tips for detailed security survey for your home. You win find many information here regarding your home and its safety. After all, we wouldn't want to put our safety at risk don't we?

Isn't it yummylicious?? It's our dinner the other day, i wanna treat my husband with his favorite Italian battered chicken with his baked sweet potato and green salad on the side with Tuscan dressing. Delish! Although it is mix with buttery mouth watering dish and healthy green salad.. and dieting is not! Yet we all enjoyed the dinner and knowing this is the fruit of our labor the fresg produce in our garden. What else can you ask for?? wink!

Guest post written by Anita Wall

My friends and I are very active at our local senior center, so when I heard its leaders were organizing a trip to the Grand Canyon we jumped on board.

I’ve never been a fan of long car rides, except for the fact that you can get a lot of reading done. But when you’re on a bus with a bunch of seniors it can get kind of loud and difficult to read leisurely. However, I’m partly to blame for such an environment.

I’ve never had excellent hearing but my friend Rita pointed out to me (not so gently) on the ride to the Grand Canyon that I should probably get a hearing test. I was offended at first, but do know that I suffer from hearing loss. When we stopped at a hotel for the night on the way there I accessed its wireless with my laptop and looked at some hearing aid reviews that led me to some miracle ear hearing aid prices.

I decided I could deal with this and scheduled a hearing test back at home. But I didn’t let this revelation damper our trip because I knew that I wouldn’t be the person that everyone is too afraid to point out their hearing loss to, well except Rita.

Though i know am late for this week's MYM meme yet i still wanna join for last minute. This is the dessert i made the other day the yummy mouth watering goodness caramel custard cake and made from scratch! It is sweet but it is good... nah forget about diet for a minute!! lol.

Blog post written by Theodore Packer.

It is summertime and that means that it is also vacation time. When you are leaving for your vacation make sure that you remember to stop your mail and your newspapers for the period that you are gone. One of the easiest ways for a criminal to spot that you are away from your home is to let newspapers gather at the bottom of your driveway, or for them to see an overflowing mailbox. This clearly screams that the home is empty. You can stop your mail by placing a hold on it at the post office that services your area. You can also, in some areas, request this service online through the post office web site. During the time you are away they will retain your mailat the post office. This can only be done for up to thirty days. If you are going away for longer than that you may wish to rent a post office box and transfer your mail to that until you are able to pick it up on your return. If you are unable to contact your newspaper carrier to stop your paper, ask one of your neighbors to retrieve your paper. It is an additional bonus in a way to ask for this help. Once your neighbor knows that you are going to be away they will keep an extra eye on your property. Besides setting your security alarms systems before you leave the house, this is one of the most important steps you should take to ensure that your home remains safe while you are gone.

I admit i don't feel like doing chores since the week started, I know am so behind and i always said to myself OK OK i am going to do this and that but it ended up i have nothing to accomplish i need somebody to spank me and tell me to do the chores that am neglecting right now after all am the one will do it at the end of the day.. right? I hate this feeling but couldn't help to tolerate my being lazy butt. I hope this mood will get over! Otherwise i'll be fired by the husband...LOL!

Thanks to Jeannette Burrell who contributed this guest post

This summer has been completely occupied with my family's most recent move. Never is it fun to move, but it's probably the very worst experience known to man in an Arizona summer. Picture 110 degree days and electricity yet to be turned on as planned. It's amazing what a good move will do to make you appreciate the joys of air conditioning. Once we finally got the air turned on, the boxes out of the truck and the kids fed, the hardest part was over. Sadly, I have to admit that we decided to take a dip in the new pool before we even got around to making lunch or deciding which room to put anything in. Hey, that swim was much needed! We finally got around to arranging furniture, distributing boxes to their rightful rooms and unpacking the closets. It took a good week or so, but we started to get all settled in and our new house began to feel more like home. Of course, that part that the kids felt was the most essential was getting a budle deal with clear and direct tv hooked up in the new place. They were virtually dying without being about to connect with all of their friends online and veg out in front of the TV! Once I got the pictures on the walls, I felt at home. My husband just needed to have his new garage to hold his baby. My kids though, they needed to feel connected to the world of the internet and non-stop programming!

Just got home from the park at Manchester with kiddos, nieces and sissy. We've been planning this moment for quite sometime now but just can't have a chance but today we really did it for the kids to enjoy. We had fun at the park around 10am exactly she picked us up with our van to go. And then we had nice dry picnic under the sun, just grabbed McDonald's and ready to go! lol. Of course haven't miss to taking pictures here and there! Wish to do this again one day. Wink!

Whether we realize it or not television plays a big part in our lives. Who would want to stay all day long somewhere out there without a TV? And what about offices or establishments without good TV programmings? Clients would probably get so bored and just leave. With that I'd like to give some tip in setting up television in office. Did you know that according to studies, having a Direct TV sports programming increased their business? Customers can watch their favorite sport team play, or the latest breaking news, entertainment, and movies. Also get a chance to see lots of exclusive programmings not available in cable TV. And because it's direct tv, its crystal clear HD will definitely bring up the crowd to your business.

Why not check out some of the best direct TV for business agents? Amongst them are,, and Give your business a kick and don't let your customers be bored to death. Always remember, an entertained guest is a happy guest, and your clients deserve nothing but the best!

Just wanna share my cooking again, my family loves them all and me too as well. lately I've been craving always the chicken wiglets so i made variety of cooking with it sometimes i baked them with barbecue sauce, battered them, fried them just like i did in the bottom photos along with hash potatoes for lunch! Another one is a Filipino cuisine suited pork with chayote and green bell pepper with white rice for dinner. All is good and we're stuffed! Yum yum... winks!

I've always been fascinated with trade show exhibits. In my hometown, an annual fair was held to showcase the products and goods of merchants from different parts of the country. Here in TN, there's also a huge event I'm always looking forward to every year, the barbecue festival, wherein the world's most delicious barbecue comes to parade. LOL! Such exhibits, like what I've said promotes almost everything from products, to ideas, and build awareness. There are those event table covers and table top displays too. I always see them at trade fairs and job fairs. They give the much needed information regarding a promoted product and with their colorful graphics and cute presentation, sure it catches anyone's attention. Oh by the way, I really like to have one of those director chairs too. I'm quite sure they're for sale, lol! It's so cute especially when you put your name into it, feels like an actress behind the camera..haha!

Just talking about this stuff makes me wish for a trade show exhibit to come. Surely I will drool again for the many goodies available during that day.

Hi ya'll, it's Monday again and it's holiday here today US is celebrating the 4th of July for independence day! Any who, been busy lately has so many things to get it done so i won't get behind but still am so behind.. haha! Am preparing our big soon making sure everything is all set, one thing i need to so is getting a new luggage for me and for my baby girl because the boys has there own already thinking this might be easy for us to take care our stuff and everything.

So that's all for now. See you folks!

Thanks to my friend Susie Gehring for the guest post.

The neighborhood watch group where I live is a prime example of a group that works. I have a coworker and fellow neighborhood occupant that recently had her house broken into during the day while she was at work. One of the members of the neighborhood watch group who is elderly, and stays at home during the days, saw an unusual car parked outside of my coworker's house.

She watched to see what was going on a bit closer, knowing that my coworker would not be home. Upon closer look, she eventually saw a man carry a trash-bag out of the front door and put it into his car. That is when the elderly neighbor figured something was wrong. She was able to get the license plate number of the car, and when the car left, the man had left the front door wide open. The neighbor then could tell the house had been robbed, and she called the police. They ended up finding the man, and recovering the stolen goods from his house. For this reason, I definitely consider my neighborhood watch to be an effective group.

Since the robbery occurred at my coworker's house, I have installed a home alarm monitoring system. I never had one before, but definitely feel safer with it, so that when I am gone during the days, I know that my belongings are much less likely to be stolen. It also gives me an added peace of mind, when I am at home at night too.


Took this at the Jets display last weekend because as you all know taking pictures of flowers is one of my passion right!

I make sure our dinner would be always satisfying. Dinner time is the best way to show your love ones how much you care for them after a long day of hard work. I try my best to please my family by cooking them a Delicious, mouthwatering food all the time. I love to experiment food in my kitchen... cooking is my forte i can cook whatever i can find in the pantry...haha! Anyway, am so proud of this roasted chicken i baked last night. It was so easy to make... I just thawed the whole chicken for 3 minutes then prepare the roasting pan and preheat the oven for 300 degree. And i coated the chicken with a bottle of honey barbecue sauce. Then baked it for 4 hours and leave it cover. Then this is the finished product! It is oosing good! They all pickin it to the bone, lol!

Can't believe this blog of mine is active again thought there's no way can this be back in track again because its been so long there's no opps coming in here! But, the time changes and now am getting something. What a nice start for SimplyFilipina huh! Am happy thinking i have another source of accomplishment! I hope this will last long or forever... and they enjoy giving me more assignments because am on and ready for them..haha! Way to go!!!

Post written by Emily Corrigan

Many people feel that they can pick up the items that they want for cheap by pounding the pavement and shopping with their local retailers. Honestly I find more often than not that I am better off letting my fingers do the walking and my satalite internet helps lead the way. The web is a very helpful resource for finding not only the best Father's Day gifts but also in finding the best prices on those items.

Online you can access many gift items that are not available in traditional stores like those items that are really retro or antique and such. Unique gift items that you know will serve to impress your father and the other people on your holiday shopping list. Finding a gift that really stands out is important to me because unlike many of my family members I don't have a lot to spend so I really have to bank on finding one of a kind and specialty items that will make everyone take notice without breaking the bank. I love the challenge of shopping on the internet satellite for the best Father's Day gifts at the best possible prices. It is the best way to find the best deals quickly and simply without ever having to leave home.


Son's colorful tricycle.... he loves to bring it whenever we go to a park! And just ride it around.. till he got bored...haha!

Everyone of us I guess thinks of our dream house, don't we? But you know what, more to that, I've been drooling over my dream bathroom LOL! Yes bathroom, a place I consider my sanctuary. And I'm pretty sure lots of you out there, especially ladies loves to have a fabulous bathroom. This is where we pamper ourselves, the only "ME TIME" we could have. What's a perfect bathroom anyway? Of course, the one that have a Luxury Bath Systems. There are now affordable and stylish Bath Shower Conversion that will transform your ordinary bathroom to extraordinary. I just love the chic tubs and the Shower Wall Surrounds, very pretty and neat. Oh well, I know renovating our bathroom isn't gonna happen anytime soon because that's not our priority now. But maybe someday, who knows?

Anyway, busy days are ahead of me. We're going home to the Philippines soon, am so happy and excited about it. But really, it's not easy you know, the preparations and everything. Lots of things to be ironed so that this coming trip of ours will be smooth and stress free. Will update you guys with more, and will be visiting you too. God bless everyone!

Hi friends and visitors i just wanna share with you my online store Kurdapyaz Collection if you love being a fashionista well KC is the place for you. All stuff is personally pick by kurdpaya and guaranteed high quality fashion handbags and trendy shoes you could ever see around right now! So whenever you get a chance feel free to come by and browse my stuff maybe you find something you like! See you there! Wink!

Three months from now, God willing, my brother will finally tie the knot with the girl of his dreams. In 3 months time, everything needs to be ready. The venue, invitations, etc.etc. Well, it's supposed to be next year but since we're coming home, why not double the celebration?! Asking my inputs about it, told them that an intimate wedding should be simple. But there's one thing that needs to be special- the ring! Cause among all other gifts and memories about your wedding day, the wedding rings are meant to last a lifetime.

Speaking of such, now am looking for jewelries. If I find a good deal I might get something for gifts. I'll try checking on Jewelry Store In San Diego, a wholesale jewelry and diamond store, serving America for decades. They just don't sell, they buy too. Known to be San Diego Diamond Buyers and Sell Watch San Diego, clients can confidently trade with them their precious stuff. I think they also have fashionable jewelries as well, cause you know, nowadays, many peeps prefer using fashionable ones rather than those super expensive. And I must say, their pretty, the quality is great too.

Anyway got to go, will see you later!

I can't resist to get these tops earlier i admit it's been awhile now i haven't shop for my self because I've been so busy shopping to friends and costumers...haha! So while just browsing on my online store i bumped to these cute Cap Sleeve Cardigans and i can't get enough with them so i just decided might as well get it! Can't wait to get here, am happy because it's pretty good deal for both of them.

Post from blogger Mary Williams.

It wasn’t hard to pick a winner for our house in Rochester when it came to cable vs satellite nyc. We went with satellite and even got a free DVR!

Every member of our family has shows recorded on the DVR. I use it to record some of my favorite shows, like "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Biggest Loser." Some of these shows are on when I'm putting my kids to bed, so it's great to be able to record them and watch them later. My husband is a big sci-fi fan, so he records shows like "Smallville" and "Stargate Universe." Since some of these shows aren't always appropriate for young children, we can watch them after our kids are asleep. He's also an avid fisherman, so he records several fishing and outdoor shows. My kids love to watch Sesame Street but in my area it's on at a time when we're not home. So I record it and let the kids watch it later, like when I make supper.

I think what we love most about our DVR is the convenience. We have our favorite shows set to record, and then can watch them on our schedule. It's also great to be able to skip commercials!

This is my one year old princess latest picture she is growing like a weed! Love her dress so much look at the buttie, lol! Was taken last sunday while mr. sunny is out had fun in the sun!

In today's highly competitive world, to stand out above the rest is difficult. Especially if you're looking for a job, there are tons of other seekers you have to beat. I remember before, when I was a fresh graduate, I applied for several companies and the whole experience was frustrating. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. But now here's a good news, I just read an article about it and thought it's worth sharing. It's all about helping job seekers make the best first impression. Yeah, it's all about your resume. Through a professional resume maker, one can create a dynamic resume in just minutes. Your resume can also show your personality for there lots of resume template to choose from. Such professional resume sample are now available online, cool right?

Applying for a job is stressful no doubt. It's even more stressful if you don't know how to start making an appealing resume isn't? I might really need this tool one day, for I'm planning to search for a part time job when the kiddos goes to school already. I'll gotta bookmark this link for sure, winks! Good morning everyone, may we all have a bright day today. Time to eat my breakfast, lol!

OMG! it's raining right now and am freaking out with all the thunders and lightning voices i can hear! yikes! According to the weather news that we supposed to get 3-4 inches of rains entire day. But the planned of going to Nashville will proceed still because we can't postpone it to other day. Have to make sure that my package be in the may 10 shipment otherwise am so late already to my due date and promises! SO anyway i better get going and get ready for our long day ahead!
Have a good morning ya'll!

People nowadays are getting conscious about their health. Parents train their kids to eat healthy, we take supplements everyday, and make sure to exercise regularly. Honestly, it's just recently I've started an exercise routine, and it brought me a lot of good. I'm not that stress anymore and I don't get tired easily. Also I'm a believer when it comes to food supplements and vitamins, especially those herbal medicines.

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Stay healthy everyone!

She is so cute here more so in personal, the puppy of my nieces (3girls) and the only puppy in the family. They spoiled her like rotten and so are we, we all like her to death. My entry in Thursday challenge- small animal for this week theme.

As a Filipino, I grow up using almost everything manually. What I mean is, we don't have a dishwasher back home, we don't use vacuums and floor polishers in cleaning, we use bucket and dipper in taking a bath, and so on. Now though, since I live here in the States already where everything is automatic and high tech, sometimes it makes me think how on earth can I possibly save energy and money? Being a nature lover I'd like to do my part in saving the environment. Like turn the lights off when not in use, proper disposal of garbage, and using dual flush toilets.

It is a water conservation devise, a kit that will convert your toilet into a dual flush toilet thus enhancing its performance to help you save water and money of course. Upon using it, a family with 7 members can basically save 49 gallons of water everyday or 18,000 gallons annually! That's like a huge pool isn't it? A devise like this can really make you save more, better yet it benefits our environment too. I highly recommend this for those who wants to go green, winks!

Sure a cat makes life fun to everyone! I used to have a cat named Dexter way before i wasn't have a kid yet. A friend gave us him, he was a stray kitten and need a home to live so husband and I didn't hesitate to adopt him. I had so much fun with him i really did treated Dexter my own baby but when i got pregnant to my oldest son, we need to give him away because he is a handful already to take care of but we're glad my brother in law took him home and we know he was more then happy there because he can roamed around outside because he is here i don't let him go outside am so paranoid if something bad happen to! Well, that was couple years ago though when he get older he want to be more independent and all we know he took off with his girlfriend cat i think they got elope, haha!

Filipinos recognized this as BISCOCHO- an old days bread baked into crunchiness with a lil spread of butter and sprinkled sugar on top. Last weekend we went to Sam's Club as you all know that the store is selling huge stuff you know haha! Anyways, i bought a big bag of sweet bread and i know there is no way me could finish eating them all... yikes! So the other day what i did is in order to preserved the bread for a while i baked to Biscocho, It is called BISCOTTI in English. Well, it is a good timing also because i was caving Filipino delicacies and this is just right for my craving right now. I made 3 Ziploc bags of this and i had 1 bag eaten already and the 2 is stock for later. It is good actually just like the biscocho in my hometown from the bakery.

There's no sound tracks in this blog anymore... no music! It is because i obviously deleted it for one reason the songs annoys me and i don't know why where in before i personally love it to listen repeatedly but mood change from loving it to hating it! But for the record i just can't stand the songs here in my blog but on the other settings i do listen though. That's why i said idk why here? whenever i heard it my ears bleeding and it is so annoying so bad maybe because i heard them gazillion times already so my brain won't take them anymore. So i decided to erase em once in for all! Thanks for all who likes it before and left some comments about it but am sorry also that i had no choice to just discharge them here. ( big grin)

Here i am again wanting the impossible... am talking about Filipino food that sure i can not have it here right now! I want to eat lechon baboy (roasted whole pork)! ora mismo! But where? where i could buy one? ughhhhhh...! Two weeks ago the Filipino store in Nashville was serving letchon to their store so Filipinos like me here in Tate can taste some again but i missed it and now i regret why we didn't drive there. Well my husband can't drive me in the first place he wis working Saturday still! Grrrrr... that's why u need to learn how to drive missy.. duh! Now what would i do for my cravings of lechon pig??? sigh... i guess i will do an alternative maybe will roas chicken later! UGHHHHHHHHHH...nothing can bit the lechon though, the crunchy top skin and the yummy goodness juicy meat inside... ohhhh it's devine! Oh well, i should quite complaining here no one can help anyway! LOL.

So sorry i can't put up to visit here as much as i wish to because of me so busy lately as a mother, a blogger and us an entrepreneur as if, lol! Yes! beside blogging thingy am also having another racket shall i say in short am busy buying and selling signature and fashionable purses online or front line haha! If you are interested find me in facebook you can see my merchandise there so far so good i got orders and more orders and i plan to sell them in professional kinda way you know in amazon. Oh well, Life is never been easy for me busy everyday!

After 48years of absents here i finally have a chance to sneak peek in here! I been so busy with stuff lately from kids to household thing plus i only have limited time in the computer am trying to have time management for good because my kids are demanding more time to spend with them and they are the most important things for me. So anyhow i just feel that am neglecting this blog so time to update and fill this up of articles again in anyway! Hopefully!