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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Thanks to my friend Susie Gehring for the guest post.

The neighborhood watch group where I live is a prime example of a group that works. I have a coworker and fellow neighborhood occupant that recently had her house broken into during the day while she was at work. One of the members of the neighborhood watch group who is elderly, and stays at home during the days, saw an unusual car parked outside of my coworker's house.

She watched to see what was going on a bit closer, knowing that my coworker would not be home. Upon closer look, she eventually saw a man carry a trash-bag out of the front door and put it into his car. That is when the elderly neighbor figured something was wrong. She was able to get the license plate number of the car, and when the car left, the man had left the front door wide open. The neighbor then could tell the house had been robbed, and she called the police. They ended up finding the man, and recovering the stolen goods from his house. For this reason, I definitely consider my neighborhood watch to be an effective group.

Since the robbery occurred at my coworker's house, I have installed a home alarm monitoring system. I never had one before, but definitely feel safer with it, so that when I am gone during the days, I know that my belongings are much less likely to be stolen. It also gives me an added peace of mind, when I am at home at night too.


Took this at the Jets display last weekend because as you all know taking pictures of flowers is one of my passion right!

I make sure our dinner would be always satisfying. Dinner time is the best way to show your love ones how much you care for them after a long day of hard work. I try my best to please my family by cooking them a Delicious, mouthwatering food all the time. I love to experiment food in my kitchen... cooking is my forte i can cook whatever i can find in the pantry...haha! Anyway, am so proud of this roasted chicken i baked last night. It was so easy to make... I just thawed the whole chicken for 3 minutes then prepare the roasting pan and preheat the oven for 300 degree. And i coated the chicken with a bottle of honey barbecue sauce. Then baked it for 4 hours and leave it cover. Then this is the finished product! It is oosing good! They all pickin it to the bone, lol!

Can't believe this blog of mine is active again thought there's no way can this be back in track again because its been so long there's no opps coming in here! But, the time changes and now am getting something. What a nice start for SimplyFilipina huh! Am happy thinking i have another source of accomplishment! I hope this will last long or forever... and they enjoy giving me more assignments because am on and ready for them..haha! Way to go!!!

Post written by Emily Corrigan

Many people feel that they can pick up the items that they want for cheap by pounding the pavement and shopping with their local retailers. Honestly I find more often than not that I am better off letting my fingers do the walking and my satalite internet helps lead the way. The web is a very helpful resource for finding not only the best Father's Day gifts but also in finding the best prices on those items.

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Son's colorful tricycle.... he loves to bring it whenever we go to a park! And just ride it around.. till he got bored...haha!

Everyone of us I guess thinks of our dream house, don't we? But you know what, more to that, I've been drooling over my dream bathroom LOL! Yes bathroom, a place I consider my sanctuary. And I'm pretty sure lots of you out there, especially ladies loves to have a fabulous bathroom. This is where we pamper ourselves, the only "ME TIME" we could have. What's a perfect bathroom anyway? Of course, the one that have a Luxury Bath Systems. There are now affordable and stylish Bath Shower Conversion that will transform your ordinary bathroom to extraordinary. I just love the chic tubs and the Shower Wall Surrounds, very pretty and neat. Oh well, I know renovating our bathroom isn't gonna happen anytime soon because that's not our priority now. But maybe someday, who knows?

Anyway, busy days are ahead of me. We're going home to the Philippines soon, am so happy and excited about it. But really, it's not easy you know, the preparations and everything. Lots of things to be ironed so that this coming trip of ours will be smooth and stress free. Will update you guys with more, and will be visiting you too. God bless everyone!

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Three months from now, God willing, my brother will finally tie the knot with the girl of his dreams. In 3 months time, everything needs to be ready. The venue, invitations, etc.etc. Well, it's supposed to be next year but since we're coming home, why not double the celebration?! Asking my inputs about it, told them that an intimate wedding should be simple. But there's one thing that needs to be special- the ring! Cause among all other gifts and memories about your wedding day, the wedding rings are meant to last a lifetime.

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Anyway got to go, will see you later!

I can't resist to get these tops earlier i admit it's been awhile now i haven't shop for my self because I've been so busy shopping to friends and costumers...haha! So while just browsing on my online store i bumped to these cute Cap Sleeve Cardigans and i can't get enough with them so i just decided might as well get it! Can't wait to get here, am happy because it's pretty good deal for both of them.

Post from blogger Mary Williams.

It wasn’t hard to pick a winner for our house in Rochester when it came to cable vs satellite nyc. We went with satellite and even got a free DVR!

Every member of our family has shows recorded on the DVR. I use it to record some of my favorite shows, like "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Biggest Loser." Some of these shows are on when I'm putting my kids to bed, so it's great to be able to record them and watch them later. My husband is a big sci-fi fan, so he records shows like "Smallville" and "Stargate Universe." Since some of these shows aren't always appropriate for young children, we can watch them after our kids are asleep. He's also an avid fisherman, so he records several fishing and outdoor shows. My kids love to watch Sesame Street but in my area it's on at a time when we're not home. So I record it and let the kids watch it later, like when I make supper.

I think what we love most about our DVR is the convenience. We have our favorite shows set to record, and then can watch them on our schedule. It's also great to be able to skip commercials!

This is my one year old princess latest picture she is growing like a weed! Love her dress so much look at the buttie, lol! Was taken last sunday while mr. sunny is out had fun in the sun!