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Thanks to my friend Susie Gehring for the guest post.

The neighborhood watch group where I live is a prime example of a group that works. I have a coworker and fellow neighborhood occupant that recently had her house broken into during the day while she was at work. One of the members of the neighborhood watch group who is elderly, and stays at home during the days, saw an unusual car parked outside of my coworker's house.

She watched to see what was going on a bit closer, knowing that my coworker would not be home. Upon closer look, she eventually saw a man carry a trash-bag out of the front door and put it into his car. That is when the elderly neighbor figured something was wrong. She was able to get the license plate number of the car, and when the car left, the man had left the front door wide open. The neighbor then could tell the house had been robbed, and she called the police. They ended up finding the man, and recovering the stolen goods from his house. For this reason, I definitely consider my neighborhood watch to be an effective group.

Since the robbery occurred at my coworker's house, I have installed a home alarm monitoring system. I never had one before, but definitely feel safer with it, so that when I am gone during the days, I know that my belongings are much less likely to be stolen. It also gives me an added peace of mind, when I am at home at night too.


Alarm monitoring certainly helps. It not only gives peace of mind but provides an added security to elderly adults from intruders.

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Portland, OR security systems will definitely of help in these situations. Wireless monitoring is the best option in case of absence at home.