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Authored by Greg Fletcher

When I asked my boyfriend to marry me I was not sure what he would say. He said yes and I was so overwhelmed with joy. I immediately began planning my dream wedding. I knew that I wanted to have the wedding in a beautiful church and the reception in a hall that was big enough to accommodate our families. I turned on our hughesnet packages to use hugh net internet and search for halls in the area. I found a few and called the numbers that were listed on their website. I went and looked at the halls and only one of them was big enough for our needs. It was at a decent price so we decided to go ahead and book it. The night before our wedding we went and decorated the hall. We were so amazed at how beautiful it looked when we were done. We were so happy with the way our special day went. We have beautiful pictures that we posted using our hughes net internet and got to enjoy the best day of our lives with the people that we love most in the world.

For awhile now so the other night we decided to just order some Pizza for dinner i wasn't feel like cooking that time my lazy time strikes me again good thing hubby understand me all the time, lol! Anyway it was so good since we haven't had Pizza for weeks and weeks now. And of course we got the partner of crime the hot wings i can't believed i almost ate a box of Pizza though it was just the thin crust anyway. haha!

While I was FB-ing the other week, I got a buzz from a friend informing about a particular email she sent. So I opened it right away, and was saddened by what the email was all about. I still thanked my friend for forwarding me that mail because it pays to be aware of the potential dangers in the Internet and even at home. The email was about a woman who didn't took care of her privacy in her social networking sites and accepted lots of strangers as her friends. To make the long story short, a bad guy went to her house and you probably know what happens next. Such a sad story happening around, if only she was careful.

Things like this makes me think of the advantage of having a home security installed. Homesecurityteam for example. When you have it, you'll have the sense of protection when you're alone at your home, at night, and when nobody's home. Most alarms gives signals which allows immediate alerts and action. By the way, make sure to check out Fort Worth, PD and other police security tips for detailed security survey for your home. You win find many information here regarding your home and its safety. After all, we wouldn't want to put our safety at risk don't we?

Isn't it yummylicious?? It's our dinner the other day, i wanna treat my husband with his favorite Italian battered chicken with his baked sweet potato and green salad on the side with Tuscan dressing. Delish! Although it is mix with buttery mouth watering dish and healthy green salad.. and dieting is not! Yet we all enjoyed the dinner and knowing this is the fruit of our labor the fresg produce in our garden. What else can you ask for?? wink!

Guest post written by Anita Wall

My friends and I are very active at our local senior center, so when I heard its leaders were organizing a trip to the Grand Canyon we jumped on board.

I’ve never been a fan of long car rides, except for the fact that you can get a lot of reading done. But when you’re on a bus with a bunch of seniors it can get kind of loud and difficult to read leisurely. However, I’m partly to blame for such an environment.

I’ve never had excellent hearing but my friend Rita pointed out to me (not so gently) on the ride to the Grand Canyon that I should probably get a hearing test. I was offended at first, but do know that I suffer from hearing loss. When we stopped at a hotel for the night on the way there I accessed its wireless with my laptop and looked at some hearing aid reviews that led me to some miracle ear hearing aid prices.

I decided I could deal with this and scheduled a hearing test back at home. But I didn’t let this revelation damper our trip because I knew that I wouldn’t be the person that everyone is too afraid to point out their hearing loss to, well except Rita.

Though i know am late for this week's MYM meme yet i still wanna join for last minute. This is the dessert i made the other day the yummy mouth watering goodness caramel custard cake and made from scratch! It is sweet but it is good... nah forget about diet for a minute!! lol.

Blog post written by Theodore Packer.

It is summertime and that means that it is also vacation time. When you are leaving for your vacation make sure that you remember to stop your mail and your newspapers for the period that you are gone. One of the easiest ways for a criminal to spot that you are away from your home is to let newspapers gather at the bottom of your driveway, or for them to see an overflowing mailbox. This clearly screams that the home is empty. You can stop your mail by placing a hold on it at the post office that services your area. You can also, in some areas, request this service online through the post office web site. During the time you are away they will retain your mailat the post office. This can only be done for up to thirty days. If you are going away for longer than that you may wish to rent a post office box and transfer your mail to that until you are able to pick it up on your return. If you are unable to contact your newspaper carrier to stop your paper, ask one of your neighbors to retrieve your paper. It is an additional bonus in a way to ask for this help. Once your neighbor knows that you are going to be away they will keep an extra eye on your property. Besides setting your security alarms systems before you leave the house, this is one of the most important steps you should take to ensure that your home remains safe while you are gone.

I admit i don't feel like doing chores since the week started, I know am so behind and i always said to myself OK OK i am going to do this and that but it ended up i have nothing to accomplish i need somebody to spank me and tell me to do the chores that am neglecting right now after all am the one will do it at the end of the day.. right? I hate this feeling but couldn't help to tolerate my being lazy butt. I hope this mood will get over! Otherwise i'll be fired by the husband...LOL!

Thanks to Jeannette Burrell who contributed this guest post

This summer has been completely occupied with my family's most recent move. Never is it fun to move, but it's probably the very worst experience known to man in an Arizona summer. Picture 110 degree days and electricity yet to be turned on as planned. It's amazing what a good move will do to make you appreciate the joys of air conditioning. Once we finally got the air turned on, the boxes out of the truck and the kids fed, the hardest part was over. Sadly, I have to admit that we decided to take a dip in the new pool before we even got around to making lunch or deciding which room to put anything in. Hey, that swim was much needed! We finally got around to arranging furniture, distributing boxes to their rightful rooms and unpacking the closets. It took a good week or so, but we started to get all settled in and our new house began to feel more like home. Of course, that part that the kids felt was the most essential was getting a budle deal with clear and direct tv hooked up in the new place. They were virtually dying without being about to connect with all of their friends online and veg out in front of the TV! Once I got the pictures on the walls, I felt at home. My husband just needed to have his new garage to hold his baby. My kids though, they needed to feel connected to the world of the internet and non-stop programming!

Just got home from the park at Manchester with kiddos, nieces and sissy. We've been planning this moment for quite sometime now but just can't have a chance but today we really did it for the kids to enjoy. We had fun at the park around 10am exactly she picked us up with our van to go. And then we had nice dry picnic under the sun, just grabbed McDonald's and ready to go! lol. Of course haven't miss to taking pictures here and there! Wish to do this again one day. Wink!

Whether we realize it or not television plays a big part in our lives. Who would want to stay all day long somewhere out there without a TV? And what about offices or establishments without good TV programmings? Clients would probably get so bored and just leave. With that I'd like to give some tip in setting up television in office. Did you know that according to studies, having a Direct TV sports programming increased their business? Customers can watch their favorite sport team play, or the latest breaking news, entertainment, and movies. Also get a chance to see lots of exclusive programmings not available in cable TV. And because it's direct tv, its crystal clear HD will definitely bring up the crowd to your business.

Why not check out some of the best direct TV for business agents? Amongst them are,, and Give your business a kick and don't let your customers be bored to death. Always remember, an entertained guest is a happy guest, and your clients deserve nothing but the best!

Just wanna share my cooking again, my family loves them all and me too as well. lately I've been craving always the chicken wiglets so i made variety of cooking with it sometimes i baked them with barbecue sauce, battered them, fried them just like i did in the bottom photos along with hash potatoes for lunch! Another one is a Filipino cuisine suited pork with chayote and green bell pepper with white rice for dinner. All is good and we're stuffed! Yum yum... winks!

I've always been fascinated with trade show exhibits. In my hometown, an annual fair was held to showcase the products and goods of merchants from different parts of the country. Here in TN, there's also a huge event I'm always looking forward to every year, the barbecue festival, wherein the world's most delicious barbecue comes to parade. LOL! Such exhibits, like what I've said promotes almost everything from products, to ideas, and build awareness. There are those event table covers and table top displays too. I always see them at trade fairs and job fairs. They give the much needed information regarding a promoted product and with their colorful graphics and cute presentation, sure it catches anyone's attention. Oh by the way, I really like to have one of those director chairs too. I'm quite sure they're for sale, lol! It's so cute especially when you put your name into it, feels like an actress behind the camera..haha!

Just talking about this stuff makes me wish for a trade show exhibit to come. Surely I will drool again for the many goodies available during that day.

Hi ya'll, it's Monday again and it's holiday here today US is celebrating the 4th of July for independence day! Any who, been busy lately has so many things to get it done so i won't get behind but still am so behind.. haha! Am preparing our big soon making sure everything is all set, one thing i need to so is getting a new luggage for me and for my baby girl because the boys has there own already thinking this might be easy for us to take care our stuff and everything.

So that's all for now. See you folks!