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Blog post written by Theodore Packer.

It is summertime and that means that it is also vacation time. When you are leaving for your vacation make sure that you remember to stop your mail and your newspapers for the period that you are gone. One of the easiest ways for a criminal to spot that you are away from your home is to let newspapers gather at the bottom of your driveway, or for them to see an overflowing mailbox. This clearly screams that the home is empty. You can stop your mail by placing a hold on it at the post office that services your area. You can also, in some areas, request this service online through the post office web site. During the time you are away they will retain your mailat the post office. This can only be done for up to thirty days. If you are going away for longer than that you may wish to rent a post office box and transfer your mail to that until you are able to pick it up on your return. If you are unable to contact your newspaper carrier to stop your paper, ask one of your neighbors to retrieve your paper. It is an additional bonus in a way to ask for this help. Once your neighbor knows that you are going to be away they will keep an extra eye on your property. Besides setting your security alarms systems before you leave the house, this is one of the most important steps you should take to ensure that your home remains safe while you are gone.


To protect your home and family, have a dependable alarm system for security. They will not only protect your home but also their presence can frighten any thives/robbers. door supervisors Bristol