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Contributed by Milford Woods

Well this cable tv specials show for fall is not new but it is my favorite. It is a talk show called Dr. Phil. I just love Dr. Phil McGraw. He has a beautiful wife named Robin and two grown boys. He recently had his first grandbaby it was a girl and he is going to have the baby appear on his show this fall. The new season starts this Monday and I could not be more excited.

The old Dr. Phil Family is coming back on the show this year again and they will be appearing on Monday's show. I don't know if I will be able to make it through the weekend just knowing he is starting his new season this Monday. I love this show because it is real. It shows real people with real problems.

There is nothing fake about Dr. Phil. I used to love him when he was on the Oprah Show a few years back, but now that he has his own show its just so much better. People tend to listen to what he says and he has helped out hundreds of people in so many different ways. Dr. Phil is one person I truly admire.

I have an emergency doctor's appointment tomorrow for myself. I decided to just go and have a check up have UTI infection for few days already and it is bothering me and my everyday thing. And not to mention my left side of the hip is now hurting am worried that this is my kidney. So i called earlier and made me an appointment asap! Glad the nurse called me back and they can have me by tomorrow even their schedule is booked! I can not hang on to this in another day or two need to take some antibiotic already! Sigh... what the heck!

Posted by Von Battle

One of the funniest shows on TV for me would have to be Everybody Loves Raymond. Very few comedy shows have been able to pull together such an all star cast to make each actor/actress shine. It is a rare appearance on TV for a show to pull together so well, I do believe it was one of the funniest shows on satellite tv.

The characters in the show are Ray Barone as played by Ray Romano, who plays the husband while Patricia Heaton plays his wife Debra Barone. The actors really make this show shine as they portray a bickering couple, who will do anything to keep Ray's parents out of the house, when they live right next door. Peter Boyle as Frank Barone, and Doris Roberts as Marie Barone play the parents. Brad Garret as Robert Barone, plays Raymond's weird brother who lives with their parents.

Throughout the series Raymond's mother and father, argue with each other until they drive everyone crazy, and Raymond contends to put up with his brother who is jealous of him because of the way their mother favors him, and his family.

The cast really does bring this comedy home, a lot of the time you will not be able to tell who is star of the show, as all of the actors shine in this one.

Scenic Sunday

Dakak Beach Resort, PH - The sunset in the beach.

The Author of this post is Rory Reilly

I can honestly say that I have only watched the SYFY channel about three times in my entire life, but somehow I got hooked on one of their mini series last year. I had read so many great reviews and caught a few previews on the internet for the mini series, Alice, so I decided to check out what it was all about. I was surprised to find myself totally taken with the series. Between the amazing story line, great cast of actors and the futuristic set, I tuned in for every part of the series and even bought the dvd.

The basic plot of the series focuses on Wonderland and what happened 150 years after Alice's visit. Kathy Bates, who plays the Queen of Hearts, rules the city of Wonderland in the series and the character of the white rabbit works for her. It was an interesting spin on the Alice in Wonderland tale that I remembered. In this series, Alice gets trapped in Wonderland while she is looking for her father and a truly futuristic and interesting story line unfolds. The series was a great break from the typical comedies and dramas that I watch on my satellite tv from and I really enjoyed the story and production of Alice.