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Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

Last weekend, I was finally able to go out and play with the new tennis racket I got for my birthday. It was a really nice day outside, and I had cleared some important task off of my to-do list, and so I decided to head to a park nearby and get some practice in.

I packed up my equipment, including my brand new racket, and set my home security alarm I found at It was a short drive to the courts, and when I arrived, I was happy to see that the backboard I usually practice on was free. I claimed the court, did some pre-exercise stretches, and then began to practice.

The new racket worked wonderfully! Though it certainly required a bit of breaking in, it had a really great bounce to it, and made the perfect sound every time the ball hit the racket's sweet spot. I was careful not to scratch it, because I didn't want to ruin any of the beautiful finish on it. After about an hour of playing against the backboard, a friend of mine came up to the backboard next to me, so we decided to play a match together after she had warmed up briefly.

We tied in the first two sets, and then I finally won the match. I'd say it was definitely thanks to my new racket!

The other night after we had dinner i was kinda craving for some desserts but am bored of ice creams or cakes. So when i saw the bunch of apples in the fruit basket, hmmmm.... i was thinking of slicing them to wedges and cook with butter, brown sugar and dash of cinnamon it was a quick and easy thing do to i just made it in less than 10minutes! I caramelized the apples into perfection then just topped it with whipped cream and drizzled of butterscotch... Yuuummmyyy! It's healthy and hearty dessert!

Guest post written by Kurt Waters

Last year we ended up getting my son's Halloween costume at the last minute and the only thing that was left in his size at teh store was a ninja costume and he ended up hating it. He barely even trick or treated and I could tell he was so unhappy when we were making him pose for pictures. So this year I asked him a really long time ago what he wanted to be and he told me Superman. So hopefully we can avoid a disaster like last year.

I told my wife I'd handle ordering him a costume because she does everything else aroudn the house. So I looked online for one and then when I was doing that I saw and decdided that we shoudl switch over our internet service to that.

But I finally found him a Superman costume that I think he likes. I thought it was pretty funny because it's a buff looking one so it has a bunch of padding in the chest. It looks so hilarious and fake when he tries it on.

These 7 pair of shoes are all for sale am giving it for $14.99 each only and $5 s/h fees so cheap isn't it? So if you are interested just pm me the style you like. They are assorted sizes from 5-9. So if you are up to it and you think it will fit on you this is a good buy already.

brown-flat-shoe: 9
black-flat-shoe: 5
gold-flat-sandal: 6
yellow-flat-sandal: 6.5
silver-flat-sandal: 6.5
black-flat-sandal: 7
black-wedge-sandal: 7.5

So there you go guys just let me know if you find the one you like and I'll send it to you! Happy shopping everyone!

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Am so totally 100% craving with this yummy crabs in coconut milk that my family cooked for me when i was in my homeland not long ago. And so i asked the husband to drive me an hour away from home to get me some live crabs this weekend Saturday and i will cook exactly like that! And planning to give some to my father in-law since that is his favorite as well so it's gonna be an exciting and yummy weekend awaits me! Just the thought of those it makes my mouth drools.... lol! I can not wait to catch crabs in the world market!