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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

I've been blogging food in here but i realized i haven't gotten to share yet my adobo recipe it is my version of adobo where in it's my number one favorite of all times, lol. Though i add a spice that wasn't really there in a traditional adobo recipe that i know. Anyway, now is the chance to share you guys. I always cook this famous Filipino cuisine my family loves it so much cooking this makes them clean their plates specially my kiddos, my eldest favorite ever since but the lil missy is so picky lately am having a hard time to feed her but when adobo is right in her plate oh boy! Sure they enjoy every bite of it! Happy me, lol.


8-10 cut size chicken with bones (i used thigh and legs)
2-3 cloves chopped garlic
1 medium size onion chopped
3 bay leaf
1/4 cup soy sauce (silver swan)
1/4 cup vinegar (datu puti)
1/2 tsp pepper corn
1tbsp brown sugar (this will really incorporate the flavor altogether)
1/2 tsp paprika (spice i add)
1 banana or plantain (cut to your own desire)
1tbsp patis or fish sauce
1cup fat free chicken broth or a cup of water
half size of green bell pepper
1tsp cornstarch (for sauce thickening)


In a deep pot, Sauteed garlic and onion till fragrance arose.
Add the cut chicken and stir simmer for 5minutes.
Pour broth, soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf, pepper corn, patis, paprika and brown sugar. Simmer and allow to boil for 20 minutes in a medium heat. If sauce is less you can just add half cup water.
Add the plantain and green bell pepper and cook another 10 minutes or until
the banana cooked. Add cornstarch for thicken sauce. Remove bay leaf and serve hot with rice.

Enjoy Cooking!

This is best described for great meal combo! Adobong sitaw in beef with fried galunggung been craving this for 48years already and just the other day have the stuff to cook to. T'was a stuffed lunch time I've had and i expect i gained weight for that moment. But anyway, i really don't care i rather eat than starve. This dishes are very indeed famous in Filipinos dinning table. You can cook adobo in so many different ways from meat to vegetables and so happened i love sitaw or long green beans and beef so i cooked the combo together and make a yummy adobo dish along with crispy fried galunggung with sawsawan oh boy it's fantastic! Don't forget the side plain rice! Satisfying indeed!

Here's how the adobo green bean in beef.

half a pound of thinly slice beef steak or beef stew
one pack steam fresh green beans (that's what i usually use)
2 garlic cloves chopped
half of onion chopped
1/4 cup silver swan soy sauce
1/4 cup datu puti vinegar
1/2 tsp ground pepper
1tbsp fish sauce
1tbsp cooking oil


Sauteed garlic and onion, bring to the skillet the sliced beef meat. Stir till meat brown.
Pour the soy sauce and vinegar and stir up to mix well.
Simmer for 10minutes or the fragrance arose. Add green beans, ground pepper and fish sauce simmer and cover for another 10 minutes or until the veges is cooked and sauce thickened you can add 1tsp cornstarch in 1/4 cup water if sauce is not enough consistency. Serve with white rice and your favorite side fish or whatever you desire!

Enjoy Cooking!

I was surfing my online thingy and i bumped unto an article about a rude delivery guy guess what he was caught on the act on his bad behavior regarding how he handle a fragile package on a residential house good thing that home has a video surveillance camera and his 35 seconds fame was about to show off to the world wide web! Imagined when he delivered the television he just tossed it over the fence.. geez! He was so in a hurry! Of course what will we expect to happen?? The company is grateful of what happened so that they can cut off those mean delivery men and get the right disciplinary action for them not to do it again!

Have you try the cinnamon raisin biscuit from hardees yet? Ohhh, it is good! I love their country style biscuit and gravy too that's the only i order from them then when we saw this the other day thought of trying because the picture looks so good and I'm right it taste good as well! So when you start your breakfast on a drive thru try hardees and get that one!

My dream house in the future there in the Philippines would definitely have nice sets of outdoor furniture. I really find park benches appealing and a good spot to relax while reading a good book. I'd like to have a wide garden in the front-yard where we could set up chairs and picnic tables, one will do, for that one fun barbecue night with our loved ones and friends. Adirondack chairs are cozy pieces, where we could just laze ourselves on late, breezy afternoons. I would love to grow flowers, of different kinds and photograph their grace. My ideal house will be simple and modest, yet with a beautiful landscape. 

By the way, I happened to stop by a website that has the widest selection of amazing outdoor furniture. Their sets are so lovely, the ones for my dream house are actually all found there. All are made from quality materials like mahogany, cedar, teak and plastic. Comes in so many types, colors and designs. If you want you can check them out to, perhaps you'll find something for your backyard as well. Anyway, whether we live in our dream houses now or not yet, what's important is we are with those we love. Winks!

I was able to purchased last Monday the matambaka fish, been craving this for a long long time! The fish is famous in the Philippines and it is indeed taste good whatever dish you cook to it. You can cook them like crispy fried, tinola, paksiw, the escabeche as what you see in the picture above and many more. Well mine i like it when it's cook like this in particular if you wanted to have a lil sauce with your rice this would be perfect. It's really simple kind of escabeche no more the added other ingredients such as carrots, bell pepper, green onions and blah blah, lol. Just sauteed garlic, chopped onion, couple slices of ginger for fragrance, 2tbsp soy sauce and 1tbsp vinegar in a cup of water with the 1tbsp brown sugar to marry the sweet and sour taste.

The article written by Victor Flowers

I have been broke for quite some time. I have been making some large cutbacks in my life in order to make due. The biggest problem is not telling anyone my problems. I do not want my friends to think of me differently or for them to judge me. However, I think I might be taking advantage of them a little. Since I am trying to save money, I am living on the minimum in my apartment. I keep the heat as low as I can handle, I canceled my television service and my landline. Thankfully, I have been able to watch a few shows on the internet and even programmed my friends DVR using I have not had a chance to tell him yet and right now I am hoping he does not notice. He has been such a wonderful friend to me and I hope I am not taking advantage of him. It is definitely a fine line I am walking on, but I hope I have not crossed it.

Are those veins on legs starting to appear already? Known as varicose or spider veins, not only do they look ugly but painful as well. Prolonged hours of standing or walking might trigger pain and cause swelling. For those who are overweight, it is also common to them. Nowadays there are treatment options available to help those who suffer get rid of it. Sclerotherapy is one example. Through a tiny needle, the veins are injected with a solution that irritates the lining of the vein. It will then collapse and reabsorbed, making it no longer visible. Other solutions would be laser treatments and ultrasound. My mom has varicose veins on her legs. The good thing is it's not severe. When time comes I can have them come over here in the states, might as well treat the veins on her legs so that it won't worsen. Anyway, prevention is better than cure. To avoid having those not so nice looking veins, it would help to keep our legs elevated after long hours of standing. Losing weight can reduce the risk of appearance as well so a healthy and active lifestyle would be the best precaution and treatment of course.

Mom in-law just hand me my new toy to play with and I'm so loving it because i can turn my baking skill into the next level, lol! After they taste my bread she promised to get me an all purpose electric mixer from kitchen aide for me not to use my muscles in kneading those gigantic doughs, haha. With this i am excited to go back when i really make cakes, pastries for living one moment in my life! Well, we do have mixer though from husband before but it's not as great as this one so i am thrilled to play with it actually am doing my first hands on today will bake some pandesal again. Wink!

One of the most challenging thing if you live abroad would probably have to be the language barriers. I must admit, as a Filipina who lives in a foreign country, it's still a constant effort to understand people and be understood as well. It's not very hard though for English is a universal language. I have friends who lives in parts of Europe and their language there are so diverse and way more difficult to learn, much more understand. Sometimes, they would have to attend language courses and even hire translators.

Speaking of, Russian I think is one of the most beautiful language being uttered. Without a doubt, one of the hardest to grasp as well. In cases where one needs efficient and reliable Russian translators, there's available Russian translations offered by Rosetta worldwide translation services. Russian translation service is a company based in London, they provide document translation, transcription, interpreting, localization services and the things alike. They can be very helpful to those foreigners and immigrants in Russia especially if it has to do with important papers. The world's diversity in language spells awe to many, including me. It's actually a dream learning a new tongue, Mandarin perhaps. Oh and why not Russian? That would be so cool and interesting isn't it?

I'm a big fond of this brand of instant noodles not just it taste good but the price is outstanding if you are on the budget! I love to experiment food so to make it a little effort to me to fix this fellow i make it on my own way and sure it taste even better i promised you that. So here's how i cook my instant maruchan ramen into extra ordinary dish. Putting extra spice and condiments is not hard.
First you need to cook the Korean beef recipe: You need a cup of thinly slice beef stew meat, 2 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/8 tsp ground pepper, 1tsp minced garlic, 1tbsp thinly chopped onion. Then sauteed the beef until brown if excess oil is a lot drained some. Sauteed garlic and onion to the beef, pour vinegar, soy sauce and ground pepper mix them well till everything marries. Let it simmer for 10 minutes or until the sauce soaked to the meat good and beef is tender enough. Set aside.

For the noodles : All you need are a cup of instant noodles (Maruchan brand), a cup of less sodium chicken broth, 1 egg, strips of scallions or green onion. Just boiled them together on a deep pot except the egg. When the noodles is cook enough pour the scramble egg and stir let it simmer until egg is fully cooked. Poured in a desired soup bowl while it's steaming hot, then have couple of spoonful of Korean beef on the top of it and sprinkle with fresh slice green onion or scallion! Eat HOT!


When we think of science, we think of that subject in school and the systematic study of the world around us. But really, how does it affect our daily lives? I personally think of it as something we have to deal and live with daily. Science works as we open our eyes the moment we wake up. As we turn on the lights in the room, science also moves into action. The changing seasons we experience and all the other things in the universe has to do with science. We don't need to be scientist though or intellectuals to love such kind of knowledge. We just need to love reading and learning. I'm glad to have found a website that provides a lot of daily science news in all fields like the latest technology, the world around us, new discoveries in medicine, about animals and so forth. It's really like a virtual encyclopedia, helpful to students and anyone whose curious about science. Am talking about SciTechDaily, do visit them online too for a daily dose of science. By the way, they also offer a lot of discount codes as well like Orbitz promo codes and Hotwire coupons. This ones for those who wanna travel, I suppose learning science in a more diverse way. Winks!

You will need:

Half a cup grapes slice it to halves
One medium apple peeled and slice into squares
One big size banana (slice into bite size)
One big size avocado slice into squares
Half a cup of slice strawberries
Half a cup of blueberries
1/4 cup condensed milk
1/4 cup whipped cream
1tsp white sugar

Mix them altogether and chilled in the fridge before serving.


Sometimes, we buy products not because we need it but because we just want it. The latest products we saw on TV, the pictures on print ads, the goodies we find through online shopping stores, all seems more appealing because of the advertisement. Nowadays, the Internet is the most powerful form of advertising because anyone can have access to almost anything with just few simple clicks. The Internet also reaches more and more people from all walks of life, young and old. The advertising agency that's behind a successful product campaign really does wonders to sell the product or services.Companies and businesses hire them to launch a very creative and effective campaigns to have great results. What if there's no advertisement? Nothing on TV, Internet, not even pictures. A certain product may be available for the longest time already but clients are still unaware about it.

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The recipe isn't so hard my mom's specialty as far i could remember. Whenever we have company coming our house and some special gatherings going on this fish Escabeche is sure on the center of the table. And so from time to time i can't help to missing it! We live in TN state and it is so hard to have such fish to cook for yummy escabeche so when i saw this salt water fish in the market weeks ago i grabbed quite a bit to content me, lol. The husband is not really a fish eater so i ate them all till i drop kidding aside but i was so happy and satisfied at least I've finally cook it.

You will need:

4-5 medium size whole fish (clean thoroughly)
1/2 slice carrots
1 small chopped onion
3 cloves garlic chopped
small size ginger slice into strips
1/2 cup thinly slice green/red bell pepper
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 vinegar (datu puti)
1tbsp brown sugar
1/2cup water
1tbsp corn starch
2tbsp cooking oil


  • On a skillet, Heat oil and fry fish till crispy brown. Set aside.
  • On different deep skillet, sauteed garlic, onion, ginger, bell peppers gradually
  • Next pour slice carrots and stir them altogether for 5minutes or till slightly cooked.
  • On a measuring cup mix all the liquid ingredients including brown sugar and corn starch mixed it well.
  • Pour the mixture into the pan and add the fish. Simmer till sauce thickened, season it with salt and pepper. You can decide how sweet or sour your escabeche is by adding sugar or vinegar to it.
  • Serve hot with white rice.

Enjoy Cooking.

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There's nothing special about this plate really but this is my husband's favorite, turkey leg is the part of the bird he loves just boiled it to tenderness with my house spices and seasonings along with mashed potato & creamy gravy and side of sauteed green beans... whenever this 3 meets in the plate he said that i truly love him to the deepest level, haha! Thanksgiving is coming so which means turkeys are just around the corner and this time we waited till after thanksgiving so the rack of turkey meat will down price and we get to get several to stock on the freezer for awhile. Wink!

Remember always enjoy cooking!!

I really like this Beef Stew seasoning mix from McCormick brand because it has the natural blend of spices and seasons well made. Sure the delicious flavor of homemade beef stew actually which is one thing i really want in the taste! My family loves it and so do I, cleaned our plate every time i fix this fellow!

I just follow the instruction on the back of the label and i add a little bit of my stuff such as our favorite veges i alter the celery into green and red bell peppers instead because the housemates hates it! As well with extra onions and carrots, I also add paprika on it i love the paprika brings to the dish. Instead of adding water i use half and half chicken and beef broth. And simmer to tenderly perfection. Serve with rice or mash potato, YUM! Try it for your self!

Enjoy Cooking!

A smile should be sincere and genuine, it should be priceless. But sometimes, we avoid to smile not because we don't feel like to but we are shy. Shy because we may not have a nice set of teeth or in most cases, dental problems. The good news is, smile makeovers are so possible nowadays. For instance, 33smile is the best San Antonio Cosmetic dentist they are experts in using the latest technology that can correct even the most difficult dental problem. For more than two decades, they've provided the best dental care in San Antonio, crafting the most beautiful smiles their clients dream to have. Their latest breakthrough is the invasalign technology, clear braces that will fix dental problems in an invisible way. Sounds really cool huh? Been thinking of a dental overhaul actually but it still depends on the insurance. If I get to have a good deal next year, I would go see my dentist and let him do wonders. Taking care of our teeth should not be taken any less seriously. It's so important actually.

Anyway, if you like to know more of those cosmetic dentistry, just visit their website and see what they have got.

I remember when i was in my childhood my folks specially my grandfather cook the best Bam-e in the world, lol. Actually bam-e for me is a special kind of pancit guinisa because of so many different variety of condiments and meats in it. Like pork fat or bacon even sausage in some, seafood such as shrimp, squids and clams. Then theres the ingredients of spices altogether what makes this guinisa mix of pancit canton and sotanghon rice noodles what they called here in the US.

Anyway, since i have complete stuff to make Bam-e the other day so i hastily gather all the ingredients. Kiddos and I enjoyed every bite. Planning to get more of the stuff for the next bam-e day. Wink!


One small onion (chopped)
3 cloves of garlic (chopped)
3-4 bacon (Sliced)
1lbs chopped pork
10-15 pieces shrimp
A package of instant pancit canton (i use the ramen i just threw away the spices)
1 small package of sotanghon or vermicelli
1 cup slice carrots
1/4 cup green bell pepper
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 soy sauce
1 cup of chicken broth
1/2 cup thinly slice cabbage
1tsp paprika

  • In a deep skillet cooked bacon till crispy
  • Add the onion and garlic continue stirring and add the pork until brown add soy sauce then add the shrimp continue cooking for 5 minutes.
  • Pour carrots, and bell pepper and cabbage stir continuously. Gradually add the broth and simmer for 5 minutes. Season it with salt, pepper and paprika.
  • Then add the noodles stir it well till everything is mix. Covered and check every now and then if the noodles are tender enough. Add broth or water if needed. Serve hot with your favorite bread or side dish.

Enjoy cooking!

I was browsing through different shops online looking for the perfect dress i'm going to wear at my brother-in-law's wedding next year. Until now I still don't have the final look in my head because when it comes to dresses, i am kinda fickle minded. I mean, I almost love everything if it pass my taste. I'm suppose to wear a purple gown for it's their motif and I honestly can't wait because my little girl will be little bride as well. Back to dress searching, I happened to drop by at Roamans. It's a clothing store for plus-sized women actually but I tell you, their plus size evening dresses are lovely! They have this red empire flower dress with full lining and it definitely caught my attention. It's red of course, and the huge, classy flower in the shoulder is so head-turner. Plus it has an embroidered cut-work in the front hem which makes it even more gorgeous. This one's cut is longer, I'd consider it as the style of my gown for the big day. Still browsing though and ain't stopping until I find the one that's mine! Winks!

Pan de coco is so popular in our country, you can have them in every time you want, meal time or snack time with a complimentary of your favorite beverages, mine eat it with hot coffee or tea. Anyway two days ago i baked my first trial recipe using my bread maker machine for mixing the dough and kneading to avoid me of being messy! For the dough i use the pandesal recipe.

For the coconut filling: 1/2 pounds of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of water, half bag of desiccated coconut and 1tsp of vanilla extract. Baked in 400 degree for 15 minutes.

Everybody enjoy once again, my boy had 4 piece, lol. Definitely will bake some more next time.

Claddagh rings are Irish rings given as a sign of friendship. It may also be used as relationship rings depending on the intention of the wearer and of the giver. The ring's distinctive design shows two hands clasping a heart with a crown on top of it. The heart represents love, the hands represents friendship, and loyalty for the crown. Irish Heart is an online shop that has the finest collection of rings, wedding bands, and other jewelries. If you're looking for a nice piece of jewel, hop by their page, you might find one. Such jewelries such as rings are really nice gift to give for those people we love aren't they? It would be so sweet to receive a friendship ring from a close friend. To remind each other you'll have each others back come what may.

Now I'm getting sad. I remember my very best friend who passed away several years ago. I miss her so much and all those wonderful times we shared together. I still get teary-eyed and choke every time I think of her.

They truly love and enjoy every munch of the hot pandesal i make to the point they can eat it everyday, haha. Family and friends keep craving on them. They even said the est read they've ever taste very flattering right coz they're patronizing Filipino product! Everybody wanted me to sell fresh bread at the office how cool is that! Just so happy they enjoys my food! Wink!!

You need pins? Pin Mart has it all. Animal pins, awareness pins, nursing pins, academic, fun and fashion, world flags, hobbies and interest, sport pins, and so much more! They have like more than a thousand different kinds of pins to choose from. It's perfect organizations and groups who wants to strengthen their identities through distinction and quality. Pins can create brand recognition for each product launch, awareness campaigns, volunteer programs, and can relay a message continually in a memorable way. Personally, I think pins are really cute as souvenirs too. I mean, for a family reunion it's nice to see everyone around putting on the same pins. Do you think it would be nice to have it on weddings as well? Been thinking of pins for my brother-in-law's wedding sometime next year. Most in the family adore pins and brooches so I think it would be pretty to have those rhinestone pins as accessories. I really like this particular rhinestone brooch pin, nice for the scarf and shrugs we have in mind. Oh yeah!

Weekend is here again. Have a fun-filled one guys. Keep safe and stay happy! Winks!

Taking our selves to the grandparents house this noon for lunch we are having some barbecue out there... nice! Every once a week or twice a month they are inviting us, everyone to stay at them either lunch or dinner time time you spending quality moments with their kids and grandchildren. Mother in-law always cook yummy food and she has the best potato salad I've taste, and she always make plenty when we have get together every one's request :-). Well kids and I will getting ready in a moment meanwhile we will our light breakfast for now! Wink.

Have a nice day ahead!

Whether it's for business cards, greeting cards, business writing, drawn illustrations, leisure time, or for taking notes, it's important to stand out and not settle for less. A nice and pretty stationery is a good way to have a nice impression. I personally like special papers when writing notes. It's like you're putting more effort and deeper meaning to your thoughts. Nowadays people seem to prefer sending letters through emails. But still it's nice that once in awhile, thoughts and feelings be put in writing. It says more and would make the recipient more special and think about. By the way, if you want to have stationery, and even want to customize it, you can check out The Logo Boutique for all your stationery sets, business and postcards need. Postcards are nice stuff to give away too, giving people you an idea of whats going on with your life through pictures. Gotta see how much this cost though, if the price is right, the why not?

Nice to have you here in my place guys. I really appreciate it. See you around!

Grilled banana skewers or as what we called ginangang in local Filipino word. I've been longing to eat this in a long time but couldn't find the saging saba here in the states. So i waited and waited until i got the bananas i wanted to make. This is very famous in Filipino delicacies simple and comforting snacks. Anywhere in the Philippines you simply find this food. I indeed enjoyed my first to the last bite of ginangang feels like am in my homeland agin! Wink.

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Anyway, classy limousines or just a plain cab, it doesn't matter isn't it? As long as it takes us to where we want to be. Joyrides are one of life's simple joys I just love to experience every now and then. How about you?

Got lucky for this yesterday just my kinda style of wedge shoes so i tried to counter bid for 6.49 in eBay auction and after an hour and half they notified me that i won the bidding i was happy because i love the wedge a lot and it is cheaper than in regular price out there! Can't wait to get deliver because i have already the matching dress with it! Wink!

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

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It's great to know it's weekend again. Chill everyone!

This is by far one of my favorites seafood of all time and as well my specialty! Blue crabs in coconut milk concoction. It is really sure delicious. My families specialty during get together and welcoming family abroad. Saturday was my time to go to world market and seafood's store at Nashville so i grabbed a lot of stuff for my couple of weeks consumption of Filipino cuisines. Blue crabs are seasonal so glad when i got to the store they have them. Been craving for this in awhile.

So here's my recipe of ginataang alimasag:

6 pieces blue crabs (rinse and clean thoroughly)
1 can coconut milk
1 tbsp vegetable oil
chopped garlic 2cloves
half size chopped onion
1 chopped tomato
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp chili powder
10pieces pepper corn (optional) I love pepper corn :-)
1 tsp curry powder or small size ginger ( i use curry since i ran out of ginger root)
dash of onion powder (eyeball)
dash of garlic powder (eyeball)
20 pieces spinach leaves
1 tbsp ketchup
1 cup water

  • Rinse crabs really good, in a pot boiled them until they become red and at the same time your are cleaning them. Then set aside
  • In different pot sauteed garlic, onion and tomato.
  • Add the crabs, coconut milk and water let it boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Add salt and pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and the curry powder. Simmer till the liquid evaporate to half 20-30 minutes at the most.
  • Last add the spinach and ketchup simmer for at least the leaves cooked. Then serve.
Try it!

Enjoy Cooking!

Who wants to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii, raise your hands! We all do certainly. Hawaii is like the ultimate of all vacations. For beach lovers, it's like the perfect escapade, the most anticipated getaway they could ever had! Couple of years ago, my mother's good friend who likewise lives here in the United States, invited us to go with their family in Hawaii. She said they'll take care of everything, our stay at one of those Maui condos featured at It's practical for group travelers like us because of the lesser rates. These condos and other properties, by the way, are for sale as well. If it happens you fell in love with the place and decided to stay. It would have been a nice get together for us after so many years of not seeing each other. Well, our plans didn't push through though because of circumstances. I still do hope our family gets to reunite with them someday soon. Anyway, if you wannabe in Hawaii too, you can search for places at the website mentioned earlier. Good rates they've got there.

Ampalaya or Bitter Melon in English is considered the most bitter among all the vegetables that's why the named it self comes from the bitter taste of it but i tell you that the vegetable is very nutritious and has many health uses for healing practice! It has a therapeutic properties and mostly use in Chinese medicine or herbal supplements. When you eat this you are sure healthy! Well this is famous cuisine for ampalaya just simple pinoy dish but delicious and full of nutrients and i so addicted with it. I love the tangy and bitterness of the dish and a little bit of saltiness of the shrimp paste that's what makes the dish famous!

2-3 pieces of bitter melon o ampalaya (thinly slice like half moon shapes)
4 slice bacon (slice to minis)
1 raw egg
1 tbsp shrimp paste
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 tsp paprika
cloves of chopped garlic
small chopped onion
small tomato chopped

  • Crisp the slice bacon on a skillet. Then saute garlic, onion and tomato along with the bacon stir occasionally and simmer for 2 minutes.
  • Meanwhile rinse the bitter melon with 1/2 tsp of salt in the water and press it as you can to get rid of the excess bitter taste of the veges.
  • Pour to the sauteed skillet and stir them till everything marries together.
  • Simmer for 5minutes or until the the vegetable is tender add salt and pepper to taste and paprika. Stir. Then add the shrimp paste simmer for about 2 minutes.
  • Then lastly pour the beaten egg and stir until the egg is fully cooked. Done. Serve hot with plain rice.
Try it!

Enjoy Cooking!

Blue Sky definitely has everything and anything related to nursing and doctor uniforms, discount medical scrubs, lab coats, and so forth. You can check out this link and view samples of their men's scrubs collection. The nice thing with Blue Sky is that they've turned this classic uniforms into a slimming shirt that is cut just right enough to either tuck in or wear out. Their scrubs are also made from the finest of fabrics, with a wide variety of colors and chic design. They also have other collections, their hats and accessories are so cute and trendy. Whether you're a nurse, doctor, dentist, you will surely turn heads upon wearing this fashionable scrubs from Blue Sky.

It was my dream becoming a nurse. I was supposed to take up nursing in collage but my love for travel outweigh it and so I ended up being a historian, lol! But I will always look up to anyone working in the medical field. Such a noble job that deserves praise. Not to mention they look so nice and descent with those uniforms of course.

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

We recently relocated to Texas. My husband and I bought a ranch when we retired. We always wanted to live on ranch and live the lifestyle, but both of our practices constantly kept us busy. When we turned fifty-five, we decided that it was time to sell our practices and use the money to by our ranch, which we named, Doc’s Ranch. Living on the ranch has definitely been an adjustment. We got Crystal Texas Wild Blue Service, a satellite internet service that would reach way out in the country where we are. We don’t get to see our friends too often, but we stay in touch with them through e-mail. We have also had to adjust to getting up so early to feed the animals. The rooster starts crowing at 5:30 AM most days! I haven’t been in the office until at least nine o’clock for the last thirty years! Although adjusting has been interesting, I wouldn’t change our new lifestyle for the world. We are truly living our Western dream.

These are the Suman i was craving about and i am in mode right now i make sure it will last me for a week to consume them. It is good than i expected because of the super sticky brown rice but it is really tasty. Here's the recipe if you wanted to know:

2 cups sweet rice
2 cups liquid mixture (use a can of coconut milk and the rest is water)
2 tsp of salt
1/2 cup white sugar (optional) i prefer sweet suman so i put sugar
  • Steam in the pot until the rice is cooked
  • Let it cool
  • Prepare the banana leaves
  • Then spoon serving size of cooked sweet rice to prepared leaves
  • Wrap it like you see on the photo above, repeatedly until all done
  • Boil them at least 20 minutes. Serve with coffee or hot chocolate drinks

Not me though but a friend of mine. We chatted the other day and she was asking where to find good deals on women's apparel. Plus size clothing in particular because according to her, she can't seem to find trendy and fashionable clothing for big women. So anyway, she know very well am a certified online shopper and she's right. You see there are websites that literally serves as online malls because of the huge variety of products they have for their clients. In my friend's case, she's looking for plus size clubwear and dresses. I think she has an affair to attend and OneStopPlus by the way, have what she's been looking for. This pink pleated faux wrap dress avenue, is so nice, anyone will look as pretty as this dress upon wearing it. I think she did grabbed some jackets, cardigans, and coats as well because it's getting colder in their place. I bet she enjoyed her shopping! It's free shipping with them, you really can save more. I'm glad am able to help her by sharing useful links. You too can dropped by there too if you feel like shopping. Winks!

I was into pinoy food lately since we went to world market last Saturday i got the chance to grab some stuff for my carvings right now. I got few of them Chinese eggplants, bitter melon or shall we called it ampalaya, grab a medium size patola for my sardines/misua soup later, and few kinds of fish that the one i cook the paksiw out of it! Some blue crabs too! I have full week supply of pinoy food already, lol! Anyway, I bought Korean brown rice as well because been craving suman or biko in awhile so just took the advantage while am in that Asian store the other day. So today it's my second day for making suman supposedly i have done it yesterday already but the rice was so hard as rocks that it took me forever to steam it! I should have get the regular sweet rice but thought for a change and my folks in the PH mentioned that brown glutinous rice is a lot nicer than the white once! So i gave it a try just 48 years to boil them and so glad it cooked last night and now am wrapping it to the banana leaves for complete suman mode timely i still have tablea... perfect!

Got to to go now have a wonderful weekend ahead to all!

This is so popular in Filipino home cooking the paksiw as what we called it. We can use all kinds all fish but the best one is the tulingan or Mackerel in English term. Tulingan fish is boiled with garlic, onion and ginger with vinergar and water simmer it till the sauce soaked to the fish thoroughly then poured some vege oil so the flavor will marry altogether of course the salt and pepper corns always present. My grandmother has the best paksiw or we called it in visayan INUN-UNAN she made the best one and the entire family loves it! I use her recipe to make mine and i did a good job it is delicious just the way i like it!

I love sweaters and cardigans. I don't go for quantity though but quality. I also like those trendy looking and unique. Now that fall is here and winter is fast-approaching, I do like to add sweaters in my closet. Might as well you guys can join me in finding some pretty jackets and sweaters. Let's check out Jessica London's web-page. Actually, they specializes in plus size sweaters and other big girl's clothing. And that's the reason why I like their collection because when it comes to jackets, shrugs, ponchos, I do prefer the not so tight ones. For me it's more classy and warmer during the cold months. Anyway, I really like their purple pointed tip cardigan. It has a fly front opening design and tips pointed slightly at center which gives a dramatic effect. Gosh, it looks really nice! Would be working in the office soon too so I need this kinda attire. Oh well, that's how it is here in the States, new season means new set of get-up isn't it? How bout you ladies? Getting new sweaters as well? Enjoy your shopping if yes. Happy Friday everyone!

This is kinda long name for a cupcake but sure it is delicious! I called it white chocolate chip and chocolate coated raisins banana cupcake with banana cream frosting and fresh strawberry garnish. Whew! lol. My kiddos enjoys cupcakes and so the husband so even i am not into cupcakes before i kinda like it now because i always makes them every now and then and i was inspired in cupcake wars show you know and from then on i am trying to make different flavors and all that stuff! MIL as well is fond of baking and she always shares me her baking and cooking ideas.

This recipe is so easy and quick preparation. All you need are:

2 mashed ripe bananas (large size)
1 cup sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
1/2 white chocolate chip
1/2 cup coated raisins

For Frosting:
1 cup all purpose whipping cream
2tbsp powdered sugar
banana extract
1 mashed ripe banana
couple drops of yellow food coloring (optional)

  • Heat oven to 350. Grease bottom of the muffin pan with cupcake cups.
  • In large mixing bowl combine all the ingredients except the chocolate chips and raisins.
  • Blend well on medium speed using electric mixer.
  • Stir in chips and raisins.
  • Pour batter into the prepared muffin pan
  • Bake 350 F for 35 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean.
  • Cool for 1o minutes then remove cool completely before frosting
For Frosting
  • Mix the whipping cream till foamy add the confectioner sugar and mashed bananas gradually.
  • Drop couple of coloring continue mixing till mixture become stiff and start to decorate on top of the cupcake garnish with fresh strawberries on top if desire.
Enjoy Cooking!

Those two words are so foreign to me. The thing I know though is that those two are related to the law and attorneys, in lawsuits and other legal matters. I think it's a process involving both parties. A process that uses a computer to record, gather, discover, to obtain all the facts and testimonies used in the court during trials. With this in mind, deposition and litigation are very serious matters which should be handled by experts. Depo Texas is one of the largest and most experienced deposition services and litigation support firms, serving Texas area for over 2 decades already. Their office is packed of the finest registered court reporters, interpreters, process servers, conference rooms, videoconferencing, state-of-the-art Internet deposition tools, and so much more. You can drop by their website to know more of what they do. As for me, in order for me to understand more about this legal matters, I think I should read articles about it first just like my husband he reads a lot so he understand every detail and information . Not bad though for someone who encountered these words for the first time right?

Have a happy, blessed week ahead everyone!

Finally was able to fix this dish that I've been longing it for 5 years but just can't get a chance or do favor to cook it until the other day! I am so glad that i put at least 2 sardines and misua in my lists of grocery at the Filipino store that my cousin did for me in seafood city, San Diego! Just thathe Asian store we have here is not as fresh as they've got there so i rather not get a lot of stuff and realizing it will go to waste besides i am the only one likes sardines for all we know we loves this stuff right no to doubt about that but the husband has no chance of eating them.

So anyway, in my behalf i was enjoying every bit of the soup with spinach! Nothing can't beat the taste of Filipinos home cooking!

To those who enjoy eating sardines all you need are basic ingredients:
  • can of sardines - $1.99
  • 1/2 cup misua noodles - .50cents
  • 1 clove chop garlic - .25cents
  • half of onion chop finely .25cents
  • 1 chop tomato -.25cents
  • 8-10 spinach leaves - .25cents
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a cup of water

Just sauteed the garlic, onion and tomatoes till mushy then add the sardines and water let it boil. Simmer for 2minutes then add the salt and pepper to taste and the spinach let simmer for at least 1 minute. Serve hot with rice or just soup.

Total Cost: $3.49

Enjoy Cooking!

Halloween is near, we don't celebrate it though. But it's during this time of the year when goodies and treats come flooding. It's when I get to buy stocks of chocolates and candies for the pantry. The obvious reason is because during this time, the prices really goes down and lots of great deals are available. I'd like to grab chocolates soon, not for trick and treats but to send home in the Philippines. Another thing too, those cool and goofy costumes, false teeth, wigs, and hats, they're nice for gifts. My sister likes collecting weird stuff, she likes playing prank and been asking me to send her some. She likes to have those false teeth with braces, and be goofy with her friends. I might also include face paint, I bet she'll love it. I know these kinda stuff are quite expensive there and hard to find too. Anyway, will be checking the local store soon for these items. If not then would have to grab it online, after all there's a whole lot of bunch!

Got to go, that's it for the update. See ya around folks!

One of my guilty pleasure besides chocolates! Well can't resist on bacon? surely it is good! I made baked bacon wrapped potato husband and I's favorite great appetizer bites to start up your meal or just watching TV. I mix my own sauce sour cream with sriracia i tell it was good and savory! Try it so you will know.

For bacon wrapped potato recipe:

4 small potatoes cut into wedges- $1.00
10 bacon cut it half- $2.99
salt and pepper to taste
pinch of garlic powder

For dipping sauce:
2tbsp sour cream- .99cents
1tsp sriracia sauce- .50cents

Just rolled the bacon into the potato wedge repeatedly until every wedge are done.
Preheat oven 400 degree and baked it for 40 minutes. Turn the side in 20 minutes baking for evenly brown both sides.

Total Cost: $5.48

Enjoy Cooking!

Sometimes, things happen that would lead some to restore their homes or properties. It may be because of fire, victims of natural disasters and stuff like that. It is important that the key to avoid stress is to avoid panicking, remain calm and think of a solution. Easier said than than isn't it? But let's not forget too that nowadays help can be available in a snap.

I'm talking about renovation companies of both residential and commercial properties. They are the guys that would help individuals or families build up, literally, what they've lost. Triton Disaster renovation is one example. They are the leading provider of Houston water damage restoration, fire, wind and hail damages as well. Serving the community for 30 years already with satisfied and happy customers. We don't want to think about things like this to happen I know, but it's also good to be informed and know where to turn to in case emergency situations arise. Especially to those around the TX area, feel free to visit them online and know more about what they have to offer.

To those of you out there who has plans of going or moving to Canada, Calgary in particular and looks for a place to stay, you can visit You can find your home online through the help of this website for they have the widest selection of Rent Calgary apartments, houses, and town homes available for you. Their price range are pretty reasonable depending on number of rooms and property types. It wouldn't be so hard to find a place to settle for you and your family. I have a girlfriend in Canada, we met through online and been keeping in touch with each other since then. She has a very unique and pretty personality which clicks with mine. Who knows I can visit Canada in the near future, I would love to see her and be amaze even more, lol! Anyway, feel free to browse the above mentioned website if you wanna check out their rentals. They really have lots of options and great deals that suits your needs.

Thanks for coming everyone! May we all have a beautiful and blessed week days ahead of us. Let our minds travel and wander. Winks!

Have you try this recipe yet? if so, guess you love it huh? Out of curiosity and wanting to make something outside my taste buds i found this monkey bread recipe in popular pills bury biscuit dough kit. Timely i have 3 cans of biscuits and all i have to add are 3/4 cup white sugar, 3 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 stick butter. Then for 40 minutes under 350 degree you have this super delicious melts in your mouth monkey bread! You've got to try it so you will know what am talking about! Wink.

Here's How:

3/4 cup granulated sugar
3 teaspoon cinnamon
3-4cans Pillsbury Biscuits, Country Style, Value Pack, 4 - 7.5 oz
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 stick butter, melted

  • Heat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease fluted tube pan with cooking spray. In large -storage plastic food bag, mix granulated sugar and cinnamon. Shake it to mix.
  • Separate the biscuits dough and put inside the bag. Shake in bag to coat. Arrange in pan.
  • In small bowl, mix brown sugar and melted butter; pour over biscuit pieces
  • Bake 350 for 40 minutes or until golden brown and no longer doughy in center. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Turn upside down onto serving plate; pull apart to serve. Serve warm.

Enjoy Cooking!

Weekend is fast approaching and as always it's our bonding time. We could ask daddy to give as a joyride, or have dinner in our favorite restaurant, and maybe the kids can play with their cousins. Got to be fun for next week will be a very busy week for us. Speaking of, the husband got a big job to do pretty soon. A woman close to our town hired him to do her kitchen cabinets, from the designs to the installation. Would also have some renovations and stuff like that. The other day, they talked about the arrangements and estimated cost, it's pretty much a big project actually. The husband really enjoys this kind of job. He loves to work with his hands, build, construct, design projects. I know it's not easy though and it's a tough, heavy job but fulfilling as well. Good thing because he could use different tools to make his job a lot easier like this construction estimating software we found online. A very helpful website wherein we can browse for anything and everything related to the building and construction industry.

It's like a directory which leads you to the right people and right building products. It has extensive articles and resources from engineers, contractors, and so forth to help you decide for the best. And if you're a contractor, you can also advertise with them and reach future clients. Sounds really helpful indeed. I'm talking about BuilderSpace, you can check them out too if you want.

My kiddos Bf and they both enjoyed it because of the hazelnuts nutella spread is their favorite thing!

Here's how to make this basic and simple crepe recipe for your kids to enjoy!

1 cup sifted all purpose flour
2 eggs
half cup milk
half cup water
2tbsp melted butter
1/4 tsp salt
2 table spoon confectioner sugar (optional)

  • In a large mixing bowl whisk the flour and eggs together.
  • Gradually add in the milk and water, stir it to combine altogether
  • Add the butter and salt beat good until smooth
  • Heat a round frying pan or cast iron over medium heat. Pour approximately 1/4 cup of each crepe mixture in the pan. Tilt the pan with a circular motion so the batter coats the surface evenly.
  • Cook the crepe until brown, scoop with a spatula then turn and cook the other side.
  • Filled with your favorite filling or use the hazelnut nutella filling along with slices of fruits!
  • Sprinkled with confectioner sugar on top before serving! Serve HOT!
Enjoy Cooking!!

It can help us during emergency situations and times when we run out of cash. Though it's good to get a loan from the back but sometimes, it takes forever for them to grant our request. Nowadays, payday loans can be availed through payday loan store, which is easier and faster for the transaction can be done online. The Cash Store for example, with their competitive terms, high-approval rates, and experienced team, anyone can get an easy payday loan when the need arise. Clients can either file for cash advance, title loans, installment loans, and so forth, of course depending which ones you like.

The cash you need ready in three simple steps. Just visit their website and apply online, then go to any cash store locations near your area, by the way, they have 270 locations in 7 States. And lastly pick up the cash that very same day! I really haven't tried online cash advances but sometimes, it does cross my mind. Especially now i'm up to something, I think might as well give it a try and apply. How about you? Have you tried such service? Is it good and reliable?

Good day everyone, see you around!

~Combine 1 cup all purpose flour, 1 cup brown sugar, 2 cups water, 1tsp lye water and couple of drops yellow food coloring or it's up to you how you want your Kutchinta color wise~ Mix it well and sift for smooth texture.

~ Pour in individual molding mini pans. Steam them for 15-20 minutes. Your rice cooker would work for steaming.~

~ Let it cool for 5 minutes~

~The finished product~ Serve with fresh shredded coconut or desiccated coconut~

Enjoy Cooking!

  • 4 huge mashed potatoes (equivalent to 3cups)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • 9 pieces big size marshmallow ( better if slice it half and half)
  • Microwave the 4 potatoes or boiled them till tender and mashed them.
  • In a deep bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. Pour in to a buttered casserole or square pan.
  • Bake at 350 F for 30 minutes.
  • Continue baking for 10minutes with the marshmallow on top. Let the marshmallow brown.
  • Serve and enjoy!
My husband and kids simply love it!

I guess it's perfect timing to get a new set of blankets and sheets, quilts and bed sets for autumn is here and winter is just around the corner. Change of season means a new look for the house, our room in general. I'd like to give our bed a new look in particular. So might as well browse for that one perfect, autumn style. Glad to have found it at BrylaneHome's website. Their shop has the coolest collection of anything and everything for the home. From kitchen, electronics, furniture and decors. And as what I need, some new Bedspreads and Comforters! I love their puff top printed bedspread. It has a cushiony puff and triple ruffles, it looks so pretty and comfy, perfect for long, cold autumn nights.

Anyway, am also planning to send some bedding in the Philippines. My mom's been bugging me about for so long and still I haven't. It's about time, thought I need to look for a better courier this time. It takes me ages to send packages back home and I hate it! Mom will surely love to receive stuff like this! Hope I can do it before the year ends, gosh, it's just three more months I must say!

This is delicious i tell you that! Just experimenting ingredients that i have in my fridge one day afternoon. It is sauteed cabbage with corn beef and pastrami on it, some bake chicken honey tender and basically spicy sauce that i myself combined two sauces to make it tastier, and white rice to complete the meal. Here's the recipe:

For sauteed veges:
  • 2 cups strips slice cabbage
  • Chop small onion
  • Chop 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 cup strips slice green bell pepper
  • 1 cup slice corn beef
  • 1/2 cup slice pastrami
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup chicken broth

  • Saute garlic and onion. Add the meat and stir together let it simmer for 5 minutes or till meat gets brown.
  • Add the cabbage and bell pepper, stir altogether add chicken broth and salt/pepper to taste. Simmer till cabbage is cook.

The Steam Team is the leading choice for cleaning and maintenance and has been serving Texas area for over two decades already. Whether it's for commercial or residential, you entrust your needs with TST. Some of the services that offer are upholstery cleaning services austin, carpet cleaning, leather, rug, tiles cleaning. Air duct maintenance, smoke and fire restorations, pet odor removal, water extraction, and so much more! Have an aunt in Texas and she mentioned how this website helped the hospital where she works, that it did a thorough cleaning job, very quick and courteous, and that the place smelled wonderful the next day. I hope we have something like this here in our place. Sometimes, we just need some serious cleaning and it would be so nice to have reliable people around, ready to lend a hand.

Anyway, speaking of cleaning, got a lot of chores lined up waiting for me. First up, the kitchen. And the kids room too! Did I just fixed it the other day? Seems like a tornado just passed through. Oh well, kids will be kids. Gotta go for now, see ya around peeps! Take care and enjoy the rest of the day!

This is so delicious if you are craving some sweet and crunchy! When i was in my hometown i love to buy once in awhile the boat tarts of Goldilocks bakeshop. And my sister used to make some of our version. Actually this is my first time of making them again for a long time! I thought i couldn't make it anymore because i kinda forgetting the recipe but i tried there's no harm in trying well in my mind if it doesn't work then will just toast in the sink! haha.

So anyway to make my long story short here's the recipe.


1 roll of pie dough
6 egg yolks
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1tsp vanilla extract
1cup all purpose whipping cream
1/2 cup confectioner sugar (optional for garnish)
basil leaves (optional)

  • Preheat oven 350 degree
  • Spray butter on the molding pans
  • Prepared the pie dough on the mini molding pans ( i bought 12 pieces of mini sauces server from Walmart since i couldn't find the tart molding pan and it works!)
  • Combined the 4 ingredients eggs, milk, whipping cream and vanilla until it is well blend. Use blender for easy job. Sift the mixture for refined texture.
  • Pour into the prepared tart pans and distribute well.
  • Bake into the oven for 35-45minutes or until the pie is brownish. Poke toothpick to make sure it is done.
  • Let it stand for 15minutes before taking out from the molding pans.
Enjoy cooking!

While browsing the net for some cute decors for my daughters newly finished princess bed, I also got to see a lot of other on sale items especially on home products. Good timing because a friend is planning to change the look of their kitchen and dining area. She wants it to have a minimalist look, with marble countertops, and red as motif. I bet she'll find what she likes at Discount Granite, they have this huge sale right now on counter-tops, sinks and faucet, back splash and more! I must say the designs are so chic, the colors so bright and classy.

When we did a little makeover in our kitchen not so long ago, I was the one so thrilled and excited. Kitchen is after all a girl thing. It's like our territory, our haven, our reign. Am pretty sure my friend will have a fun time renovating their kitchen. Who wouldn't?

On a second note, I'll be baking bread again. In my previous post, I was so glad being able to make a bread for the first time. Not using a bread maker though, knead it my own hands. The in-laws really loved it so they're asking for more. Am thinking maybe this will be a good business, a bakery in the process I guess? Lol!

I got the perfect recipe of bistek or (beef steak) but i love the Filipino style that my mother used to cook for us family. Since i wasn't living with them anymore i once in awhile longing for it! One day i was so happy i bumped into panlasangpinoy everything about pinoy home cooking you can think of are there! So that day i cook the bistek recipe! it turn it yummy and love love it! Here's the recipe or visit there.


1 lb beef sirloin, thinly sliced

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 piece lemon or 3 pieces calamansi

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1 large onion, sliced into rings

3 tbsp cooking oil

salt to taste

Cooking Procedure:

1. Marinade beef in soy sauce, lemon (or calamansi), and ground black pepper for at least 1 hour

2. Heat the cooking oil in a pan then stir fry the onion rings until the texture becomes soft. Set aside

3. In the same pan where the onions were fried, fry the marinated beef (without the marinade) until color turns brown. Set aside

4. Put-in the garlic then saute for a few minutes

5. Pour the marinade and bring to a boil.

6. Put in the fried beef and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until meat is tender. Add water as needed.

7. Add the stir-fried onions and some salt to taste.

8. Serve hot.

It's fun being a girl, a lady, a woman. We get to enjoy and just expressed ourselves through different things. One way of course is through our dress and grooming. Nowadays, being fashionable starts at an early age and doesn't stop though we become grannies already. I must admit, I love shopping! Shoes and bags most especially, girls clothes too. I'm fond of leggings and maxi dresses now, so feminine and comfortable. But I guess it's time to change the wardrobe and get back on jackets and hoodies for autumn is here already and winter's next.

Girls are blessed to just be a girl! We can mix and match, put on make ups and stuff like that. It's cool, but we can't go over board too. Balance and modesty should be put to mind. We also need to consider our budget and not just shop till we drop. For moms like me however, there are more important things to attend to than just shopping. But we're very good at looking for bargains and great deals mind you. It's sure fun grabbing some for our loved ones, isn't it?

Got to go for now, thanks everybody. See ya around and take care all the time. Winks!

Pandesal- A Filipino bread that so delicious and very comforting! It's been so long i haven't eaten this kind of a bread you know freshly bake from the oven and still HOT and melts in your mount each and every bite! They're good to start up your morning with a cup of coffee or a hot coco it's also good for snacks as well. Today i am thinking of going to try to make some pandesal, i have some ingredients in my pantry that am sure i can make few. So looking forward for it fir the first time!

They say that music is a universal language that everyone understands. People relate to it depending on his/her mood, feelings, and emotions. On my part I like country music, pop, love songs, those feel-good-songs in general. But do you ever wonder how something so beautiful like music is done? A lot of talent and much hard work is involved. The singer, the band, the song, are among the few. But there are still plenty of technicalities and process to have a beautiful finished product. That's where cd mastering comes in. It's the process of creating the final product or the album. Its one of the most specialized and critical aspects of audio production. Only a skilled audio engineer can perform tasks like correcting improperly mixed frequencies, equalize the sound of each track, balance stereo channels and so forth.

Only the experts can do such a thing like cd mastering services, and we have it here in TN. I mean, TN is the home of country music and a lot of famous song artists, bands, and musicians including the legendary Elvis Presley is from here. No wonder the best studios are here as well. By the way, Sage Audio for instance offer such service. If you want to know how your song would sound like after cd mastering, simply create an account with them, upload your song and they will send you back a fully mastered version absolutely free. Hear the difference and fall in love with music.

~ Manok Halang-Halang or Spicy Chicken~
Another inspired by my friend and i am craving and wanted to make one tomorrow! Recipe is easy as 1 2 3... heres how it goes:
1 whole chicken (cut in your desired sizes... i love big ones)
garlic (any amount you like....i love many)
ginger (any amount u desired, its good for chicken)
lemongrass ( i put many coz i love it, i used the paste one)
chillies (i used the flakes one so not cutting the chillies anymore)
1 and half cup of water
fish sauce
chicken cubes 1 or 2
fresh basil leaves (optional)
spring onion

1. fry the chicken in oil until it gets browned.
2. then add the garlic, then the ginger, and then the lemongrass. keep on frying. then add the chillies
3. add the knorr chicken cubes. pour 1 and a half cup of water.
4. cook for more than 1 hour in a very low heat. add fish sauce when the water is going down, after cooking for 1 hour. add the pepper.
5. before you turned it off put the basil leaves and the spring onion.

Enjoy Cooking!

Guest post written by Catherine Gillman

I seriously don't get why people will just go and buy all new textbooks every semester. It's such a waste of money, but so many people do it that stores get away with doing that. I don't fall for that though, not even for my first ever semester of college. i don't really go into bookstores to buy books either. Instead, I do a lot of online shopping for them. It has to be a pretty remarkable deal for me to take the time to go and buy it in a bookstore.

I was actually looking up some of my textbooks for my semester about two or three weeks ago, when I ran across the website GETCLEARWIRELESSINTERNET.COM. Ocne I looked through it some, I forwarded it to my roommates and we made the decision to change over our home internet service to oen of hte plans on there.

I actually pulled off getting most of my textbooks from one website, so paying shipping wasn't that bad at all because I bought enough and qualified for free shipping. Taking that extra time to do some online shopping can really make a difference.

My Philippine home... wink! My friend is from Dipolog city and she just had her 2months vacation to PH not long ago and one thing i really requested her when she comes back to US are these the fish paste and shrimp paste... yum! the photo on top this is the pride of Philippines and it is a delicacies that no one can beat even a ribeye or new york steak... haha! Well, i thank my friend for sending me this one a week ago and guess what? its my meal treats for a week now.

This is one of the plate and how i compliment the fish paste or shrimp paste to the menu. Hard boiled egg which is my favorite along with slices of fresh tomatoes, steam rice, vegetables of any kind and meat, that's a pork chop. My dinner was totally rock and was stuffed. Forget the diet for a little bit! Wink.