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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Whew that's a long name for a cake huh? but it sure so yummy! My parent in-law's wedding anniversary was several days ago and i wanted to surprised them with a homemade delicious cake they could ever taste and that's my cake! Humble it is... LOL! Though i'm not lifting up my own chair here but it is true even myself can't believe that yes i can bake a cake and then make it so yummy! You can bake cakes using the ready mix packages but the one thing what make cakes so inviting and more savory is the icing and the flavors you put on it! I love playing on the food and make it so good!

The recipe is a piece of cake too bad i don't have a photo for a slice because before i knew it the cake was! Sorry guys am not ready to share yet the recipe of this because it's a secret family recipe. wink!


Half of pack cooked spaghetti

1-1/2 cup beaten eggs

1cup whipping cream

8slices bacon

4gloves garlic (chopped)

medium size onion (chopped)

chopped chives or green onion

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese 2tbs butter

How: Cooked spaghetti according to the instruction set aside. In a skillet, melt the butter and add the cut bacon let it cooked till crispy. Pour some of the grease and bring chopped garlic, onion and half of the chives to suite. Then pour the cooked spaghetti and the liquid mixture (beaten eggs, whipping cream and Parmesan cheese) mix it well altogether. Last but not the list add the crispy bacon. Serve hot and garnished it with the remaining chopped chives. walahhh! Enjoy!

We had a taco night last Sunday. It was all good nothing bits a fresh and homemade tacos. All i did is bought the Old El Paso taco dinner kit and made myself the rest. The ground beef and the rest were freshly cook. Husband loves it and with a nice surprised to the kiddos, our boy was pickin it! The ingredients are just simple and basic just like tacos in Mexican restaurants but it is fresher and tasteful with a lil homemade spices to it!

Guest post written by Lily Kindell I never really tried guacamole until I got to guacamole. It's not that I never had the chance to try it, it's just that sometime during college I decided to give it another try after snubbing it for years. Well, after that I would go out of my way to eat guacamole to the point that I got a little sick of it.

Well, I went out to eat a few weeks ago and decided to have some guacamole with my meal and it's like my love for it hit me all again like a ton of bricks. I've had it several times since then and I even decided that I should try to make some on my own. I'm a lot more domestic since my initial love affair with guacamole, so I went online to find a recipe to make. When I was online looking for that, I came across some clear tv bundle prices that sounded really great, so I decided to sign up for one of those bundles.

I did find this guacamole recipe that sounded simple enough for me to make. I just think that I need to avoid eating it too much though!

Aroz caldo or rice porridge is an authentic Filipino cuisine that traditional family enjoy eating it especially in cold rainy days. There are plenty of recipes out there on how to make this yummy dish. It's been awhile i haven't taste the goodness of aroz caldo and lately been craving and it was timely the weather is still cold and this is perfect so one dinner time last week i cook my version of rice porridge. It's good and quick for those lazy times strikes us.

Recipe: 2 cups cooked rice ( almost porridge looking rice)

medium chopped onion

4gloves of garlic

2tbs oil

salt and pepper to taste

2cups chicken broth

small ginger sliced to strips

water (just eyeball)

3boiled eggs for garnish

How: Cooked rice. meanwhile on the deep pot gather all ingredients altogether onion, garlic, ginger and chicken simmer it for 5minutes. Then add the broth and the cooked rice let it boil, salt and pepper to taste. Continue cooking and simmer for 45 minutes until everything is going together. Serve it hot with boiled eggs on top.