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Aroz caldo or rice porridge is an authentic Filipino cuisine that traditional family enjoy eating it especially in cold rainy days. There are plenty of recipes out there on how to make this yummy dish. It's been awhile i haven't taste the goodness of aroz caldo and lately been craving and it was timely the weather is still cold and this is perfect so one dinner time last week i cook my version of rice porridge. It's good and quick for those lazy times strikes us.

Recipe: 2 cups cooked rice ( almost porridge looking rice)

medium chopped onion

4gloves of garlic

2tbs oil

salt and pepper to taste

2cups chicken broth

small ginger sliced to strips

water (just eyeball)

3boiled eggs for garnish

How: Cooked rice. meanwhile on the deep pot gather all ingredients altogether onion, garlic, ginger and chicken simmer it for 5minutes. Then add the broth and the cooked rice let it boil, salt and pepper to taste. Continue cooking and simmer for 45 minutes until everything is going together. Serve it hot with boiled eggs on top.


this is a best mate during cold weather..looks yummy..!

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