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~ Manok Halang-Halang or Spicy Chicken~
Another inspired by my friend and i am craving and wanted to make one tomorrow! Recipe is easy as 1 2 3... heres how it goes:
1 whole chicken (cut in your desired sizes... i love big ones)
garlic (any amount you like....i love many)
ginger (any amount u desired, its good for chicken)
lemongrass ( i put many coz i love it, i used the paste one)
chillies (i used the flakes one so not cutting the chillies anymore)
1 and half cup of water
fish sauce
chicken cubes 1 or 2
fresh basil leaves (optional)
spring onion

1. fry the chicken in oil until it gets browned.
2. then add the garlic, then the ginger, and then the lemongrass. keep on frying. then add the chillies
3. add the knorr chicken cubes. pour 1 and a half cup of water.
4. cook for more than 1 hour in a very low heat. add fish sauce when the water is going down, after cooking for 1 hour. add the pepper.
5. before you turned it off put the basil leaves and the spring onion.

Enjoy Cooking!


Looks yummy, like mahalang na food. Thanks for the visit. See u again.

His Unfailing Love

it is very delicious . but it is restricted to kids. Especially its all spicy. I will try cook the same procedure but lesser spices so kids can enjoy this new found dish of yours. Nice blog. link back pls.