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Thank goodness it's Friday! We have lots of things to do this weekend, probably going to go food shopping later after the husband's work. And perhaps tomorrow we will be going back to hardware store to buy some stuff for the house we need to fix something before somebody will look at our house for possible buyers you know. Anyway, need some check list so i won't forget what to get in the hardware store. Will sure get some paints, door locks and lots of LED bulbs our living room needs couple of these as well the both of the bathrooms.

I guess will remind him to get extra bulbs for her mom, she keeps asking him about it but he is so busy to remember whenever he goes to the store so i make sure he will definitely remember this time around. Oh talking about led bulbs, i want those colorful once i love it when my room is brighter and alive, lol. Even he doesn't really agreeing with me, well if he don't get one for me at the store i probably just check online so i can browse different varieties of colors and designs. Bulb America is there for me. Wink!