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While browsing the net for some cute decors for my daughters newly finished princess bed, I also got to see a lot of other on sale items especially on home products. Good timing because a friend is planning to change the look of their kitchen and dining area. She wants it to have a minimalist look, with marble countertops, and red as motif. I bet she'll find what she likes at Discount Granite, they have this huge sale right now on counter-tops, sinks and faucet, back splash and more! I must say the designs are so chic, the colors so bright and classy.

When we did a little makeover in our kitchen not so long ago, I was the one so thrilled and excited. Kitchen is after all a girl thing. It's like our territory, our haven, our reign. Am pretty sure my friend will have a fun time renovating their kitchen. Who wouldn't?

On a second note, I'll be baking bread again. In my previous post, I was so glad being able to make a bread for the first time. Not using a bread maker though, knead it my own hands. The in-laws really loved it so they're asking for more. Am thinking maybe this will be a good business, a bakery in the process I guess? Lol!


i'd love to have a kitchen makeover any time!! lol!

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Stainless bar sinks are known for their durability and can resist stain and rust, it isn’t totally impervious to prolonged exposure to water simply because rust and stain can still be develop.