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Posted by Gaylord Campbell

We recently relocated to Texas. My husband and I bought a ranch when we retired. We always wanted to live on ranch and live the lifestyle, but both of our practices constantly kept us busy. When we turned fifty-five, we decided that it was time to sell our practices and use the money to by our ranch, which we named, Doc’s Ranch. Living on the ranch has definitely been an adjustment. We got Crystal Texas Wild Blue Service, a satellite internet service that would reach way out in the country where we are. We don’t get to see our friends too often, but we stay in touch with them through e-mail. We have also had to adjust to getting up so early to feed the animals. The rooster starts crowing at 5:30 AM most days! I haven’t been in the office until at least nine o’clock for the last thirty years! Although adjusting has been interesting, I wouldn’t change our new lifestyle for the world. We are truly living our Western dream.