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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Finally was able to fix this dish that I've been longing it for 5 years but just can't get a chance or do favor to cook it until the other day! I am so glad that i put at least 2 sardines and misua in my lists of grocery at the Filipino store that my cousin did for me in seafood city, San Diego! Just thathe Asian store we have here is not as fresh as they've got there so i rather not get a lot of stuff and realizing it will go to waste besides i am the only one likes sardines for all we know we loves this stuff right no to doubt about that but the husband has no chance of eating them.

So anyway, in my behalf i was enjoying every bit of the soup with spinach! Nothing can't beat the taste of Filipinos home cooking!

To those who enjoy eating sardines all you need are basic ingredients:
  • can of sardines - $1.99
  • 1/2 cup misua noodles - .50cents
  • 1 clove chop garlic - .25cents
  • half of onion chop finely .25cents
  • 1 chop tomato -.25cents
  • 8-10 spinach leaves - .25cents
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a cup of water

Just sauteed the garlic, onion and tomatoes till mushy then add the sardines and water let it boil. Simmer for 2minutes then add the salt and pepper to taste and the spinach let simmer for at least 1 minute. Serve hot with rice or just soup.

Total Cost: $3.49

Enjoy Cooking!