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I was into pinoy food lately since we went to world market last Saturday i got the chance to grab some stuff for my carvings right now. I got few of them Chinese eggplants, bitter melon or shall we called it ampalaya, grab a medium size patola for my sardines/misua soup later, and few kinds of fish that the one i cook the paksiw out of it! Some blue crabs too! I have full week supply of pinoy food already, lol! Anyway, I bought Korean brown rice as well because been craving suman or biko in awhile so just took the advantage while am in that Asian store the other day. So today it's my second day for making suman supposedly i have done it yesterday already but the rice was so hard as rocks that it took me forever to steam it! I should have get the regular sweet rice but thought for a change and my folks in the PH mentioned that brown glutinous rice is a lot nicer than the white once! So i gave it a try just 48 years to boil them and so glad it cooked last night and now am wrapping it to the banana leaves for complete suman mode timely i still have tablea... perfect!

Got to to go now have a wonderful weekend ahead to all!