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Woman Within has the widest selection of plus size maternity clothes, you might wanna check out. What I like most about this online shop is that their maternity clothes are so fashionable, comfortable, and affordable. Actually they're a one stop shop for all the ladies who loves dress, beautiful and impeccable without spending a fortune. They specialized the fashion needs of a full-figured woman, whether it's for casual, formal, lingerie, sportswear, and so forth. When I was pregnant with my boy, I was not particular with what I wear, as long as it's comfy then it's fine. But for my second child, the little girl, I was like so picky. I loved leggings and maxi dresses during that time. My maternity pants needs to look cute too, otherwise I wont wear it. Guess it's really like that, what you think? The gender of the baby inside our womb affects our emotions, moods, likes and dislikes, even when it comes to clothing. Surely, getting pregnant is one of life's most beautiful part, for a woman it's like their completeness defined.


maternity clothes are very comfortable to wear..

Very true.. I just bought maternity jacket few weeks ago :-)but I'm not pregnant.. you take good care of yourself my dear!

I like maternity clothes too...
Thanks for sharing

nice to read you..visit