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I was browsing through different shops online looking for the perfect dress i'm going to wear at my brother-in-law's wedding next year. Until now I still don't have the final look in my head because when it comes to dresses, i am kinda fickle minded. I mean, I almost love everything if it pass my taste. I'm suppose to wear a purple gown for it's their motif and I honestly can't wait because my little girl will be little bride as well. Back to dress searching, I happened to drop by at Roamans. It's a clothing store for plus-sized women actually but I tell you, their plus size evening dresses are lovely! They have this red empire flower dress with full lining and it definitely caught my attention. It's red of course, and the huge, classy flower in the shoulder is so head-turner. Plus it has an embroidered cut-work in the front hem which makes it even more gorgeous. This one's cut is longer, I'd consider it as the style of my gown for the big day. Still browsing though and ain't stopping until I find the one that's mine! Winks!


I love the dress :)