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The article written by Victor Flowers

I have been broke for quite some time. I have been making some large cutbacks in my life in order to make due. The biggest problem is not telling anyone my problems. I do not want my friends to think of me differently or for them to judge me. However, I think I might be taking advantage of them a little. Since I am trying to save money, I am living on the minimum in my apartment. I keep the heat as low as I can handle, I canceled my television service and my landline. Thankfully, I have been able to watch a few shows on the internet and even programmed my friends DVR using I have not had a chance to tell him yet and right now I am hoping he does not notice. He has been such a wonderful friend to me and I hope I am not taking advantage of him. It is definitely a fine line I am walking on, but I hope I have not crossed it.