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I was able to purchased last Monday the matambaka fish, been craving this for a long long time! The fish is famous in the Philippines and it is indeed taste good whatever dish you cook to it. You can cook them like crispy fried, tinola, paksiw, the escabeche as what you see in the picture above and many more. Well mine i like it when it's cook like this in particular if you wanted to have a lil sauce with your rice this would be perfect. It's really simple kind of escabeche no more the added other ingredients such as carrots, bell pepper, green onions and blah blah, lol. Just sauteed garlic, chopped onion, couple slices of ginger for fragrance, 2tbsp soy sauce and 1tbsp vinegar in a cup of water with the 1tbsp brown sugar to marry the sweet and sour taste.