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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

There are lots of things Asians like me can be proud of, the rich culture and heritage for example. The husband too loves Asian stuff like the samurai sword, cool huh? How about those Singing Bowls? I thought it's only used for practices and traditions but nowadays it's also used for different things like music, relaxation, and even at schools to facilitate activities and student's attention. And among them, they say that the Tibetan singing bowls on the side photo are the best kind among the rest. I haven't seen one up close though, maybe if we can visit the Asian market at Florida soon, I'd try and take a look. Winks!

Insects readily feast on quick, high-calorie food. A convenient source is a flower head. Like fast-food chains, flowers advertise their presence with bright colors. Finding the flowers attractive, insects alight on the flowers, where they can munch on pollen or sip nectar. Being particularly sluggish after a cool night, these cold-blooded creatures need the sun’s energy to get going. Many flowers offer the insects a complete package—nutritious food and a place to bask in the sun. Let’s take a look at a familiar example. The oxeye daisy is a common flower that grows throughout much of Europe and North America. It may not seem special, but if you take the time to inspect it, you will see a lot of activity. This daisy offers an ideal place for insects to start the day. The white petals reflect the sun’s warmth, and the yellow center offers a good resting place where insects can soak up solar energy. To make the visit even more appetizing, the center of the daisy is replete with pollen and nectar, nutritious foods that many insects thrive on. What better place could an insect find for having a good breakfast and enjoying the sun? Thus, a whole parade of insects alight on oxeye daisies during the course of the day. You may spot beetles, colorful butterflies, shield bugs, crickets, and flies of every sort. Of course, if you are not observant, you may never notice these fascinating insect “fast-food chains.” Therefore, the next time you are in the countryside, why not make an effort to examine some of these inconspicuous daisy ecosystems? If you do, the experience is likely to enhance your appreciation for the Creator who designed them all.

[Footnote] Scientists have discovered that the temperature on the surface of some flowers is several degrees warmer than the surroundings.

Hi ya'll, am here again sharing you my finest filipino recipe that you might miss eating especially to those mommies and co filipinos abroad.

This is one of my favorite and my specialty also moist bread pudding with raisins. When i was in my hometown i usually make the best pudding that my family and friends loves. Everyone taste this delish pudding says it's good!!! they better be...haha!

Anyway here's the recipe very simple and quick.

1pack of 2-3 days old sandwich bread of your choice(This one i use a whole meat twirl chocolate bread w/texture)
1 can condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
1/2 cup raisins
1/4 cup white sugar
1tbs vanilla extract
1/2 to 1 cup boiling water
4 pcs egg yolks


Pre heat oven 350 degree. Cut the bread into cubes set aside. Boil a cup of water-for soften the bread. In a big bowl pour bread with half of boiling water, condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar and egg yolks mix it softly and add the vanilla extract continue mixing then lastly add the raisins and fold to the bread mixture. Pour to the greased/sprayed desired baking pan. Bake it for 45minutes. Garnish it with your favorite sauce or syrup.

Hope you enjoy!

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My kids and husband love this dish whenever i fix this for them usually at dinner time they all happy and drooling to this mouth watering meatballs that made of ground beef! It is healthy and delicious, so you see the picture speak for it self! This is so easy to make you can just eyeballs everything it just depends on your taste buds! I made the basic yummy side dish as well, the boiled buttery cabbage. Boiled it with butter and garlic salt with a lil bit of ground pepper until it's tender.

Wanna know how to make this delicious thingy? This is not the typical hamburger meatballs yet it's so simple and as easy as 123 i just added some spices and stuff that meatballs will really taste good. Try it so you will know...wink!

The recipe:
1lbs ground beef
1 egg
1/4 cup bread crumbs ( panko is the best to use)
5 tablespoon flour
salt and pepper to taste
dash of garlic salt
dash of paprika
dash of onion powder
dash of garlic powder
1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese (powder).
Oil for frying
One sachet of Lipton secret recipe in onion gravy mix for the sauce.


Make a teaspoonful of the mix ingredients and toast it to the pre-heated frying pan. Just repeating it until everything is cooked. Set aside. In a pot pour the gravy mixture let it boil then pour the cooked meatballs, simmer for 5 minutes or until the sauce starts to thicken. Serve it with rice and your favorite side dish veges. Walahhhh dinner is ready!

Hope this is helpful especially to busy mommies out there! I tell your folks will gonna love it!

I've always thought that those who work in the medical field are among the noblest people in the world. Dedicating much of their time and energy to help the needy. Most of the time they spend countless hours doing their best to serve and even save lives. Doctors, nurses, mid-wives, need not only patience but love. As I see them when we go to the hospital or clinics, can't help but admire. Another thing too is that nowadays, they're getting trendier when it comes to their nursing scrubs and uniform. Those who are in the children's ward wear those cute-looking, colorful scrubs tops which of course gives them a more child-friendly appeal. Hats and accessories add up to their over all look too, especially those funky hats and bandanas.

Those uniforms are probably from Blue Sky scrubs, the leading choice for needs such as I've mentioned. I tried to check their website and right now they have a sale and offers huge discounts. Alright, done for now. See ya around!

It's Friday again and time for skywatch Friday! Here's my entry hope you enjoy. Taken this at Memphis heading to downtown square. It was beautiful sunny day and hunting for a barbecue place in Memphis square!