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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Thanks to Roman May

When my dad came up for the summer last year I noticed that his hearing has deteriorated a lot. I wanted to make sure there was nothing physically wrong with him so I made an appointment with my family physician and had his ears checked. Now put my mind at ease because apparently he's doing okay aside from typical hearing loss, and the doctor gave us a website ( where we could look into hearing test appointment locations here in Michigan. Data is doing great with his new hearing aid and next time he comes around I'm going to make him go get his eyes checked, too! Sometimes he says I'm not his Mom, but she always thanks me in the end because his life is better for all my nagging. I can't wait for summer to come again so we can all be together as a family out here on the lake. Until then, I guess I'm going to have to keep up with my dad via phone calls and e-mails like usual!

Another dessert for my sweet tooth! i baked this decadent dessert that every member of my family really say wow! Lol. I admit that right now am frustrated baker and love to play with pastries. So i tried this new recipe of mine the chocolate muffin with ganache filling and top with chocolate ganache also and Oreo topping. It is just a piece of cake to make so easy i can even do it with eyes close, haha! I use the brownies mix recipe and baked into the muffin molds. Then the icing i use the Hershey chocolate icing and heavy whipping cream mixing it till they marry together. I crashed the Oreo the sprinkled it at top. You have to have the icing decorative kit to make this. I tell you it is so deliciously good this is what we called our guilty pleasures sometimes! lol.

I was craving for some Authentic Filipino dish lately. Fruit salad is one of those so when i saw my aunt posted on fb her yummy looking fruit salad it made me more drooled. So i grabbed the ingredients last weekend and here's how i made mine... very easy actually! just basic...

I never use watermelon for fruit salad but since watermelon is in stores right now so why not... Slice or shape the watermelon in your accordance (mine i shape them like a mini balls using my measuring spoon. Toast the excess water...
... as well the papaya liquids you might toast it in the sink also just same thing to the watermelon slice it...
then the bananas, cut it like a banana split then slice it small...
Pour 1 can of sweetened condensed milk into the bowl along with all the fruits you just sliced... mix gently..
Don't forget to pour some heavy whipping cream, maybe 1/2 cups... gently mix again..
Then last but not the list of course the cheese it will add texture to the salad more creamier the better! sliced it in small tiny squares... :-) take-note no more sugar needed!

So here you go the finished product! It is really creamy and cold best for summer days! My kids loves it specially the lil girl. I and her had the fiesta of the salad. lol!

Have you ever tried participating in an auction or bidding? I did! At first I was hesitant thinking it's quite impossible to win something so nice at a very low price. Thought it's just a waste of time and will end up frustrated. But then I gave it a try. My first winning was a beautiful ring, originally around 200 bucks, but had it at only $15! Cool isn't it? Dunno but I mostly bid on jewelries. Now am thinking of giving it a try again. Going for an iPad this time, lol! There's actually a way to somehow make sure win an item. That's buying bid packs. What's that? Well you have to buy bids in order to bid. So bidrack is the place to buy those credits. The nice thing about them is they guarantee you to win at least one action. If you don't, they will return your lost bids to make sure it's fair.

It's really fun winning an auction. The fact that you get something in much lower price is an achievement, lol! But of course we should be careful too in doing bids for sometimes it can be addicting. But I'll try my luck sometime soon. Hoping to have that iPad so bad! How about you? What is it you wanna buy for an extreme discount?

By far this is one of Filipinos best delicacies of all times, agree? I was given a chance to taste this thing, my brother in-law just came home from his trip to Philippines last month and one of my family's pasalubung is the shrimp yummy paste! So i bought couple of green crunchy mangoes and ate with them along with the red skinny peper or siling labuyu. Oh it is the best day of my life after 4years of missing. LOL.