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Baking is a fun activity but at the same time it could be a little stressful since everything has to be exact. The difference it has compared to cooking is that you can’t just estimate the amount of ingredients needed. One wrong move in measuring could lead into a food disaster. But the reward of finally seeing the fruit of your labor makes it truly worth it.

So if you are planning to learn a thing or two about baking or have tried it for the first time remember that it will take practice to make it practice. There’ll be problems along the way; learn from these mistakes and use them as a tool for the next baking experience. Below are also some of the usual baking dilemmas that a fist time baker might encounter along with tips on how to fix them.

The cake is hard to remove from the pan. This problem could be because of the lack of enough oil. Remember to grease the pan with a little amount of oil so that the cake won’t stick when you have to remove it. Another reason is timing. Let the cake cool down for about five minutes before removing it from the pan. Make sure to use a wire rack to make cooling down an easier process.
Another common problem involves the texture of the cake. The perfect one would have been soft and smooth as if it melts in your mouth. A cake with a coarse texture could be the result of having too much baking soda in the batter mixture. This is why it is very important to follow the recipe and make sure that all ingredients are well mixed.

Another thing that could affect the outcome of your cakes is the quality of ingredients. Make sure to use only the fresh ones and throw away those that are already past expiration date or hasn’t been used for a long time.

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