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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

My babies are growing up like weeds. I can still remember when they were still babies, so tiny and fragile, enveloped in what I consider as the world's best baby blanket, the loving arms of their mom and dad. Speaking of, I do love baby blankets, especially those delicate ones. They are indeed a must-have and for our babies, we need to choose only the best. I personally prefer those made from cotton. It is lightweight and very breathable, which means babies will feel comfortable and dry when wrapped in whatever the weather. There are those crib blankets too, selecting those tiny bedding for the little ones are one of the most exciting task for parents I have to say. For my boy, we had cars theme in his nursery before and everything purple for the baby girl. Oh I miss the time when they were still so tiny, wrapped in a sweet smelling baby blanket and of-course the joy of shopping baby stuff for them. To expectant mothers out there, cherish the moment when your babies are still babies, time flies by so fast and before we know it, they'd be grown ups. Anyway, if you like to shop for affordable baby blankets, just follow the links and it'll lead you there. Winks!

Finally I was able to install this free vlc download. Been watching online movies recently and sometimes it doesn't load as fast as I want it. I don't know if it has something to do with my laptop because this ones old already and haven't installed any updates for quite sometime now. So anyway, am trying this out and hoping this will work. I miss watching movies, the job I have now is getting busier than ever! That's why I just can't wait for the weekend. Gotta try this new media player via watching movies. Good day ya'all! Winks!

I am not so lucky the other day because unfortunately i hurt my finger with my newly bought cutlery! Was trying to slice some garlic to start my cooking that night and just a matter of second i feel bloody red as red as my knives in my thumb! OUCH! that was the first word i say after seeing bloods all over. I guess am still lucky that it wasn't that big of a cut but surely my skin was off... ewwww! I hastily grab some paper towel and rinsed it out and let the bloody thumb stop bleeding! I was thinking as well what if what if because i tell you my new knives are as sharp as sword! YIKES! Thank God just that only and from that on i was extra careful! Won't happen again! WHEWW!

Sennheiser Headphones, I think I need one of those. The husband bought a new computer camera for me recently. He said am gonna be needing it because I constantly chat with my family back home. I must say it works really well! It's very clear and the audio is perfect! But I need another set of it because my sister has been asking for one too. They see me, but I can't see them! LOL! And the ones sold in their local store according to her are too expensive. Well, she doesn't want to spend that's why. So anyway, am sure they will love the new camera and headsets I have in mind for them. We could video chat and the kids could hear their voices. Oh family will always be the best!

This is insanely good bread! i adapted this recipe from Kusina ni Manang. When i first read the recipe i right then said will definitely bake bake some because the picture speak for itself just simple as that. I am right, the next day i bake some at the office and my office mates and in-laws loves it a lot they keep complimenting how taste the bread was and so do I! Here's the recipe of KNM and try it for your self sure your family and friends will love it too! Wink!

One of my favorite movie was Legally Blonde. It was about a girl who was by far from being a serious law student and yet end up becoming the best. It was a feel-good movie wherein we can draw lessons at the same time get to have an idea about the world of lawyers and anything related to the law.

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Brave lil missy.. she's eating this and saying hmmmm yummy spicy! crazy girl! lol. It's funny how she loves this, a 3 year old child don't bother about the spiciness of the food she's eating she even enjoying the chip and salsa whenever we go dine at the Mexican place. Oh well i think it's funny watching here eating! She's more of her Dad loves spicy food. Wink!

But actually this new jalapeno Cheetos is way good than the rest of the flavors not so strong and cheesy compare to the others, i love it as well!

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I am talking about my husband's client his handyman's stuff. I noticed when i went with him yesterday at her house to take a look the custom cabinets that my husband built for her and i took some nice photos for our furniture online store pretty soon. Anyway back to the woman, when am in her house i saw that she has a good taste of all her stuff from appliances to furniture she spend a lot of money on them and i notice another thing sure she likes branded things even her cigars are la flor dominicana one of famous smoking cigars in the market. It reminds me of my grandfather he loves to smoke and he is picky too with brand he using. Oh well, even though i don't like the smell of it but i respect their beliefs about smoking thingy. Have a great night all!

This is really famous dessert in the Philippines as what we called it minatamis na balanghuy sa gata or in English sweet cassava with coconut milk. Very yummy indeed! After 6 years of deprivation i had it today and taste it again! Got the stuff at the world market 2 weeks ago. So good and feels like home kinda way for me! lol.

Here how:

2-3 medium size cut cassava roots peeled and cleaned
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
1/2 cup coconut milk

Just put all the ingredients on a pot and let it boil until the liquid evaporate and thick. Serve warm.

Enjoy Cooking.

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

My big lab mix Brutus is a great dog. I know he would do anything to protect me if something were to happen. Dogs are a great deterrent to beak-ins as well. That said, I wouldn’t want to ever put him in the position of having to protect me or our home. That’s why I went to to learn more about home alarm systems. There are many different home security systems available for all budgets. You can activate something as simple as just an alarm for when you are away to putting in a system with all the bells and whistles. I don’t think it’s necessary to have security cameras installed in every room but I appreciate the peace of mind having a system would bring. I decided to set up a simple system that I can activate when I leave to go off in the case of a break-in or fire. That way I know Brutus and my belongings are safe and sound when I am not there if there ever was an emergency!

We had red lobster 4days before our wedding anniversary we decided to celebrate ahead and dined at our favorite restaurant here in town. Food was fantastic and of course the drinks was superb and kids was enjoying every bit of the time we were inside. He got his ultimate favorite the mudslide, mine is the Bahama mama it was so good but i kinda tipsy afterwards though i can't tolerate alcohol a zip is enough but since it's our anniversary i kinda step it up a little bit! LOL. Anyway, cheers babe for many many years to come along our way! By the way red lobster has the best drinks for my opinion. Wink!

Have a wonderful snowy Sunday ahead!

Chatting with my sister back home, I heard what's happening in the hood nowadays. She said the used-to-be kids when I was there are now teenagers and that they are having like a band group. There's this abandoned house near our place and that's where they meet up and practice their songs and playing music. My sister said they're doing it really well and sounds promising. But since they're amateurs, they don't have those guitars like the epiphone riviera, and other high breed instruments. But it doesn't matter right? For as long as they practice, they might reach places and be great musicians someday. Well I bet the people in our neighborhood are enjoys listening to them, kinda like free band everyday.

Basically the same as mango float except the fruit you are using with it! A mixture of whipping cream, condensed milk, crushed graham crackers and a little bit of powdered sugar for the whipped cream to stabilized and layered it from graham crackers, whipped cream mixture and the peach fruits and repeated procedure until to the last pieces of the ingredient :-)! Actually it is dang good as much the famous mango float dessert. Chill before serving. Try it so you know what i am talking about! Wink.

Enjoy Cooking!

Such as the picture you're seeing. But since I got busy with my new job that's been going on for several weeks, well I can't seem to remember where I put it. Yeah, having a job made me realized a couple of things. One of which is I missed spending all day, doing nothing. I mean I could just laze in the bed and cuddle the kids. Then I could cook a hearty meal and end up eating it. I can look for a hobby which is a nice way to be creative and avoid idle time. Speaking of, it's been a while since I bought some Glitter Beads, rhinestone beads, gemstones, and some cultured pearl because it was my plan to make some custom jewelries for souvenirs and gifts to send to the Philippines. I have a friend who makes key chains and according to her it's just so easy at the same time so much fun. So I bought a whole set of stuff for including the said hobby. But now since am so busy with work, I find myself running out of time to finish my duties, I don't know if I can continue on with it. Am thinking I should just send all the materials back home and give it to my aunt who loves the same stuff as well. Actually, she's very talented when it comes to accessory-making, even makes her own shoes and purses. I'm pretty much sure she'll love it! Could also make a living if people likes her finish product. Gonna be sending it home soon. Gotta remember where I put it though, because yours truly is getting forgetful lately LOL! Anyway, It's been a long day for all of us today and it's our wedding anniversary so got to go and be with my man of life! Wink! Have a great evening everyone.

Two weeks ago i made a good lunch for all my office mates and all were happy and loves my food i cooked for them! I was touched as well for sending me a nice and cute thank you card that signed from all of them saying how yummy and delicious it is even it was just very simple food i made. Anyway, I made bunch of meatballs and gravy with special gravy sauce in it, made also the Filipino garlic rice which my husband really likes it a lot, and as well a tray of green beans adobo style and a bowl of mash potato. Sure was good! Wink!

My body back when i used to be a size 0 definitely will show it off to my family because they always there to support me and of course my husband i promised when i get my slim body back will wear a sexy corset lingerie, lol kidding aside but seriously i am working on it and crossing my finger after 6 months from now i can share my new me. I really wanted to lose at least several pounds before the wedding of my brother in law this coming summer because husband and I included in the entourage. My goal 30lbs lighter and i hope i could accomplish that goal. Wink!

Seafood is always my favorites! Since i could remember my dad goes to the wet market and buy those yummy fishes and shellfishes. One of the delicious recipe that it's been in family tradition is the yummy goodness shrimp in butter garlic sauce. My my has the best one ever and since i am away from home now i just cook my self and taste like my mother's recipe. Delish! Very simple and basic. I bet everyone knows about this recipe!

Here's how:

1 pound of fresh shrimp (cleaned) or frozen uncooked shrimp)
3 cloves of tiny chopped garlic
3-5 tbsp butter
salt and pepper to taste
1tbsp soy sauce

In a skillet melt butter with the chopped garlic until fragrant. Toast the shrimp and stir. Add soy sauce, dash of salt and pepper. Stir and simmer for 10 minutes or until it sizzle the sauce.

Enjoy cooking!

Thanks for the guest post by Rob L.

Coffee tables are used in various places for different purposes; many of the uses of these small tables are obvious to most people. While the initial cost of tables for your home may be expensive, the many advantages that you can make use of outweigh the drawbacks for a lot of home owners.

Firstly, they are ideal when you have visitors and they need somewhere to put drinks. This is, of course, the main purpose that these tables serve; however, people often fail to realize how much easier this makes things. Because they have somewhere to put their hot drinks, there is less chance of a spillage, which means that there's not as much chance that you'll have to start clearing up hot coffee from the carpet!

Apart from being able to put drinks on them, you can put almost anything else on top of them. Many people like to display ornaments on them if they're never in use for drinks. This may give your house a warm and friendly atmosphere, and some delicate ornaments, photographs and other trinkets will add character to the room.

If you get a coffee table that allows you to lift the lid, you can use it as a little bit of extra storage space. Diaries, sheets of paper and pamphlets that you want to keep hold of can be stored inside the coffee tables until you need to take them out again.

Adjustable coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to the fact that so many people are realizing the many uses of these. Not only can you put your drinks down on them, but you can adjust the height to a higher level if you wish, giving you a table that is high enough to eat a meal from!

On how much a gold bar would cost nowadays. Well I just found out that you can actually buy gold bars online from Golden Eagle, coins and bullion too. The price of an ounce of gold bar amounts to a little less than 2000 bucks! I really thought it's more than that. Such items along with other precious metals are nice investments for many individuals because as we know, gold's value just keeps on increasing over time. It is also more in demand because products like cosmetics and food uses gold as a primary ingredient. There are trusted companies that sells these precious gems, find the one worth the investment if you're interested.

1 cup slice baby squids
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup buttermilk or 1 raw egg
5 tbsp flour
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 cup flour for coating
cooking oil

Mix altogether except the 1/2 cup flour dash garlic salt on the flour mixture. Heat cooking oil. Coat each squid onto the flour and toast it to the hot oil cook for 3minutes each side till golden brown. Serve with Asian garlic sauce or your favorite sauce.

Enjoy Cooking!

I had a hard time the other day on youtube video downloader for the videos i recorded from the kids play last weekend. But glad to know that my cousin taught me how to download those videos so i could share it to my family in the Philippines and friends also. She suggested to do these simple steps so that i can download it on YouTube or in my computer using the best video downloader software. After that, i was able to share the moments that kids and I had. Thanks for her otherwise i still can't get to download those videos!

Have a goodnight ya'll!

I guess i am in trouble now, lol! Why? because they hate my cupcakes that i made yesterday for my office mates it was my day off so i volunteered to cook lunch and at the same time bake something chocolaty for desserts. Anyway, after the long morning of cooking and baking the lunch is ready and took to the office. Everybody got silly when they saw it too good to eat for the diet people, lol.

Anyway here's the recipe:

1 pack box of chocolate cake mix
1/2 cup of dark chocolate icing
1 cup whipping cream
10 pieces Oreo cookies

  • Bake the chocolate cake as directed on the box
  • Cool completely before icing.
  • Froze the icing bowl (mixer bowl) for at least 10 minutes at the most before prep time.
  • When ready and cold, pour 1 cup of whipping cream and mix to medium speed until the texture is foamy. Then add the 1/2 cup chocolate icing and continue mixing until it become stiff.
  • Then start decorating your C'cakes, lastly sprinkle the grind Oreo cookies on the top of the finished cupcakes for garnish!
Enjoy Cooking!!

This is my finished product, i made a pie instead of cake for try out and see how it goes well i am happy with the result. It was my first time and looks like i did it right! lol. The pie it self was good use the strawberry cheese cake mix and then i prep the fruits then working on my design. Look yummy isn't it? Will share the recipe later after making the fruit cake this time. Nest week probably for the office to dessert in!