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Thanks for the guest post by Rob L.

Coffee tables are used in various places for different purposes; many of the uses of these small tables are obvious to most people. While the initial cost of tables for your home may be expensive, the many advantages that you can make use of outweigh the drawbacks for a lot of home owners.

Firstly, they are ideal when you have visitors and they need somewhere to put drinks. This is, of course, the main purpose that these tables serve; however, people often fail to realize how much easier this makes things. Because they have somewhere to put their hot drinks, there is less chance of a spillage, which means that there's not as much chance that you'll have to start clearing up hot coffee from the carpet!

Apart from being able to put drinks on them, you can put almost anything else on top of them. Many people like to display ornaments on them if they're never in use for drinks. This may give your house a warm and friendly atmosphere, and some delicate ornaments, photographs and other trinkets will add character to the room.

If you get a coffee table that allows you to lift the lid, you can use it as a little bit of extra storage space. Diaries, sheets of paper and pamphlets that you want to keep hold of can be stored inside the coffee tables until you need to take them out again.

Adjustable coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to the fact that so many people are realizing the many uses of these. Not only can you put your drinks down on them, but you can adjust the height to a higher level if you wish, giving you a table that is high enough to eat a meal from!