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My babies are growing up like weeds. I can still remember when they were still babies, so tiny and fragile, enveloped in what I consider as the world's best baby blanket, the loving arms of their mom and dad. Speaking of, I do love baby blankets, especially those delicate ones. They are indeed a must-have and for our babies, we need to choose only the best. I personally prefer those made from cotton. It is lightweight and very breathable, which means babies will feel comfortable and dry when wrapped in whatever the weather. There are those crib blankets too, selecting those tiny bedding for the little ones are one of the most exciting task for parents I have to say. For my boy, we had cars theme in his nursery before and everything purple for the baby girl. Oh I miss the time when they were still so tiny, wrapped in a sweet smelling baby blanket and of-course the joy of shopping baby stuff for them. To expectant mothers out there, cherish the moment when your babies are still babies, time flies by so fast and before we know it, they'd be grown ups. Anyway, if you like to shop for affordable baby blankets, just follow the links and it'll lead you there. Winks!