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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

As i mentioned awhile ago about BB well, the week after next, am gonna be sending the boxes I know better that i should’ve sent to the family back home a long time ago already. I told them not to get frustrated for it’s worth the wait. Well I’m thinking right now of sending a couple though, one for the goods and the other will be under fragile labels . I have several utensils in it, a couple of breakable items which mom was asking. It’s like a dining set, with crystal bowls and plates. Am quite sure they will love it because it’s been a while family’s asking something for the kitchen. I’m just glad office work ain’t too busy anymore. I have time to go the parcel and send the boxes. Winks!

Hubby's great grandma is in Florida right now she's staying their for several months and i miss her right now so thinking of sending her favorite pandesal bread that she loves! I baked yesterday and today will be heading to post office she doesn't know am sending or us sending a present there i bet she'll be surprised that the bread she always enjoy eating here will be a days awaits, lol. She's a sweet great grandmother that she reminds me of my biological grandma that is so miles away! I'm missing here so much too! Wish she's here with us! Ugh.

The online deals thingy i should say! Everyday after my chores done the first thing am into is online shopping checking those great deals and sales of the day. I know a lot of online shops that sells quite number of discounted stuff from clothing to shoes, handbags to jewelries name it, and i know it! LOL. That's why i don't go to malls anymore i enjoy my spare time just clicking and browsing great deals over the web! Anyway, today I'm into jewelry deals of the day mode particularly rings. The picture above is the ring that am eyeing for quite sometimes now. It has a vintage square look style which is why i fall in love with black diamonds in it, just the way i love it! Pretty much a good deal to get it today from $360 down to $59, what a real deal huh? Feel free to check you might find something you like as well!

Enjoy shopping!

Talking about the balikbayan box that will be sending in a matter of days, So happy that this will be forwarded soon to family in my homeland, knowing it was super over due already! Being so busy left and right the last thing in my mind id to drive an hour and half just to bring it to where the boxes ship! But now my agony is ended going to send it very soon, Thank goodness! Moreover, most of the stuff is packed other than the goodies, chocolates, and more goodies! It is mandatory for me to put them, lol by sissy and mom's demands, haha! I am pretty sure they will going to love me more because their requests are granted and they might get overwhelm who know knows a surprise for them to find out! Oh well, i hope they will all enjoy the presents i am sending them! Wink!

Smoking is indeed a hard habit to break. It's like a chain that binds smokers, unable to free from the habit. It's really dangerous to the health and thankful of my beliefs because it's strongly forbidden. Many smokers admit that it's not doing any good to them and also to their loved ones. Though they may have the strongest desire to stop the habit, it's a struggle they must constantly overcome.

Some smokers, in order to slowly break free from smoking use alternatives such as ecigarettes. For them it's like smoking without the smoke. Ecigarette according to them is safer for it has no tar, no tobacco, no ash, and no smell. Its nicotine levels vary to suit smokers. It comes in different flavors like peach, pina collada, cappuccino, vanilla and cherry. The cartridges are rechargeable and easy to use, which makes them cost-efficient and less hassle. There are also disposable ones which they say is ideal for first-timers. Well, ecigarattes may have its positive side. It may have helped many to find an alternative way in smoking and eventually stop the habit that's not good for the health.

Sotanghon/bihon guisado is always a traditional way in ever Filipinos table and famous of every gathering and what so ever! Once in a while the housemates are begging to make some of this so it's always been said that i have to stock my pantry so anytime can just grab and cook.

The picture speak for it self this is really a 100% pinoy meal from rice to yellow sweet mangoes, sardine and to delicious rice noodles. I do stocks some sardines too, this is so easy to fix and very cheap. The favorite way i cook is sardines omelet with lots of diced tomatoes...yum!!

It's not quite summer yet, but almost. Aside from the sunny weather which I dearly miss, the summer of this year is going to be extra special for the whole family. We are hoping that everything will work out just fine for my brother-in-law and his bride to be. If things will go according to planned, their big day will be this summer. You see, they still doesn't have a fix date yet because right now they are waiting for the papers and other more important stuff. But it doesn't mean we wont go ahead with the preparations. We're slowly putting things together such as the dresses for the entourage, wedding invitations, flowers, venue arrangements, so on and so forth. I must say the invitation my BIL has in mind looks beautiful. It's very simple with a portrait picture of the groom and bride. There's a cool invitation for all occasions website that has a huge collection of designs. The traditional ones are very classy but I really like those with a modern twist. It has the phrase, "Save the Date" and I find it really cute and more romantic.

By the way, I have a secret to share. I just hope they wouldn't come over to my blog so they wouldn't know. I'm thinking of throwing something special for the bride-to-be the moment she arrives here. All the girlfriends should be in the house and have a good time. Lossen up before the wedding you know and just bond together. Alright enough with the hints, lol! Will have to make some invitations for it too, might print it myself but if the lazy bone hits me, I'll just let the shop do it, they have pretty ones after all. Can't wait for the big day. I'm just as excited as them. I think am really looking forward to wear my purple gown actually, winks!

My last batch of mangoes! It is just the right ripeness for me to make a whole bunch of mango floats! I made two trays one for home and the round one is going to the office for my office mates to enjoy! Our dessert for the day very yummy mango floats famous dessert in the Philippines! Wink!

It's not so long since I started working here in the tax office. I must say I still have lots to learn and plenty of working out to do. Sometimes I find myself confused and lost with what the clients are saying. They're very technical with weird financial terms and stuff like that. But slowly am becoming familiar with how things are going and pretty soon my job will be more interesting to me.

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
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Just like what happened the other day. Was I eavesdropping at the office? Call it that way. I over-heard someone, I think a client, talking about It is obviously a website but what exactly is it? I still have no idea until now. Haven't check for yet but I must say, it has something to do with a tax form and infographic as shown above, well it seems intriguing. One of these day, I will have to search for information about it in the Internet. Might ask the husband to for he's been working in the tax office for many years already, I'm pretty sure he has something to say with regards to this one. Moving on guys, I gotta go. Just sneaking here for a couple of minutes. It'll be a busy, productive day for me. Weekend is fast-approaching, will have to see you by then.

Was using my left over roasted chicken and steam rice that we had for dinner and made a delicious lunch lat Tuesday. I just want something different to cook that day and since the husband loves anything with curry on it so i came up of improvising the left overs. Honestly it turn it really good kids and us enjoy our plate , flavor wise oh it was just right the curry and rice corporate together to add a lil bit colors i toast my frozen mix vegetables and sprinkled some thinly slices of scrambled eggs. YUM!

Here's how:

1-2cups left over cooked rice
2cups shredded left over chicken
chopped garlic
chopped onions
a cup of frozen mix veges (carrots,corn and peas)
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 garlic salt
1tbsp curry powder
2-4eggs (scrambled eggs)
1tsp cooking oil
string green onions chopped for garnish


Sauteed garlic and onion until fragrant, add chicken cook for 5 minutes or chicken become lightly brown. Add the mix veges, salt and pepper, garlic, paprika and the curry powder stir it good. Cover for 3-5 minutes until the vegetables cooked. Add the rice and continue stirring to mix well. If you want strong flavor of curry you can add extra curry powder depends on your taste. Lastly, garnish the scrambled eggs and green onions. That's all!

Enjoy Cooking!

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

My sweet dad is always sending me information that he thinks will help me in my career, or news stories that involve my field. It is really sweet, actually. Often times the information he sends me has nothing to do with anything, but he hears a keyword and thinks- oh!- my daughter could use this! Yesterday he called me on the phone to tell me about a new website he heard about. This time his advice actually turned out to be useful. He directed me to, and what’s funny is I was already looking into going from a T1 service provider. He was so proud when I told him that this website was just what I needed and what I was looking into anyway. I could tell it just made his week to be able to help his daughter out. It’s true, too. I had just begun considering switching to an individual broadband system for my company, and along comes good old dad with a website that was just what I was looking for.

A random pin from my newest-find fave site. Whoaaa! I went drooling! A pancake with fruits in it. Looks sooo adorable and healthy to eat. Will definitely make one this weekend. The family will surely love it. Can't wait!

I've got tons! Since I took a break from work because of flu, the advantage is I get to sort a lot of things here and there. One of those are the pictures stored both in the lappy and desktop. I was thinking of cleaning up the disk space, copy all files and delete all junks. But apparently, pictures from times by gone are saved here and it will take me longer time to sort it out. Anyway, am also thinking of just making copies and print pictures since my mother wants a new set of album pics. But it will cost me much if am gonna have to print them all. Wait, I found Express Copy coupon codes and 48 Hour Print coupon at GeekAlerts. It won't just help me save more bucks but also allows me to print more memorabilia like calendars and stickers. Mom wants to have a calendar photo book of the kids, that's sweet. By the way, if you have pictures to print too, you can grab some coupons at the website mentioned above. They also have a lot of other goodies to offer especially for those Geek Chic out there. Gadgets and novelty items are their specialty, I really like the Oh snap! cutting board. If they have it in red sure I'd grab one. LOL!

Sick for several days and what's best for sick mode? None other than making soup is the best way to do. I believed that soup is great when you are sick because our mom does that a lot she takes good care of us when we're not feeling good. Anyway since my mommy is not here with me i remember she cooks us the yummy aroz caldo so i made some last weekend. the housemates both enjoys it along with some cheesy/garlic Texas toasts. Perfect combo for a cold dinner night. Wink!

We celebrate one important day each year to honor a great woman in our lives who has been there since the time we saw the light in this world. This day is Mother's Day. In this day, we want to make our mothers special by letting them feel that they are loved and appreciated. Hence, gift giving is always a way to express how we feel. Giving something for your mother can be challenging especially if you have given her flowers during Mother's Day in the past. You need not give her flowers this year. You can surprise her with something that she truly loves. Why not give her a necklace? Personalized necklaces are one of the best Mother's Day gifts that you can give your mom on her special day.

You don't have to be a jeweller in order to create the best personalized necklace for your mom. In fact, there are many online stores that allow personalization of necklaces that you will purchase. There are many ways to personalize the necklace that you are going to give to your mom.

If your mom has a short name, then you can have her name on the necklace. Your mother will surely be proud wearing such necklace with her name. For those who have long names, you can personalize the necklace by putting her nickname instead. Either way, your mom will truly appreciate your effort.

Giving personalized necklaces as Mother's Day gifts can be expensive. However, when you will give such beautiful gifts to someone who is very important, the price does not matter anymore. The most important thing is that you make your mom happy on Mother's Day and the other days of the year.

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As i am always bragging about how good and delicious the Japanese and Korean food are, well it's the opposite of how am not really a fan about Vietnamese food. Just for my own experience not saying all the food is not so good you know. Anyway, we love to go to different restaurant that close to us if we find it interested to and try why not! So yesterday we headed up our lunch on this restaurant was so excited to try and taste another taste of food but to our surprised not so savory for the price of a bowl of soup i don't think so! I think they are making a money out there! Plus the food is so bland, lack of flavor at all! I told my husband for me to move on of what we paid for that lunch we had i got to write a review for it! Wink!

I had so much fun yesterday despite i am sick the husband drove us all the way to Nashville for grocery shopping! When i don't feel good i craves of Filipino food a lot unfortunately we don't have a Phil-am store anywhere else but there. I got bunch of mangoes like 3 boxes of 18 pieces in a box, lol! Don't blame me mango is mine and kids favorite. I went crazy looking all those sweet yellow mangoes. Anyway after such enjoyable moments at the store we headed up to whole food market as well we took the advantage while we're there to just go roamed around the places. I asked the husband to passed by to the mall and go to lingerie store because i was looking for some gifts to my 2 friends that will getting married very soon. And thinking to send her some nice plus size bras and a sexy lingerie to save it for their honeymoon, She's kinda curvy so looking for best fit to her physique. The other friend of mine is getting married here in our place so just a thought of throwing her a shower party with family and friends just like i had my wedding before, that's one of the unforgettable moments in my life i am sure she will enjoy hers as well.

Anyway, speaking of such gifts, i didn't really able to find my likings yesterday wandering if i just get it online i bet there's wider selection of them to check it out. As you all know that I'm a certified shopper online i am positively sure i could get the stuff that i will really get satisfied like at they have the classy and trendy intimate apparels and stuff to choose from. I admit kinda picky of the quality and style specially on this kind of things, should be perfect fit, right look and feels comfortable, and wanted to pampered my friends on their special day. Have some in the back of my head though, and of course will get one for me.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as well! Have a wonderful day ahead! Wink!

Crinkles cookies are my sister and I's favorite ever since we first had it in our neighbors bakery shop. And so i was craving for it in awhile but have no recipes for it until last Monday i found the perfect recipe! I adapted it from panlasang pinoy thank goodness! Was so thrilled to share it to my family and office mates and to my surprised they've enjoy every bit of it, and of course the kids! I think I'm gonna make some more since they said it was really good. Well, the pictures speaks for it self, wink!

I been craving for some sweet yellow mangoes in a while now and since we only get them seasonally i once in awhile call the Asian market that has it. To my pleasant surprised they have some already so what came up first to my mind was going there this weekend. It's like an hour and half drive just to go there so i really begged the hub to drive me and and he agreed, yahoo! Kids loves and so do he so there's no reason to get lazy to drive over there! I really want them otherwise my days won't be complete now i know that the store is selling again! Can't wait and will make some dessert out of it! Drooling just the thought of them!