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Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

My sweet dad is always sending me information that he thinks will help me in my career, or news stories that involve my field. It is really sweet, actually. Often times the information he sends me has nothing to do with anything, but he hears a keyword and thinks- oh!- my daughter could use this! Yesterday he called me on the phone to tell me about a new website he heard about. This time his advice actually turned out to be useful. He directed me to, and what’s funny is I was already looking into going from a T1 service provider. He was so proud when I told him that this website was just what I needed and what I was looking into anyway. I could tell it just made his week to be able to help his daughter out. It’s true, too. I had just begun considering switching to an individual broadband system for my company, and along comes good old dad with a website that was just what I was looking for.