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I been craving for some sweet yellow mangoes in a while now and since we only get them seasonally i once in awhile call the Asian market that has it. To my pleasant surprised they have some already so what came up first to my mind was going there this weekend. It's like an hour and half drive just to go there so i really begged the hub to drive me and and he agreed, yahoo! Kids loves and so do he so there's no reason to get lazy to drive over there! I really want them otherwise my days won't be complete now i know that the store is selling again! Can't wait and will make some dessert out of it! Drooling just the thought of them!


Oh! These are my favorites! No kidding! I adore yellow mangoes and I'll not get tired of eating them. Might as well go buy for myself soon! So excited for the upcoming mangoes season!

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likewise here can't get tired of em! thanks for stopping by!