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I've got tons! Since I took a break from work because of flu, the advantage is I get to sort a lot of things here and there. One of those are the pictures stored both in the lappy and desktop. I was thinking of cleaning up the disk space, copy all files and delete all junks. But apparently, pictures from times by gone are saved here and it will take me longer time to sort it out. Anyway, am also thinking of just making copies and print pictures since my mother wants a new set of album pics. But it will cost me much if am gonna have to print them all. Wait, I found Express Copy coupon codes and 48 Hour Print coupon at GeekAlerts. It won't just help me save more bucks but also allows me to print more memorabilia like calendars and stickers. Mom wants to have a calendar photo book of the kids, that's sweet. By the way, if you have pictures to print too, you can grab some coupons at the website mentioned above. They also have a lot of other goodies to offer especially for those Geek Chic out there. Gadgets and novelty items are their specialty, I really like the Oh snap! cutting board. If they have it in red sure I'd grab one. LOL!