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It's not quite summer yet, but almost. Aside from the sunny weather which I dearly miss, the summer of this year is going to be extra special for the whole family. We are hoping that everything will work out just fine for my brother-in-law and his bride to be. If things will go according to planned, their big day will be this summer. You see, they still doesn't have a fix date yet because right now they are waiting for the papers and other more important stuff. But it doesn't mean we wont go ahead with the preparations. We're slowly putting things together such as the dresses for the entourage, wedding invitations, flowers, venue arrangements, so on and so forth. I must say the invitation my BIL has in mind looks beautiful. It's very simple with a portrait picture of the groom and bride. There's a cool invitation for all occasions website that has a huge collection of designs. The traditional ones are very classy but I really like those with a modern twist. It has the phrase, "Save the Date" and I find it really cute and more romantic.

By the way, I have a secret to share. I just hope they wouldn't come over to my blog so they wouldn't know. I'm thinking of throwing something special for the bride-to-be the moment she arrives here. All the girlfriends should be in the house and have a good time. Lossen up before the wedding you know and just bond together. Alright enough with the hints, lol! Will have to make some invitations for it too, might print it myself but if the lazy bone hits me, I'll just let the shop do it, they have pretty ones after all. Can't wait for the big day. I'm just as excited as them. I think am really looking forward to wear my purple gown actually, winks!