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It's not so long since I started working here in the tax office. I must say I still have lots to learn and plenty of working out to do. Sometimes I find myself confused and lost with what the clients are saying. They're very technical with weird financial terms and stuff like that. But slowly am becoming familiar with how things are going and pretty soon my job will be more interesting to me.

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Brought To By

Just like what happened the other day. Was I eavesdropping at the office? Call it that way. I over-heard someone, I think a client, talking about It is obviously a website but what exactly is it? I still have no idea until now. Haven't check for yet but I must say, it has something to do with a tax form and infographic as shown above, well it seems intriguing. One of these day, I will have to search for information about it in the Internet. Might ask the husband to for he's been working in the tax office for many years already, I'm pretty sure he has something to say with regards to this one. Moving on guys, I gotta go. Just sneaking here for a couple of minutes. It'll be a busy, productive day for me. Weekend is fast-approaching, will have to see you by then.