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I had so much fun yesterday despite i am sick the husband drove us all the way to Nashville for grocery shopping! When i don't feel good i craves of Filipino food a lot unfortunately we don't have a Phil-am store anywhere else but there. I got bunch of mangoes like 3 boxes of 18 pieces in a box, lol! Don't blame me mango is mine and kids favorite. I went crazy looking all those sweet yellow mangoes. Anyway after such enjoyable moments at the store we headed up to whole food market as well we took the advantage while we're there to just go roamed around the places. I asked the husband to passed by to the mall and go to lingerie store because i was looking for some gifts to my 2 friends that will getting married very soon. And thinking to send her some nice plus size bras and a sexy lingerie to save it for their honeymoon, She's kinda curvy so looking for best fit to her physique. The other friend of mine is getting married here in our place so just a thought of throwing her a shower party with family and friends just like i had my wedding before, that's one of the unforgettable moments in my life i am sure she will enjoy hers as well.

Anyway, speaking of such gifts, i didn't really able to find my likings yesterday wandering if i just get it online i bet there's wider selection of them to check it out. As you all know that I'm a certified shopper online i am positively sure i could get the stuff that i will really get satisfied like at they have the classy and trendy intimate apparels and stuff to choose from. I admit kinda picky of the quality and style specially on this kind of things, should be perfect fit, right look and feels comfortable, and wanted to pampered my friends on their special day. Have some in the back of my head though, and of course will get one for me.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as well! Have a wonderful day ahead! Wink!