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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Alambre is a delicious Mexican dish that is so savory and tasty, sure you'll be mouth watering in every bites! It's like fajitas cook in a sizzling pan with full of aromatic herbs that's so yummy and smells terrific! Hence, the alambre is mix with grilled chicken, beef and shrimps top with melted cheese and crispy bacon bites along with rice and beans on the sides. It is so insanely good that you will find your self saying i have to forget diet for now and enjoy my plate! Try it so you would believe what i am trying to say, lol. You can only get this in real authentic Mexican place because some don't serve lots of varieties so make sure you go to big Mexican restaurants that serves it Wink!

It's been several days now that my taste buds is craving for seafood stuff! When i mentioned it to the husband he right away said we can go to the whole food market in Nashville tomorrow... yay!!!! He knows how to make wife happy because when mom is happy everybody will be happy clear and simple, lol. To fulfill my day tomorrow i already have the list of stuff to get and pretty much sure it's going to be exciting! I just enjoy and so do him on this food store we love to go, even though kinda far far drive still it is worth the drive :) Have a good night all!

I have nothing much to do so as always I’m just browsing the net for some nice finds. Though there’s no buying in sight but just having the idea of what’s for the latest is good enough for me. Right now I saw really pretty monogrammed jewelry boxes and sculpted jewelry tree. It’s not just a place where to put your jewels into safety but also a nice ornament and decorative piece. The jewelry tree most especially, I find it so oriental. It’s nice to grab one soon, if ever I get to find some nice deals for it though. Winks!

This was my second time to make the mouth watering monkey bread! Indeed it was delish....! The husband loves it and he even said that i could sold it fast. It's so easy actually adapting it from Pillsbury biscuits recipe and since then i keep wanting it as well the housemates.

Here are the stuff to make the monkey bread!

2 mini size of Pillsbury biscuits
3 tbsp white sugar
1tbsp cinnamon powder
4tbsp butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
a Ziploc bag

On a zip bag combine white sugar and cinnamon, coat biscuits till full coated. In a loaf pan or rectangular clear baking pan line up and layered the coated biscuits. Melt the brown sugar and butter for 45seconds and pour to the prepared biscuits. Bake for 35 minutes in 350 degree. That's it!

Enjoy cooking!

Home is where a heart is. All of our most valuable possessions are contained within the four corners of our homes. It is only proper if we take steps ensuring its safety and security. One good way is through installing a trusted and reliable home security system, such as what home security Austin provides. The company had been serving Austin and Texas area for many years already. Their goal is to provide state-of-the-art tools and devices in home protection. Monitors, CCTV cameras, and alarms, being placed in the right areas of the house and the surroundings will do good in preventing thieves and other bad elements.

I am actually browsing for a reputable security system providers locally. We have been thinking of getting one since we are leaving for FL to stay there for several weeks. We can't just leave the house without protection and security system may well be the way to do so. The thought of going to Florida gives us bliss. I am just as excited as everyone in the family. Though I am anxious too, there's just so many running through my mind right now. Well, I guess, it's just normal.

This is so easy to make, even your 7 year old child would be able to create this yummy crepe recipe best for morning breakfast! Just watch them or let them help while you are making em'. My kiddos and husband of course really love and enjoyed their morning earlier, apparently during weekend if we don't go somewhere we usually have a late breakfast and i make sure that i cook some good stuff. To make my long story short i will share you this yummy decadent that surely your housemates as well will love!

Crepe mixture: ( I use the pancake mix and just follow as directed )

Blackberry filling:

1 package fresh blackberry
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup water
1tsp vanilla extract
1tsp cornstarch
3tbsp whipping cream

  • Rinse blackberries, in a deep pan combine all the ingredients let it boil till liquid thicken and add the cornstarch mixture. Set aside
Cinnamon apples:

3 pieces sweet apples
3tbsp brown sugar
1tsp cinnamon 
2tbsp butter
  • In a medium heat skillet melt butter then add the slice apples (wedge shapes), 3tbsp brown sugar and the cinnamon powder. Stir and let it cook for 10 minutes. 
  • Gather all the prepared stuff for crepes. Start filling the crepe with the blackberry mixture, roll like a burrito or desired shape. Top it with cook apples and sprinkle it with confectioner sugar. 
Enjoy Cooking!!

Just came home from a satisfying dinner with family, it feels good to share a meal with wonderful people before going to bed though, I feel like lurking over the internet and search for hot deals. It's like a therapy for me though i have no plans of purchasing items but looking at them is fun enough to make me smile. So what's in store this time? No I'm not going for the conventional ones, I feel like going geeky. Geek Gadgets and Coupon Promo Codes 2012 has a new line of super cool items such as the set off bicycle glasses and beer infused ice cream, now that's a match! For the bookworms who grab new books, AbeBooks coupon code 2012 are available so they can save more on their finds. Are u a pet lover? Petsmart coupons 2012 has so many paw friendly items to give away as well. I was drooling for food earlier at the resto, now over some tempting deals in the internet. Please don't make me see that add to cart button!

Humba is one of the finest Filipino comfort food usually present at gatherings, fiestas and special occasions or just an afternoon or evening meal of Filipino household. It's made from pork meat usually from belly or thighs and braised it to tenderness then flavored it with soy sauce, brown sugar, bit of vinegar, bay leaves, pepper corns and black beans. It is always great to have this mouth watering humba in the dining table to enjoy. From time to time i am craving for it and lately i couldn't help my self to think that i have to make some and since it was timely a friend gave us some nice cut of pork thigh so shortly then i hastily cook them! That moment i really felt that i was back home enjoying the taste of pinoy humba.

Are you in search for Fender Pawn Shop Amps? If you’re a music lover, then probably you are. Am not that of a singer, haha but i definitely love this red box in here! Well, the reason why people love Fender amplification is because of its vintage style with rear wood panes that comes in a variety of colors that’s indeed super cool! It’s quite a steal having this tabletop beauty, I bet many music fanatics and collectors will drool over as they see the unique, stylish, vintage models. Would you like to know what the bestseller is? It’s the limited edition deluxe tube guitar combo amp in wine red. It’s pretty much expensive but definitely worth the amount. I’m not into stereos really much more amplifiers but you know what, as a lover of vintage items, I must say it’s lovely. I imagine it placing in the living room, changing the mood from being typical to groovy.

I never drink alcohol in my life, they offer me some but i regret to say i hate the taste of it... period! But before I've taste the tequila rose strawberry cream i think this is gonna be my favorite liqueurs because it isn't very strong and it is so creamy you wouldn't think it's an alcohol. Both of us won't drink as much others do but we stock couple of wines and liqueurs in the fridge just for times that we need to relax that's what we do take a shot! So if you hasn't try this tequila rose yet? am telling you now that must have try bet you will love it as much!

More and more people are spending much time online nowadays. Young ones and adults alike, if we ask them, almost everyone has social networking accounts and plays online games. Others however use the internet as a study material like if they have school assignments and research project. The internet is indeed a powerful medium most of us have access into, it’s either we put it to good use or just be careless about. No doubt we don’t like the latter and being careful is a must. How can we protect ourselves especially our children? We should be aware of the dangers internet users are exposed of. It includes websites with adult contents, cyber bullying, chatting with strangers, identity thief, cyber predators, and so on and so forth. Being careful and not just hitting on buttons and links are not the only way to protect ourselves. One good way is through parental control software free download. It filters and blocks harmful websites, notification alerts, video recording of PC activity for 60 hours, logs user names and passwords, and so much more. Tools such as are what we need to ensure safe browsing. Indeed, we really have to be careful than be sorry especially when it comes to our online activities.

I usually don't cook breakfast for the pass few years i should say i only do it when i feel like it or during weekends because the husband doesn't work that means he sleep in late during weekends. Anyhow, I decided and realized that i must do the right way i should started cook breakfast more often from now on because as what I've read recently that breakfast is the important meal of the day to start up your morning great so with no excuses i started it to i should have done this already just too lazy i guess, lol. Apparently the husband is happy seeing me once again in the kitchen in early morning because he knows that i am not a morning person but because and for him i will promise to wake up so early and fix him great breakfast! I will take my word on this! Anyway, for his breakfast this morning was fried eggs, buttered toasts, fresh strawberries and a cup of his favorite tea. Wink!

Have a wonderful Wednesday ya'll!!

I’ve been hearing the word lately, the latest buzz I guess. Curious as I am, typed the word and click search. Ever heard zipcloud? it is a simple solution that makes storing and backing up files easy to do. A software that’s easy to use, it allows users to backup their files, pictures, downloads, games, movies, and syncs it to any device it is connected. Need to know more about this software though because when it comes to technicalities, I usually let the husband does it. But am quite sure my files need a backup soon. Will be cleaning and fixing the laptop and everything here should be protected and saved.

Craving for Filipino food just like spaghetti? The sweet and meaty spaghetti that our moms or grandma cook it for us? Well, i craved some the other day and thank goodness i have the exact ingredients for the pinoy style delicacy. Traditionally speaking this is always part in Filipino culture, usually fix during parties and special occasions. So i won't make it prolong anymore just wanted to share my recipe of it!

You need:

1 box of thin spaghetti of any brand
2 packet of UFC sweet blend spaghetti sauce
1/2 ground beef
2 pieces American sausage
chopped onions
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1/4 cup condensed milk
salt and pepper to taste


Cook spaghetti noodles as box direction. Sauteed onions till fragrant, add beef and sausages drain excess oil if needed. Add the sauce and take about 1/2 cup of water from the boiling spaghetti noodles. Simmer and cover for 5 minutes add salt and pepper depends on your taste. Last, add the raisins and condensed milk continue simmer for about 3 minutes. Drain the noodles and pour it to the desired serving dish and follow the sauce on the top mix altogether and sprinkle cheese. Serve hot!

Enjoy Cooking!

I’ve been sleeping late these past few weeks and before insomnia hits me big time, I need to get back on my normal body clock. Milk and listening to mellow music sure does help but there’s one thing more. Our foam mattress can actually give us a goodnight sleep. Especially the ones made from organic products and of course those that gives amazing support and should be very comfy as well. When it comes to mattresses, I like the one that has a nice support at the back and is not too bouncy. Paired with a huggable pillow plus a warm blanket, it’s the perfect set-up for a sound sleep.

Wednesday was my sister in-laws wedding anniversary so what's the best thing to make is a chocolate cupcakes, we had a little gathering at the office so i baked some goodies that all loves, my bread and these tiny sweets fellas, lol. It was a quick fix so i just use my ready made cake mix in my pantry and incorporate my homemade frosting and the edible pearls for final touch, haha. Every one enjoyed for that said it didn't last longer than i though!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your kitchen? Well, same here. I love to cook and the kitchen is one of my favorite places on earth, yet we kinda have issues regarding my diet. Seriously, I did tried looking for safe diet program that works for me and fortunately, I found one at Here we can find the lists of best to take. So to those skeptical of trying a product, I recommend you to really find the one that is safe and effective. There are bunch of products in the market nowadays yet it’s so possible to find the one that works wonders. Reading product reviews and asking for feedback, an aid to weight loss such as diet supplements are indeed available.

Since i am making my breads fresh from the oven, i wanted to have a nice bread keeper to last longer. Kids loves breads a lot. Who doesn't right? my in-laws and co-worker of the husband is addicted to the fresh yummy breads i bake. I think baking your own bread is good idea than from the store bought bake stuff. That's just for me we don't really know what the added ingredients they put on our food so better safe than sorry well if you know how to make some then do it! Fresh is always the best!

So anyhow, I am very much happy that i found this bread keeper than i been wanting for quite awhile now, when i saw it online i bugged about it to the husband so he get it for me. This bread keeper helps you store and preserve breads for longer periods of time. As you can see it is a loaf shape so it houses the loaf or any kind of bread sizes.It's adjustable box and keeping out moisture and protecting the bread from mold formation or getting stale. It comes with adjustable air vents to ensure the right amount of air contact.
It includes the slicing board guide to make sure you slice your bread right. Isn't it cool? It save us money for not wasting bread every now and then. i really enjoy using it and makes my counter top organised you know.

Before heading for a quick FL vacation/house hunting, I decided to fix the garden and do some serious cleaning. The entire yard is full of scattered leaves and trash and is in the mood for a spick and span. I used the manual pull mower, and believe me I literally shed calories. It’s sure a great exercise but gave me back pains as well. Some in the neighborhood were busy fixing their yard too. I saw a skidsteer being parked across the street and tractors too. I told the husband I should have drove the tractor so I won’t be doing the labor manually. But then am not licensed so I’m not allowed. Sorry me!

It looks yummy does it? I want something different for a dinner last Wednesday and when i checked the fridge i saw some boneless chicken, some cheeses and a pack of fresh spinach leaves, anyway i always put extra stuff to cook on the days that i feel like cooking always. Stocking your fridge and pantry is nice way to not run in the store every moment you want something varieties to cook once in awhile. Moving on i thought of the ingredients would be nice to stuffed it to my boneless chicken i saw a picture that is really inviting was drooling on it! And so thinking i can pull that off in my own way. So needless to say i made my version of stuffed chicken with spinach, Swiss cheese and grated Parmesan. The housemates loves it so much, husband can't get enough saying how good it was, he ate that night and the left over for his lunch the next day, lol. He said i need to make again. Happy wife indeed!

You need:

4 pieces boneless chicken breasts
pack of sargento Swiss cheese
small pack of Parmesan cheese
half pack of fresh spinach leaves
thinly chop onions
thinly cubes of green bell pepper
1/2 cup water
2tbsp paprika
1tsp garlic salt
salt and pepper to taste


Cut chicken like a butterfly cut, mix the paprika, and garlic salt. Then rub it to the chicken both sides and set aside. On a bowl put the thinly chopped spinach leaves, grated Parmesan onions and bell peppers and season it with salt & pepper. On a baking dish start stuffing the chicken with spinach mixture just layer it with 2 piece of cheese, spinach, then cheese again and lay the other piece of butterfly chicken. Continue the process then pour half cup of water and bake it for an hour on 375 degree.

For the creamy sauce:

When chicken is done, remove it in the pan use the left over liquid pour on a gravy pan add 1tbsp flour stir. Add 1tsp sour cream and 1tbsp butter let it boiled till the sauce thickened. Serve hot with macaroni & cheese!

Enjoy Cooking!