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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Alambre is a delicious Mexican dish that is so savory and tasty, sure you'll be mouth watering in every bites! It's like fajitas cook in a sizzling pan with full of aromatic herbs that's so yummy and smells terrific! Hence, the alambre is mix with grilled chicken, beef and shrimps top with melted cheese and crispy bacon bites along with rice and beans on the sides. It is so insanely good that you will find your self saying i have to forget diet for now and enjoy my plate! Try it so you would believe what i am trying to say, lol. You can only get this in real authentic Mexican place because some don't serve lots of varieties so make sure you go to big Mexican restaurants that serves it Wink!