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Since i am making my breads fresh from the oven, i wanted to have a nice bread keeper to last longer. Kids loves breads a lot. Who doesn't right? my in-laws and co-worker of the husband is addicted to the fresh yummy breads i bake. I think baking your own bread is good idea than from the store bought bake stuff. That's just for me we don't really know what the added ingredients they put on our food so better safe than sorry well if you know how to make some then do it! Fresh is always the best!

So anyhow, I am very much happy that i found this bread keeper than i been wanting for quite awhile now, when i saw it online i bugged about it to the husband so he get it for me. This bread keeper helps you store and preserve breads for longer periods of time. As you can see it is a loaf shape so it houses the loaf or any kind of bread sizes.It's adjustable box and keeping out moisture and protecting the bread from mold formation or getting stale. It comes with adjustable air vents to ensure the right amount of air contact.
It includes the slicing board guide to make sure you slice your bread right. Isn't it cool? It save us money for not wasting bread every now and then. i really enjoy using it and makes my counter top organised you know.