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Craving for Filipino food just like spaghetti? The sweet and meaty spaghetti that our moms or grandma cook it for us? Well, i craved some the other day and thank goodness i have the exact ingredients for the pinoy style delicacy. Traditionally speaking this is always part in Filipino culture, usually fix during parties and special occasions. So i won't make it prolong anymore just wanted to share my recipe of it!

You need:

1 box of thin spaghetti of any brand
2 packet of UFC sweet blend spaghetti sauce
1/2 ground beef
2 pieces American sausage
chopped onions
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1/4 cup condensed milk
salt and pepper to taste


Cook spaghetti noodles as box direction. Sauteed onions till fragrant, add beef and sausages drain excess oil if needed. Add the sauce and take about 1/2 cup of water from the boiling spaghetti noodles. Simmer and cover for 5 minutes add salt and pepper depends on your taste. Last, add the raisins and condensed milk continue simmer for about 3 minutes. Drain the noodles and pour it to the desired serving dish and follow the sauce on the top mix altogether and sprinkle cheese. Serve hot!

Enjoy Cooking!


Miss to have the taste of this..

Visiting for Yummy Sunday- hope you can stop by:)

Only recently I've come to enjoy Pinoy Spaghetti. I might have one tonight for dinner :)

This is the only spaghetti that I love to eat :-) looks very delish Sis, makes me drool :-) Dropping by from lasts weeks YS

love it...thanks for sharing your recipe! didn't know that i can add condensed milk and raisins, thanks for that tip...will try sometime! visiting late from last week's YS, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)